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Everyone desires a smooth online transaction experience, especially since the internal workings are not visible to us. This sentiment is especially true for gamblers and other users of casinos. One major concern is the legality of the casino; nobody wants to find themselves entangled in making online payments to or from online casinos. The MuchBetter app presents a cutting-edge solution to this issue, becoming the popular method for performing transactions on numerous gambling sites.

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What is MuchBetter?

MuchBetter is an online payment platform that has developed itself in no time to be one of the best payment options in online casinos and the most preferred among gamblers. It was officially launched in November 2017 by Israel Rosenthal and Jens Bader, and within two years has grown so popular among gamblers. Within the first year of its launch, it already recorded 150,000 users and about 120 merchant companies actively using the App.

Although being a UK owned company, MuchBetter is now being recognized in over 150 countries, except the USA, Cuba, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Trinidad & Tobago, Iran, Iraq, and Yemen. Its speedy coverage can be linked to the seamlessness that comes with the use of the App as well as the other benefits that gamblers, as well as online casinos, gain from the company.

MuchBetter boasts of being one of the best online platforms when it comes to ensuring fast transactions. This feature makes it preferred by most gamblers because no one wants to be delayed when making deposits or withdrawals on online casinos.

This payment app allows users to be able to make deposits and withdrawals to and from their gaming platforms, which is in no time credited into the respective accounts. MuchBetter also allows for the transfer of money from one app owner to the other. It does not even matter if the recipient of the money being sent does not have the App, MuchBetter will send a notification to the individual to download the App and receive the money right away.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Before deposits and withdrawals can be made on the MuchBetter app, the user must have first downloaded and installed the App. This can be done on an android or an iPhone. For the android users, it is compatible with the OS of 5, and above and for the iPhone users, the iOS of 9.0 and above will work just fine. There is presently no provision for windows phone, desktop, and laptop users.

The App, once downloaded, runs in multiple languages, including English, German, French, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, and Spanish. This makes it well accepted and usable in several countries. You can then proceed to sign up on the account by providing your name, phone number, email address as well as your home address.

Once this is completed, you will then be asked to create a unique password that you will be using to log in to the App subsequently. After the login and email verification process, you will need to complete the verification process by uploading a means of ID, which could be your passport or any other acceptable ID. Failure to provide the valid ID will limit the kind transactions you will be able to do on the App.

After the App has been verified, you can then proceed to deposit into the e-wallet and then directly into your online casino platform. You can make use of a debit or credit card, or you could make a direct deposit from your bank, which will be approved almost immediately.

The same principle works with withdrawal from an online casino platform into your MuchBetter App. Once your account has been connected to the App, with just a few clicks on the account, you will get your money credited into your MuchBetter app wallet.


Apart from deposits and withdrawal, the option of also making transfers to other individuals or directly to another person’s bank account is also available. You can also send gifts to families and friends using the MuchBetter App.

Also, with MuchBetter, it becomes possible to use multiple devices. This means that you can have your account on different devices at once, as long as you can remember a unique pin that you would have generated when creating your account.

Reward System

MuchBetter stands out among its peers with its inviting reward system. The first is the reward points that are attached to depositing 100 dollars, pounds, or euros; this point qualifies you for the weekly draw where you can earn the amount deposited back and other forms of cash winning. MuchBetter also rewards gifting, and it gives points for every 10 dollars, pounds, or euros worth of gifts sent from the platform. The point enables the user to get as high as ten times the amount being gifted.

Users of the platform can also stand a chance of winning in the MegaDraw with their accumulated points. There is also the weekly newsletter that contains the latest promotions, offers, and other news that registered users get often.

Other unique features

Several other features make the MuchBetter stand out from the pack. The first is the MasterCard that is issued to their European customers that can be used to make online and offline transactions. There is also the contactless key fob that is issued to customers, which can be used to make purchases online and offline as well as complete transactions to families and friends.

MuchBetter also helps to ensure that there is no delay in crediting of funds into your online casino account. This is achievable by the fast and secure mode of transaction with the unique 3-digit CVV code.

Also worthy of note is the integration of using digital currency to complete transactions on the platform. This means that it is possible to make deposits into your casino account using the bitcoin option, as this is available on some casinos. It is also possible to withdraw from your MuchBetter wallet into your bitcoin wallet.

The customer care support is also as reliable as the fast mode of transaction. They have an FAQ section where you can get the answers to most of the questions you might have. There is also the troubleshooting question, which can help with the quick identification of whatever problem you might have. If either of these options does not resolve your complaint, you can then reach out to them via their email and they will respond in 6 hours or less.