New Zealand Online Pokies

It’s commonly understood that 2020 has been a year forcing numerous New Zealanders to stay inside. With Jacinda Ardern enforcing some of the most stringent lockdown measures globally, countless individuals have found themselves confined to their homes, with little else to engage in apart from playing games!

Luckily, in this day and age, online gambling is accessible to the land of the sheep. Online pokies is really popular, because as well all know, playing pokies with a beer in hand is no longer the safe thing to do. The deadly corona virus has placed all pubs and clubs on high alert, and to avoid local transmissions the traditional pokies, the pulling of the lever, the slapping of a few cents on several lines is no longer acceptable. Yes, you can play at a club and wear a mask, but why take the risk? And why go to such lengths of wearing a mask, washing hands, wiping down equipment?

Thank goodness for online pokies. Many of you bro’s and sisters, may be new to online pokies, so let’s talk about how to get started, what are the benefits and what to look out for.

Online pokies and other online games

First up, let’s talk about what are online pokies and online games. Online pokies you would think is the same as pokies at a club, but in fact it’s more than that. Online gaming is a whole new world. There are thousands of themes, too many to count, and so many variations. There are progressive pokies, which everybody loves for the big jackpots, but you also get the non progressive, where you get the more regular but smaller payouts.

The range denominations is also much broader online, ranging from the cents per line through to dollars per line.

Now let’s expand out further. Other derivatives of online poker, extend to video poker. You may remember seeing the machines in pubs in the corner, where you are dealt five card electronically, you select which cards to swap and you win on a good hand that beats the dealer. Video poker and many variations, as also found online and is also a lot of fun.

Then extending further, typical club games, like keno and lotto. Pick a selection of numbers, wait for the draw to occur, and see if your are the winner.

Lastly, there is the good ol’ favourite of bingo. Online bingo is awesome. Though different in feeling, because it is online chat groups rather than the physical face to face interaction, the younger generation is really taking this form of soft gambling up.

So there you have it, there are lot of online games to be had. From your pokies to bingo, you can find all sorts of game there.

Online Pokie Bonuses

One of the biggest benefits of playing online (besides avoiding the corona virus), is that you get a bonus! That’s right, you can a bonus for signing up and playing. You would never get this at a pub or club. Perhaps you might get the complimentary beer, coffee or tea (but even this is now dying out).

Online bonuses is the key element that online kiwi players are always scouring the internet for. The bigger the bonus the better. But be careful, online bonuses come with terms and conditions.

Please take note of the terms and conditions which will limit the use of the bonus:

Wagering requirements – online casinos, will ask you to play a certain amount of wagers before you can withdraw the bonus. Online casinos use wagering requirements (also known as play through), to prevent players from immediately cashing out the bonus and walking away with free money. Many online players look for how high or low the wagering requirements are. The higher the multiple the more wagers you need to place before you can cash out the bonus. So pay attention to wagering requirements.

Pokies only – many online bonuses will allow you to use it for playing the pokies. And some will advise that the bonus cannot not be used on other games, such as live dealer blackjack. Other bonuses are limited to a particular pokies theme or game. Casinos, often do this, to try and promote a new online pokie game that has come out to the market. Players therefore should pay attention to see what game limitations are applied to the casino bonus.

Spins –  lastly bonuses can come in the form of free spins. Free spins, is basically the same as land based pokies, whereby you sometime win free spins. And off goes the machine spinning like crazy several times and you win the jackpot. Online casinos also offer free spin on sign up. Again, there are usually limitations as to which pokie games the free spins can be used for.

How do I start playing?

Is quite easy to get going. First you need to create an account with the online casino. To do this, click on the link above to go to their site, and register with your details.

Having registered, go the cashier and deposit page, and you will see a range of deposit method options. Choose the option that suits you best, and claim the sign up bonus.

Please note that the deposit methods offered can take varying degrees of processing time to reach the online casino. Whilst you may want to choose the fast deposit method, balance it out with choosing a well known and reputable method.

After completing the deposit, you will soon have credit on your account balance, and can start playing.

Is playing at online pokies safe?

Yes, it is safe to play online. Online casinos have been around for donkey’s years, and yes at first there were heaps of scam online casinos that offered poor quality pokie games. But times have changed, and those shitty scam casinos have been weeded out, and crucified. The industry understands that quality gaming is what players are looking for, and the only way to have a sustainable industry is to treat the players right.

So, what you will find is that many online casinos can be played at, with out being ripped off. Of course, as with any e-commerce provider, you could be jipped. So choose from our short list of curated top NZ online pokies.

Um… but isn’t it against the law?

Yes, it technically is against the law in New Zealand. But the law is illegal for online pokie providers NOT on the player. Should the laws be breached it is the online casino that will be charged. Penalties and fines may be placed upon them, especially if they are based onshore. Hence, you will find many online pokie providers are based offshore. As a player, you need not worry. I can guarantee you that plenty of  footy stars are playing online, and none are being charged. It’s like crossing the road on a red light, you won’t even get a slap on the wrist, no one really is going to be concerned about it.


So there you have it. NZ Online Pokies in a nutshell. The beginners guide of beginners guide. If you are going to play, remember to claim the sign up bonus, and remember go gamble responsibly.