3 Reasons US Microbreweries Advertise with WagerDex

Are you a US Microbrewery needing to launch a Marketing Campaign?

Advertising with WagerDex will help give you exposure to Sports Bettors and Sports Bars

So you’ve followed your dream and started a microbrewery. It’s hard work but a rewarding passion. After going partners with a few good buddies, raised a good chunk of capital, you’ve spent the past year or two brewing beer. It hasn’t been easy, experimenting and creating a beer that crisp, tasteful and unique. Finally you have created an award winning beer! It tastes great! And now you’ve begun to bottle the beer. Congratulations!

But now comes the hardest part. How do you spread the news about your beer and get people to buy it? Most important is to gain exposure in your local area first. This is naturally the easiest to achieve and then perhaps expand out to the nearest city, and possibly the State. Competition is fierce, so it’s important to create an effective marketing campaign. This can be daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. You can advertise with WagerDex to give you the exposure you need.

WagerDex is one of the leading sports betting websites for the US. We specifically garner traffic that is related to sports betting, daily fantasy sports and other forms of betting. The demographics of bettors typically correlates to beer consumers. Having a bet, while drinking a beer usually go hand in hand. Sports bars are extremely popular for watching, eating and drinking. And in some states placing a bet.

Hence placing ads for beers on a betting website makes a lot of sense. Particularly on WagerDex. We review popular sports bars in some States and cities and can easily add more reviews that can incorporate your craft beer.

Here are three reasons why you should advertise with WagerDex.

1. Online gives you instant exposure

With online advertising your reach extends well beyond that of word of mouth and print. Online goes beyond borders, and can give you the instant exposure you need. With WagerDex our online presence is excellent. Our traffic is organic and is increasing month on month. Through WagerDex we can give you the reach that you need.

2. Targeted exposure to Sports Bettors and Sports Bars

At WagerDex we attract online traffic for sports bettors. There is a strong correlation between Sports Bettors and beer drinking. Our site, mostly targets US States and Cities, but it also reviews popular sports bars, where sports bettors can go and watch their games and enjoy a beer or two. Getting ads in front of their eye balls, which promotes your brand, is a marketing campaign which is effective and won’t break your budget.

3. Our pricing won’t break your budget

Unlike many other forms of advertising, exposure through WagerDex is affordable. Ad placements can be placed directly under a sports bar review, or alongside. Price flexibility is also available, which allows you to decide a marketing campaign that will fit your needs.

WagerDex Microbrewery Marketing Campaign

Running a marketing campaign with WagerDex will help increase exposure of your brands. We can promote, and target specific demographics which will help boost traction to your sales.

Feel free to contact WagerDex, if you are interested in advertising with WagerDex.