Pay and Play by Trustly – Simple, Secure and Fast

Deposit and Enjoy: Experience Online Casinos through Trustly

Pay and Play Casinos is a revolutionary payment method for interactive gaming taking the world by storm. Created by a company named Trustly, Pay N Play utilises your Bank ID to enable an efficient process to make payments and deposits real time. The ease at which you can begin playing, without jeopardizing  your private information is unparalleled. You do not need to create a players account, use a username, remember a password or complete registration forms. Deposits can be made almost instantaneously as with your withdrawals.

How does Pay and Play work?

Trustly has ingeniously customer Bank IDs to be the key to unlocking an efficient account creation and compliance process. Bank ID’s are commonly used to uniquely connect to bank account details and underlying Know Your Customer (KYC) information. In Europe, strict regulatory laws require a check list of compliance points to be adhered to. These include several submissions of customer identification and declarations. With these submissions linked to a Bank ID, the key to creating an efficient banking process is created. Trustly have been able to build a safe a secure digital platform that enables Bank ID’s to retrieve account and KYC data and therefore enable online casinos to receive deposits and make payments without burdening the player with a registration and member account process.

What are the benefits of using Pay and Play?

Fast and efficient – by using Pay and Play a registration process is not required. The underlying KYC details that were submitted to the banking institution is used by the Online Casino for their compliance requirements. The customer, does not need to become involved and therefore provides a convenient and seamless process for players.

Reliable and secure – Trustly has create one of the most secure and reliable payment processes. They have smartly used the bank’s own infrastructure to apply their controls and security to the process. It’s extremely clever how Trustly has augmented the security of the bank’s process with their own controls to provide players with one of the best payment methods in the world.

Can I choose to sign up with the traditional method of submitting forms and play account creation?

You sure can. Many Pay and Play Casinos offer both the Pay and Play pure method which is the most efficient, or the traditional form registration and submission. Often the traditional method is called the Pay and Play Hybrid method. Both methods offered by Trustly are just as safe and secure as each other. The benefit of the pure method is that is it much quicker and not prone to manual error.

How do I use Pay and Play to sign up to an online casino?

It is extremely simple. Select the online casino that you would like to play at, and log in using your online Bank ID. Once this is performed only the information that is relevant to the meeting KYC requirements are collected by the online casino. Your members accounts is effectively created almost instantaneously.

How do I make my first deposit?

  1. Click on any of our “Top 3 Pay and Play Casinos” that WagerDex recommends and this will lead you to the landing page of the Pay and Play Casino.
  2. Click on Instant Play proceed to the Pay and Play pure method.
  3. Enter your deposit amount
  4. Choose your Country
  5. Click your associated Bank Logo.
  6. Choose your bank account.
  7. Enter your BankID to complete the deposit process.
  8. Validate the transaction via the confirmation method that you have established with the bank. This can be in the form of either a:
    1. Test message
    2. Email
    3. Phone
    4. Google authentication
  9.  Deposit is complete and you can play!

How do I make a withdrawal?

  1. Click on the drop down under My Account and select the Withdrawal section.
  2. Click on Trustly
  3. Select the country that corresponds to your bank.
  4. Enter your Bank ID.
  5. Enter the withdrawal amount
  6. Click Confirm.

Who is Pay and Play Trustly?

Trustly is a company established in Sweden that specialises in digital payments. They are regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and are required to meet date requirements as stipulated by the Swedish Data Protection Authority. They are expanding their digital presence across Europe.

Pay and Play Support and Contact

Should you need to contact Trustly for support their contact details are as per below: