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WagerDex – The Best Sports Betting Guide

Sports betting is one of my favorite forms of entertainment. I love to supplement my love of sports with a side sports bet. What gives me the thrill is to not only to see my player or team on the edge of winning or losing, but knowing I have a bit of real money at stake. It cannot get anymore exciting!

On most sports bets, I also enjoy the research. But I should not inappropriately describe keeping up with sports news as “research”. Research sounds like a chore. Watching the sport, reading the events, listening to The Ringer and other sports podcasts, and of course, shooting the breeze with my mates, and just talking about sports in general, it’s my hobby and my passion. I use this information, to make an informed sports bet.

Do I always win? Far from it. I bet knowing that you win some and you lose some. I don’t have a successful long term winning strategy, but I do employ some great sports betting hacks that I abide by to make my sports betting experience the best that it can be.

Unless you are a successful sports betting professional (and if you truly are, you will most likely be banned from the sports books sooner of later), you will find that in the long terms losses will stack up. The long term odds of sports betting (or any form of gambling) is against you. Yes – there are some who are lucky. I don’t deny that there are winners. Particularly in sports betting there will be many short term winners. But long term, slowly the losses will stack.

At WagerDex, we aren’t going to blow our trumpet and voice out we have the winning strategy. Nor do we offer free sports betting picks. It is far better to provide real money betting strategies that aren’t related to picking the winner and/or margins. I cannot advise you with any guarantee of a winning bet. It’s impossible and no one can.

What do we provide you then?

Legality of Sports Betting

Sports Betting US

In the US sports betting laws are in a state of flux. Prior to May 2018, a law was in place which prevented most forms of gambling in every state. In particular sports betting was banned. However, the law preventing sports betting (The Professional Amateur Sports Players Act) was overturned by the Supreme Court. Subsequently this allowed each state to set their own gambling laws.

And now, with the catalyst of the PASPA being overturned, sports betting laws are changing throughout many US States.

Some states have already legalized sports betting, some states are in the process of considering, some have remained apathetic to the PASPA laws, and others have out right rejected any legalization.

As a observation of the change that the US is going through for sports betting, it’s surprising to see a very low uptake of mobile sports betting by legislators. The platform of mobile vs on-site or kiosk and terminal betting is like chalk and cheese. If you are going to bet, surveys have shown that you would choose a mobile app. The convenience and the accessibility is far superior that travelling to a branch, casino or wherever to place a physical bet. Having said that, not all states have banned the use of mobile apps. And even some states such as Vermont have chosen to provide mobile sports getting only.

An interesting feature of the current sports betting laws is that offshore sports betting sites remain not illegal for US located sports bettors. This is a remnant of outdated, complex and ambiguous laws creating a gray area. (Though many lawyers do believe sports betting on offshore sites is definitively legal).

Sports Betting NFL

The most popular sports to place a bet on in the US is the NFL. By far way a head of the pack at approximately 40% of sports bets wagered, the NBA is a distant second at only 15% for sports wagering. The American Gaming Association conducted a survey which showed that 38 million Americans intended to place a sports bet on an NFL game this year. Of course, the biggest betting event in the US is the super bowl. Billions of dollars in turnover are placed on this one event alone.

Sports Betting UK

The UK has a long standing history of gambling. Bingo boomed during the World War II period, horse racing remains extremely popular, and of course casino and sports betting (soccer especially) is a major form of entertainment.

Back in the day football pools used to be very popular. Each week players would need to submit their score predictions for each match. The correct winning team prediction scores points, with the correct result awarding more player points.

Online sports betting innovation has overtaken the industry, offering so much variety. You may have Ladbrokes and Paddy Power, two of the biggest players in the sports betting industry.

Unlike the US, the minimum age requirement is slightly lower at 18.

Sports Betting Canada

The sports betting laws in country vary from province to province. But in general sports betting remains a grey area. Though not legal, it strictly isn’t illegal either. As such, you will find many offshore sportsbook providers accepting Canadian sports bettors.

Sports Betting Australia

Australians love to place a bet. You can see it everywhere. It’s in the pubs and clubs, sport venues, horse tracks and racing, lottery and casinos.

Similar to the UK they have many forms of gambling legally available to them. You can still see “old school” terminals and kiosks scattered around in the suburbs at branches of the TAB. Betting windows can still take the old fashioned crossed out hard ticket with physical money passed to complete the transaction. Nowadays bettors are more inclined to bet with a mobile app.

In the sports betting industry TAB and SportsBet are two of the largest sports books in the country. The TAB has been around for many years in Australia, and as previously mentioned has a network of branches mostly in the south east of Australia. Towards the north east in Queensland, UniBet is making a splash into the market. Ladbrokes the formidable European sports books has launched an aggressive marketing campaign. And Australian funded and listed on the Australian stock exchange is the new upcoming PointsBet.

In Australia Sign Up and Welcome Bonuses are not permitted as a form of marketing by sportsbooks. The Australian law is strictly enforced, though big players have been able to ween themselves off big potential fines by playing the big end of town – which is typical in most capitalist systems.

Unlike the US, the minimum age requirement for sports betting is 18.

Multiple Sports Betting Accounts

Having multiple sports betting accounts is a good way to get the best sports betting odds. Unlike online casino gaming, sports betting is placing a bet on a specific sporting event. Accordingly, having multiple accounts will allow you to choose the best odds for that particular event.

Sports Betting Hacks

We provide you with the best sports betting hacks.

Now these hacks aren’t about hacking into a software or system. Nor are they about sneaky under the radar schemes. These are good, common sense, easy to do “habits” that every day sports bettors should perform.

Sports Betting Tips and Tricks

We provide you with the best sports betting tips and tricks.

These tips and tricks are strongly to be considered. Often they are specific to the sport. Or the maturity of the sport. Take for example e sports which is a relatively new sports betting

Sports Betting Strategies

We provide you with the best sports betting strategies. These strategies do not guarantee a win, or a long term winning pattern, but they do help with managing your bank roll, how to extend your betting, and to extract the most enjoyment from betting.

Sports Betting is a form of Gambling

Remember sports betting is a form of gambling. Gambling is fun as a social activity, but you should be aware of the signs if sports betting becomes a bad habit. Gamble Responsibly and within your means.

For any assistance you can reach out to the Gambling Support organizations that are available in your locality. Each country and province / state will have specific support centers available to you. These gambling support centers are normally government funded. Reach out for support should you need it.