Online PAGCOR Casinos

Currently, there are numerous PAGCOR Casinos available, but only a select few offer high-quality online gaming experiences.

We listed and reviewed the best PAGCOR online casinos for you to play at.

Top PAGCOR Online Casinos

#Casino Deposits WithdrawalsBonus

100% up to 7000PHP + 120 Free Spins
Welcome Bonus

100% up to 7000PHP
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100% up to 5400PHP
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100% up to 7000PHP
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Best All Round – 20Bet

20Bet is easily the best all round online casino for PAGCOR players. There are so many great aspects of 20Bet to discuss, from gaming, security through to payment methods. It really is a holistic online casino that is the most suitable for players from the Philippines. We outline all the important aspects that you need to know about playing at 20Bet.

Banking Methods

To start with, 20Bet accepts all the local banking methods in the Philippines. These include: GCash, Grabpay, PayaMaya, bank transfers from major local banks, cryptocurrencies, the big name credit cards and much more. 20Bet accepts them all and without doubt has the most payment methods of any online casino. You will be amazed once you step into their banking section to find all the options. So whether you want to use GCash or an obscure cryptocurrency, the best choice is with 20Bet. If 20Bet doesn’t have your preferred payment method, then it is highly unlikely that any other online casino would have it.


Following from payment methods, 20Bet also has a fantastic range of games – slots, table games, bingo, niche games and, of course, the ever popular live dealer games. Live dealers games are particularly awesome with 20Bet, since they have the best platform and the hottest live dealers to play with.

But it’s not just the expansive categories that they provide for. Different themes, nuances, wagering denominations, and of course jackpots, will please even the pickiest of players. This is one of the most attractive aspects of 20Bet that players cannot get enough of. You can even switch over to sports betting and place a bet on the NBA or PBA.

Playing at 20Bet, with their wide variety of games, will definitely keep you going.

Safety and Security

20Bet utilises the latest encryption technology to protect their data against would-be hackers and cybercriminals. Cryptocurrencies has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, and the last thing any player wants is their balances to be stolen. 20Bet stories player balance safely, and ensures that all winnings can be honoured. The reputation of 20Bet is very impressive, being widely known as trustworthy and honest.

Promotions and Rewards

The biggest drawcard of 20Bet is its competitive edge with bonuses and promotions. Offering up to 7,000PHP in matched bonuses, 20Bet is one of the best for boosting the player’s bank. Common Terms and Condition apply for any bonus withdrawals with wagering requirements achievable for many of the games.


Despite a huge number of PAGCOR casinos to choose from, 20Bet stands out with it’s overall player experience. It excels with gaming, payment methods, safety and security and deposit bonuses. Whether you are new to online casinos, or have played at a few and are searching for better options, choose 20Bet.

Best PAGCOR GCash Online Casino

It’s not often that the best all round casino also ranks as the best in other categories, but for finding a GCASH PAGCOR casino, 20Bet is your only option. It simply is the only one that offers a true sense of GCash deposit and withdrawals.

There are many online casinos that tout that they offer GCash, but in fact, they actually don’t. They more often than not use a voucher system. A voucher system is whereby Players or Agents can buy Casino Playing Vouchers, and these Vouchers can be on-sold to anyone else. Agents and Players that on-sell can offer GCash as a banking method. So, it’s not the online casino that is directly offering GCash, but it’s a second-hand seller that is doing so.

Whilst, arguably it could be deemed that GCash is being offered as a banking method, it’s quite indirect.

20Bet, on the other hand, does not have a voucher system. It offers a direct GCash banking method between the casino and the player. There is no agent, there is no middle man that is skimming commission off you. Hence, when you play at 20Bet, you are also getting the biggest bank for buck. No commissions are deducted from you, therefore you can play longer with a better chance of winning.

If you are looking for a GCash PAGCOR online casino, then your only option is to choose 20Bet.

Best PAGCOR Live Dealer

Currently, playing at Live Casinos is extremely popular, and understandably so. Live Casino is similar to land based casinos, and offers real genuine gambling odds that you can be assured are true and honest. In addition, gambling at Live Casinos, provides a social aspect where you can message the dealer or other players (if you want to).

