NFL Week 1 Season 2021 Statistics


WEEK 1 NFL 2021 2020
Games Played 16 16
Average Spread -3.97 -4.94
% Fav Wins 50.0% 62.5%
Average Pts Scored per Game 48 47
Pts Average Win Margin 11.75 9.13
Average Spread Fav Covered 8.63 10.9
Average Spread Underdog Covered 14.88 6.17

NFL 2021 has started! And what a first week it was. A strong showing from the underdog teams resulted in just over 50% winning their matches – an excellent return for those who picked them. This percentage of underdog wins has already equalled last seasons peak which occurred in week 6 and 8. Conversely, the percentage of favorite wins has plummeted below the 2020 season average of 66.3% across a full regular season and is the lowest in the past five seasons for week 1 games played.

Of the 8 favorites that did win their matches, 6 teams were able to beat the spreads. The reining Super Bowl champions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers were one of two teams that failed to beat the spread. They sealed a nail biting win against the Dallas Cowboys by kicking a field goal in the final minute of the game. Though this resulted in a win 31-29, they were unable to beat the spread -6.5. Similarly the second team to fail to beat the spread was Super Bowl Runners up Kansas City Chiefs failing to cover -5.5 vs Cleveland Browns. The Browns started strong forcing the Chiefs to play catch up until the last quarter to take the lead – final score of 33-29. Only marginally not enough to beat the spread. Week 1 saw several low spreads, at an average of -3.97. In comparison, last seasons week 1 average spread was almost a full point higher at -4.94. The largest spread of week 1, was Lions v 49ers with a spread of -7.5, successfully covered with a win to the 49ers – 41-33.

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