Best 7 NRL Betting Hacks

Looking to improve your Rugby League Sports Betting skills?

Easy footy betting hacks to help you play, win and enjoy more!

The Rugby League (a.k.a footy) is the most popular sport to bet on in NSW and Queensland, Australia. Over 30% of revenue for online sport bookies come from rugby league. However, given the growing popularity of other sports, rugby league is in danger of losing its fan base. A lot of money has been thrown into promoting league overseas, however it continues to face strong headwinds. In many ways, the demise of Rugby Union has set the foot print of to destroy a sport, and this should give league administrators a guide of what NOT to do.

Having said that, Aussies love to place bets! And having a bet on rugby league is one of them. League is far more exciting to bet on than most sports. It is quick and constantly has sharp bursts of action. There’s a good mix of skills sets, big men bashing through and little blokes using their speed and agility to break through the line. Bets can be on many aspects of the game, and referee decisions tend not to be as controversial as other sports.

If winning footy bets is important to you, then please read on.

Hack 1. Footy enjoyment

If you don’t enjoy watching and reading about the footy then why bet on it? It will only become a burden and chore.

Aussies have many sports to choose from and footy not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, it does help to know the footy if you are trying to socialise and break into the Aussie culture. In fact, knowing all Aussie sports in general will help you talk to fellow mates. But don’t bet on the footy because of peer pressure or because you think it’s easy money. If you want to bet, and bet consistently, then choose a sport that you love and know more about. Don’t bet on the footy, because of easy odds, or have slick one off boosters from betting providers.

Don’t fool yourself with betting on the footy if you don’t enjoy it.

Hack 2. Watch the footy game that you bet on

If you don’t intend to watch the footy game that you bet on, then don’t bet.

This is my rule of thumb. If you can’t watch the game live, on tv or on the Telstra league pass, then don’t bet on the game.

Why? Because sports betting is meant to be supplementing your love of footy. If having a footy bet becomes more important than watching and enjoying the game, then something is wrong. Don’t make having a bet exceed the enjoyment of footy. Let the footy be the enjoyment, with the addition of the betting giving that extra boost.

Bet on footy games that you will watch.

Hack 3. Do your footy homework

If you are going to place a bet on the footy then do some homework.

That is, align your footy bets with the game that you know you will watch. If you keep to this rule, you will extend your cash in your betting account. Place some effort into analysis and stretching the betting throughout the footy season. Now, I have used the wording of “homework” for this hack, but if you are like me, I love watching and reading about the footy anyways. It’s far from being a chore for me.

Aligning your sports betting pattern with viewing the footy games, this will definitely stretch your cash balance.

Hack 4. Augment your love of footy with the betting

Where simply the best happens with that extra flutter

Do you enjoy watching footy live, in a pub and with mates cheering and screaming at the screen when “simply the best” happens? Well, you want to augment that with the betting. Having a bet on the side while watching the game live is the best feeling. What’s more, watching the game allows you to analyse the assumptions that you made in placing the bet. And betting on the side also allows you to socialize with other fans of the footy that are watching the game with you.

Placing a footy bet enhances the enjoyment of being a fan of the rugby league.

Hack 5. Hold multiple sports betting accounts

Shop for the best footy sports betting odds

Sportsbooks often appear to offer the same odds, and this is mostly because they subscribe to the same data analytics and modelling of risk. However, what will influence the footy odds is also their marketing strategy. Currently the sports betting market in Australia is opening up. And this means that are many sportsbooks that want a piece of the market.

In doing so they are willing to offer you competitive footy odds. So sign up to multiple sportsbooks. It doesn’t hurt to do this, and you may be find that in the long run, you can save yourself 5% to 10% in better odds.

Don’t dismiss these percentages as insignificant. 10% of $10,000 on an original cash deposit is $1,000. And that’s excluding rolling over the winnings.

Sign up to multiple sportsbooks and choose the best odds.

Hack 6. Make sure you can sleep at night

Don’t bet over your head so that you can’t sleep at night

If you have place an enormous bet, such that you cannot sleep on the night before the game (literally and metaphorically) then you have wagered too much. Don’t do it to yourself and to your family. Bet in small amounts. No matter how sure your modelling is, there is always a risk of loss. Hence, wager amounts that you are comfortable with losing.

Sleep is very important for your health, ranks much higher than going all in on a footy bet.

Hack 7. Avoid multi bets

It’s impossible to know all the games to place multi bets

Multi bets reduce your percentage of winning – unless you believe you have an edge of every single bet that is part of the multi. And to have an edge for every facet of the multi would be impossible for a casual sports bettor. Okay, if you are a full time professional footy bettor then that’s different, but for most of us who hold a full time job (or many jobs!), it’s simply too difficult to find the time to perform a multi bet properly with a good strong edge.

Avoid placing multi bets, and this will stretch your bankroll.

Conclusion – Enjoy Footy, Enjoy the Bet

Although footy betting is very popular and quite easy to place a bet on, our goal in WagerDex is to inform you of winning tips and strategies to stretch your bankroll. We refer to them as footy sports betting hacks and have summarized them for you in 7 concise points.

Anyone can implement these 7 hacks, they don’t require any great effort. They are so simple that anyone can use them, and yet they will help increase your winnings, extend the bankroll and augment your love of the footy.