To be honest, you can’t go past 20Bet holistically, and its Live Casinos is truly great. But just as good is 22Bet. The name sounds the same, but the playing experience is slightly different. 22Bet has a great Live Casino platform partnering with many of the local live casino providers. Viewing angles are professionally shot, giving you the best view of playing blackjack, roulette, bacarrat and many other table games. There are also live hosted games, such as Wheel Spins, Deal or No Deal, bingo and keno.

If you are wanting something different from 20Bet and want to play Live Casino games, then choose 22Bet.

Editor’s Favorite

I really like 1XBet. Gaming is truly expansive, especially the sports betting, which I often like to place a bet on the NBA with. It’s different to 20Bet, in that the gaming is a little bit faster, and the graphics are crisp and clearer. It may not be noticeable for many players, but for me, I like to play with the high end experience. Faster, extremely reliable and zero latency.

Of course, to achieve quality high definition gaming, you need a fast and stable internet connection. Without it, you should stick to 20Bet which works well on even the slowest of internet speeds (hence it’s all round status).

Also 1XBet promotions and bonuses aren’t as good as 20Bet, and it doesn’t offer a GCash banking option which could be a let down for many. However, I don’t mind making a deposit with a direct bank transfer.

1XBet is safe and secure to play with. They have always honoured my winnings. They also hand out regular VIP promotions, to give you extra credit for blackjack, bacarrat and roulette. Plus extra spins, depending on the day of the week or celebratory event (such as Valentines Day or New Year).

There is a quality about 1XBet that I find extremely enjoyable. If you are looking for premium, top class PAGCOR online casino, then choose 1XBet.

Why Choose a PAGCOR Casino?

Though there are many casinos to choose from in the Phillipines, it is highly recommended to select a PAGCOR casino. We discuss several reasons why a PAGCOR Casino is a good choice.


First and foremost, PACGOR casinos are approved by the government regulator and are therefore licensed and legal to operate in the Philippines.

They can accept Philippine players, provided they comply with PACGOR guidelines.

You can play confidently at PAGCOR casinos, knowing that they are on the right side of the law.

Safe and Secure

Secondly, being licensed, PAGCOR casinos are safe and secure to play at. Government regulations require PAGCOR casinos to genuine gambling odds and to honour winnings. In addition, player details and balances are securely stored and encrypted to protect against hackers and cyber criminals.

Range of Games

Third, PAGCOR casinos offer a wide range of games that includes favourites that Filipinos love. Games include Slots, tables games, bingo, niche, live dealer and sports betting.

Created for Filipinos

Lastly,  when signing up to a PAGCOR casino, as a Filipino you can be assured the processing of your account is as fast as can be. PAGCOR casinos specifically cater for Filipinos and are therefore built with this in mind. The player experience is therefore better at PACGOR casinos.

What is PAGCOR?

PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) casinos refer to casinos that are owned and operated by the Philippine government through the PAGCOR agency. These casinos are located in various parts of the Philippines and offer a range of gaming options, including slot machines, table games, and electronic gaming machines. PAGCOR casinos are considered a major source of revenue for the Philippine government and are also used to promote tourism in the country.

As the regulator, PAGCOR is required to ensure that gambling activities in the Philippines are operating according to the law. This includes the issuing of gambling licenses, real money gambling covering both casino and sports betting, auditing online and land based casino processes, and ensuring fair and equal opportunity of staff that are employed in the gambling industry. PAGCOR is also responsible for the promotion of their licensed casinos to attract both local and Chinese players.


What are PAGCOR casinos?

PAGCOR (Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation) casinos refer to casinos that are owned and operated by the Philippine government through the PAGCOR agency. These casinos are located in various parts of the Philippines and offer a range of gaming options, including slot machines, table games, and electronic gaming machines. PAGCOR casinos are considered a major source of revenue for the Philippine government and are also used to promote tourism in the country.