Brisbane Broncos NRL 2024 Odds, Team Review and Prediction

The past few seasons have seen the Brisbane Broncos navigating a fascinating path in the NRL, making the 2023 season highly anticipated. They kicked off the 2022 season on a high note, only to experience a dip in their performance as the season progressed. Armed with a group of youthful and skilled players, the Broncos are set to leverage last season’s experiences and aim for a spot in the finals in 2023.

In doing so, the Brisbane Broncos have several great betting opportunities. Whether you are betting for or against them, on players or coaches, we’ve got you covered with the latest odds.

Brisbane Broncos Betting Odds

There is a wide variety of bets that you can place on the Brisbane Broncos. In the past, you could only bet on Head to Head and NRL Premiership Grand Final Winner. In today’s world, you can bet on top Brisbane try scorer, Total points to be scored in the game, and even the chances of getting the “wooden spoon”.

Head to Head Bet

Head to Head bets are by far the most popular among Bronco bets placed. It’s easy to understand, however there are some minor differences among the head to head bets.

The most simple bet to understand is who will win in the Bronco’s game. Is it the Broncos or is it their opponents? You choose.

If you think the Broncos will win, then place a bet on them to win. If you think their opponents will win, then place a bet on them. When placing a bet with the Broncos to win, you will see a number associated with them. This number shows how much you will win if you place a $1 bet on them. The number will vary depending on the odds of the Broncos winning. If the Broncos will play a team they are expected to beat convincingly, the number will be under 2. If the Broncos play at team that they are expected to lose against, then their odds will be above 2. If the Bronco’s are playing another team that is on par with them, the odds will be in the range of 1.80 to 2.

For Example: Brisbane Broncos $1.50 v Penrith Panthers $3.00

The Brisbane Broncos are expected to win, and therefore the betting odds return $0.50 for a $1 bet ($1.50). Whilst the Penrith Panthers are expected to lose and have betting odds that return $2.00 for a $1 bet ($3.00).

Line Bet

Line Bets are similar to Head to Head bets, and only differ by point advantages given to the team that is expected to lose and points deductions to the team favoured to win.

In doing so, the odds become a 50/50 bet, and a bet on either team will return $1.90.

For example: Brisbane Broncos (+7.5) $1.90 | Penrith Panthers (-7.5) $1.90

The Panthers are favoured to win and therefore must overcome a 7.5 point deduction to their total points scored to beat the Broncos final score. Hence, if the score was Panthers 24 v Broncos 14, the Panthers win by more than 7.5 points and therefore they are the winners of the Line Bet. Conversely, a bet on the Broncos will lose the Line Bet.

Brisbane Broncos First Try Scorer

Another popular bet for Brisbane Broncos is the First Try Scorer. This bet requires you to pick, who will be the first player to score a try.

Each player will have various betting odds, depending on their position and how likely they are to score a try.

If you think Selwyn Cobbo will score the first try, then you can place a bet on him. Alternatively, if you think Reece Walsh will score the first try, then place a bet on him. Generally, the top try scorers will have lower odds because they are most likely to score first. Good value bets tend to be with players in the middle of the odds. They return good value whilst also having a good chance of scoring the first try.

Note: The First Try scorer bet includes players in the opposition, it isn’t just who is the first try scorer in the Bronco’s, but it’s the first try scorer for the entire game by ANY player.

Example: Brisbane Bronco’s First Try scorer Betting Odds

Anytime Tryscorer

Along the lines of scoring a try, you can place a bet on any player who you think will score a try for the Broncos, irrespective of whether another player (even on the opposition) scores a try. Hence, if you believe Adam Reynolds will score a try, any time during the match, then place a bet on him. It doesn’t matter if Reese Walsh or Selwyn Cobb scores, as long as Reynolds scores a try, then you win the bet.

This is a particularly good bet to place, if you believe the match will be a high scoring affair.

Example: Brisbane Bronco’s Anytime Tryscorer

Total Match Points

Betting on the total points scored by both the Brisbane Broncos and their opponent is often an overlooked type of bet. But, it’s one of the best to place a bet on, if you are particularly knowledgeable of player injuries and other inside knowledge.

In this bet, you pick whether the total points scored by both team (Broncos + Opposition) will be under or over a particular total set by the betting platform. The return is $1.90 i.e. you will win 0.90 for each dollar placed if you pick the correct under or over total score.

For Example: Brisbane Broncos v Penrith

Total Match Points: Over (+39.5) $1.90 | Under (+39.5) $1.90

NRL Grand Final Winner (Futures)

An excellent bet to consider is whether the Broncos will win the NRL Grand Final. This type of bet is called a “Futures” bet, because it’s way down the track, and not in an immediate match round. It’s not as popular as Head to Head bets, because the result is only determined at the end of the season, and some bettors can’t wait that long for a result. However, a futures bet often offers great value for money. Smart bettors will bet early on Broncos for winning the NRL Grand Final to take advantage of the good odds.

