GCash Online Casinos – Best Welcome Bonuses

GCash Online Casinos

If you are considering playing at online casinos, then use GCash.

GCash is the preferred method for Filipino online casinos – offering convenience, speed and safety and security.

GCash is the most used digital payment method in the Philippines. It is being used for all e-commerce transactions and is now transcending to the world of online gambling. Unfortunately, there are only a handful of online casinos that accept GCash and Pesos, Yuan, and USD to place a bet.

Hence, we have reviewed and collated all of them into one comprehensive list to ensure player safety and enhance playing experience.

Top 5 GCash Online Casinos

# Casino Deposits Withdrawals Bonus

100% up to 7000PHP + 120 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus

100% up to 7000PHP
Welcome Bonus

100% up to 5400PHP
Welcome Bonus

100% up to 7000PHP
Welcome Bonus

How to make a GCash Deposit

  1. Open your GCash mobile app or go to your account via the browser.
  2. Click on the Icon – Send Money
  3. Enter the Mobile number or account details of the Online Casino that you wish to send to.
  4. Enter the amount that you wish to make a deposit with.
  5. Add in the optional message section, your name, and account ID.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Check the details.
  8. Click Send.
  9. You will then see you GCash deposited into your Player’s account.

How to Choose a GCash Casino

It’s not easy to find and select a GCash online casino to play at. Firstly, not all online casinos offer GCash as a payment method, which makes it difficult for players find. After finding on, it’s important to ensure that the casino is legitimate, regulated and licensed. Casinos that are not licensed and regulated should be avoided. Lastly, an online casino should be selected if the gaming it offers is what the player is looking for. It’s pointless to sign up and play at an online casino, if gaming is limited, boring and of poor quality.

Accepts GCash – it goes without saying that finding a GCash Casinos needs to allow players to deposit and withdraw using Gcash and play with pesos. This is not an easy task, because there aren’t many online casinos that offer GCash. The Philippines is yet to become a big market that online casinos will cater for, and therefore GCash is not a common payment method.

Safe and Secure – finding an online casino that is safe and secure is paramount. There are several aspects that should be considered for safety. Often safety is interchangeable with honesty. And honesty leads to a great gaming experience. Play at online casinos that do provide a real opportunity of winning, and also honors it by processing withdrawals.

Gaming Selection – Finding a suitable online casino also requires a good selection of games. At most online casinos, there are many slot titles to choose from. This is attributed to the numerous iGaming Software companies that have expanded slot gaming from the classics through to the new and innovative. Less common, but growing, is live casinos. Philippine live casinos has boomed and provides for many variations of blackjack and roulette. Other niche games are starting to also be hosted by live dealers, with even game shows offered by a few.


20Bet is the number 1 online gambling site for South East Asians. It supports pesos through GCash which is fantastic for Filipinos. In addition, the 20Bet site covers a wide range of gaming. Not only does it include casino games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat, but it also offers Live Casinos, Slots and other niche games like Bingo and Keno.

Lastly, PNXBet also has a sportsbook with great odds. Covering all the big international games, but also the local competitions.

20Bet has a great Welcome Bonus of up to ₱7,000 for new players.

How to use GCash for Online Casinos

There are various ways that you can use GCash to play at online casinos. The most common way is through the GCash mobile app, followed by using the GCash MasterCard.

GCash Mobile App

The GCash Mobile can be easily installed onto an Apple or Android phone. Respectively, download from the Apple iStore or Google Play. Alternatively, the app can be installed directly from the GCash website for Android users.

Once installed, connect the app to the mobile phone effectively turning the mobile into an e-wallet. The connection will allow the user to see via the GCash mobile app, the pesos balance that can be used for transferring to recipients.

Next create an account at an online casino. Sign up and register, then proceed to the cashier section of the site, and click through to GCash.

After choosing GCash as the payment method, follow the steps to making a deposit, to then start playing.

GCash MasterCard

The GCash MasterCard is a convenient way to play at online casinos. When opening up a GCash account, users also have the option of being issued a GCash MasterCard. The GCash MasterCard is connected to the users GCash account and behaves in the same manner as any debit card. There is a MasterCard number on the front of the card, and on the back is a CVV number.

After the GCash MasterCard has been issued and received by the user, an account can be created at an online casino.

After the account has been created, the user can proceed to the cashier section and select MasterCard.

The user then deposits with the GCash MasterCard and can then start to play.

20Bet Vouchers

The GCash 20Bet Voucher Codes is the easiest way to make a deposit at an online casino and sportsbook. Infact, it is the only online gambling site that accepts GCash as a payment method. To begin playing, create an account at 20Bet and then go to the 20Bet market forum, whereby you can use GCash to purchase credit for your 20Bet account.

It’s easy, simple and fast to do. Without doubt 20Bet is one of the best GCash Casinos available at the moment.

About GCash

GCash is the number 1 digital payment provider in the Philippines. It is owned by a joint venture company between Globe Telecom and Ant Financial. GCash allows the user to transform their mobile phone into an e Wallet or a virtual wallet.

The partnership between Globe Telecom and GCash has brought financial services to the people of Philippines. Prior to the introduction of GCash, the Philippines had one of the lowest banking services of the world, with cash being the dominant form of conduction transactions. With GCash, Filipinos can now easily transaction electronically, and even use creditcards such as MasterCard.


Can GCash be used to play at Online Casinos?

Yes, there are many online casinos that accept GCash as a deposit.

Is it easy to make a GCash deposit at an online casino?

GCash is very common in the Phillipines, hence it’s easy to use to make a deposit at an online casino.