Betting on who wins the NRL Grand Final is easy. In this type of bet, you can pick the Brisbane Broncos to win the premiership. The odds will reflect how likely they are to win, when compared to the other teams in the NRL competition. The favourites are Penrith Panthers, South Sydney Rabbitohs, Brisbane Broncos, Melbourne Storm and Cronulla Sharks. These teams will have lower odds and will be on top of the table to win the NRL Grand Final Futures bet. Other teams will be ranked lower, but will offer a great return if they win.

For example: NRL – Grand Final Winner Betting Odds

Brisbane Players that will influence the Odds

One of the standout players for the Broncos in 2022 was Kotoni Staggs, who had an impressive season despite battling injury. Staggs is a versatile player who can play in the centres or the back-row, and his combination of size, strength and speed make him a real threat on the field. In 2023, the Broncos will be looking for Staggs to step up and become a true leader on the team.

Another young player who showed a lot of promise in 2022 is Tesi Niu. The 20-year-old made his NRL debut in 2020 and was a standout player for the Broncos. Niu is a dynamic fullback who is equally adept at attacking and defending, however, he will be sorely missed in 2023 being poached by the super coach Wayne Bennett to play for the Dolphins.

The Broncos also have a strong forward pack, with players like Payne Haas and Thomas Flegler leading the charge. Haas, in particular, is a player to watch in 2023, as he is one of the best young forwards in the game. He is a powerful runner with great footwork, and his ability to break tackles and offload the ball makes him a real weapon for the Broncos.

Lastly, Reynolds was widely praised for his contributions both on and off the field, and his captaincy was seen as a positive step forward for the team in 2022.

In terms of the team’s prospects for the 2023 season, there are both positives and negatives to consider. On the one hand, the Broncos have a talented squad of young players who are hungry for success. They showed in the early stages of the 2022 season that they are capable of playing some great rugby league and will be looking to build on that momentum in 2023.

However, the team will need to address some of the issues that led to their struggles towards the end of the 2022 season. In particular, the Broncos will need to work on their defence, which was a weakness in some of their later games. If they can tighten up their defence and maintain their attacking flair, they will be a real force to be reckoned with in 2023.

Overall, the Brisbane Broncos have a lot of potential heading into the 2023 NRL season. With a talented squad of young players and some experienced veterans to guide them, they will be looking to make a statement and push for the finals. If they can play to their full potential and maintain consistency throughout the season, there’s no reason why they can’t achieve their goals and put themselves in contention for the Premiership.

What are the odds of Brisbane Broncos winning in 2023

The odds of Brisbane Broncos winning the NRL 2023 season will be influenced by several factors. The team’s performance will be determined by the skill level of individual players, team cohesion, their ability to maintain momentum, and injuries. In addition to these internal factors, external factors such as competition from other teams, changes in coaching staff, and the impact of new rule changes will also come into play. Therefore, accurately predicting the Broncos’ chances of winning the upcoming season is a complex task. However, by analyzing the team’s strengths and weaknesses, it is possible to make some informed predictions about how they might perform.

Arguments for Brisbane Broncos winning NRL 2023:

Arguments why Brisbane Broncos will fail in NRL 2023:

How will Kevin Walters influence the odds of Brisbane Broncos winning

Kevin Walters, a former player for the Brisbane Broncos and the Queensland State of Origin team, is widely regarded as a talented coach. He took over as head coach of the Brisbane Broncos in 2020 and has been working hard to rebuild the team. In his first year, the Broncos finished in the bottom three of the NRL ladder, but showed signs of improvement. Walters’ experience as both a player and coach has been invaluable to the team, and his leadership and strategic thinking have helped to shape the Broncos into a formidable force on the field. Under his guidance, the team is expected to continue improving and achieve great success in the future.

How will Adam Reynolds influence the odds of Brisbane Broncos winning

Adam Reynolds is a highly skilled and experienced rugby league player who brings a wealth of talent to the Brisbane Broncos team. As the captain of the team, Reynolds’ leadership qualities are exceptional, and his on-field performance is equally impressive. He has the ability to read the game exceptionally well and make smart decisions under pressure, which is a critical asset for any team. Reynolds’ kicking game is also a standout feature, and his precision kicks can put his team in an advantageous position on the field. His composure and ability to control the tempo of the game have been essential to his success in the NRL, and his influence is sure to be a key factor in the Brisbane Broncos’ success in the 2023 season.

Where to watch the Brisbane Broncos in 2023

The Brisbane Broncos are a team that is exciting to watch. Known for their attacking footy, they always bring an intensity to the field that keeps fans on the edge of their seats. If you’re looking to catch their games, Kayo Sports is an excellent option. With their affordable pricing and user-friendly interface, you can easily keep up with all the Broncos’ matches and follow their progress throughout the season. Don’t miss out on the action – subscribe to Kayo Sports today!


In conclusion, the Brisbane Broncos have a lot of potential to perform well in the upcoming 2023 NRL season. With their strong coach, Kevin Walters, and star player and captain, Adam Reynolds, they have the leadership and skill needed to make it to the top. However, they will need to work on their consistency and improve their defense to overcome the challenges posed by some of the tougher teams in the competition. If they can address these issues and maintain their focus, there is no doubt that the Brisbane Broncos can be a real contender for the NRL championship in 2023.

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