PointsBet – Exclusive US Points Betting

PointsBet is a growing sports book provider that is relatively new to the US market (entering in 2019). It has an established and strong foot print in Australia – it’s country of origin. It’s strengths lie within their sports betting engines, applications and technology that allows for it to exclusively offer “points betting” in America. Points betting is a type of bet which leverages the wagering amount. The win (or loss) will increase according to how large the winning/losing margin is. PointsBet currently has a foothold in the following US States:

It also has strategic partnerships with leading US professional sport teams and sport media organizations.

PointsBet – The only Sportsbook to offer Points Betting

PointsBet is the pioneer of points betting in the US. Points betting is a type of bet which is considered to be a “high risk high return” play. This is because, when a bet is placed, the potential of the winnings and losses is determined by the margin of the win or loss.

Hence, if the margin of the win is small, a small winning is paid out. If the margin of the win is large, then a large winning is paid out. Conversely the same holds true for losing. Therefore, this type of betting is deemed a high risk high return bet. Having said that, bettors are able to place a stop loss on their bets. A stop loss effectively caps (limits) the loss and in doing so also caps the winnings. The capping of the losses reduces the exposure of losing and protects the bettor from being completely wiped out from a single bet.

Due to the nature of potential high losses, PointsBet requires bettors to have sufficient funds in their account to cover for the potential losses. These funds are then set aside, and the bettor will not be able to touch these funds and use it for other bets until the points bet has been realized.

PointsBet also offers all the traditional betting types. They advertise that they have the most (more than thousands) betting types for the top major professional sports in the US (NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL).

In addition, PointsBet also partners other businesses to provide online and mobile sports betting and player account management.

PointsBet Mobile App and Online Review

We find PointsBet online and mobile app one of the easiest to use. There are literally thousand of betting options to choose from, and is displayed clearly. Easy filtering and search functions allow the user to find the sport and betting types that they want. On the flip side, but because they have so many betting options, sometimes it can be confusing as a bettor, which betting option and type to selection. I guess, sometimes that is too much of a good thing.

Integrated nicely with the bet selection, is the player betting history. Betting history and current bets is extremely important for the serious bettor who needs the ability to generate and download particular reports and statistics to analyze.


We do like how they offer account sign up with risk free bet promotions. Currently these offers will differ from State to State, however we have seen some promotions of up to $1,000 in risk free betting.

Risk free betting, is whereby, PointsBet will give you a free bet at a fixed amount. If the bet is lost, you have lost nothing (because PointsBet gave it to you for free), however if you win, you get to keep the winnings. Often there are Terms and Conditions that apply, and you will only be able to use the risk free bet on certain sports or types of bets.

Betting Odds

It’s hard to compare betting odds of PointsBet to other sport book providers (let alone compare among all sport books). However, we do make this observation, all sport books generally offer the same odds on the early outset (on first issuing). We think this is because 1) the algorithms that each sports book use are quite similar and 2) if they do not have the in house ability to calculate the odds themselves, they simply follow the other sport books.

But, what makes PointsBet attractive to sign up to is that it is currently the only provider of points betting odds. Therefore, if you are very good at determining which bets have the best upside, you will do very well with betting with PointsBet.

Why Bet with PointsBet

You would be crazy not to bet with PointsBet, because they by far outpace other sportsbooks with their cutting edge app and website, but more importantly their sign up bonus bets, risk free bets, and daily and weekly promotions are out of this world.

If trust is a concern for you, just read through their partnerships that they have established in the US. These are all with reputable big name sporting organizations that include major league, media and college.

January 2020 – Historic 20 year deal with Lac Vieux Desert

PointsBet Michigan, a subsidiary of PointsBet USA, announces a 20 year partnership with Lac Vieux Desert (LVD) to provide for both an online sportsbook and online casino gaming.

PointsBet’s core product is within sportsbetting, however, this partnership with an established native American Tribe, allows an expansion horizontally.

A retail sportsbook is hoped to be established at the Northern Waters Casino Resort, operated by LVD.

July 3, 2020 – Partnership with Detroit Tigers

PointsBet establishes a strong foothold in Michigan through its partnership with the MLB Detroit Tigers. PointsBet became the first legal sportsbook in the US to partner an MLB team, striking a multi-year sponsorship deal.

As an Authorized Gaming Operator of Major League Baseball, PointsBet has the rights to used official MLB data, trademarks and logos to compliment its sponsorship of the Detroit Tigers.

August 5, 2020 – Indiana Pacers Multi-Year Partnership

PointsBet becomes the official sponsor of the NBA Indiana Pacers in a multi-year deal.

PointsBet will be permitted to display signage and branding between the sideline and team bench at Pacer home games. Beyond courtside, PointsBet signage will be displayed at phone charging stations and also along the scorer’s table.

August 7, 2020 – Partnership with Koenke Sports & Entertainment

PointsBet announces a multi-year partnership with Koenke Sports & Entertainment to become the number one mobile and online sportsbook in Colorado.

Koenke Sports & Entertainment are the owners of the NBA Denver Nuggets, NHL Colorado Avalanche and the Colorado Mammoth (National Lacrosse League). Their home games are at the Pepsi Center, in which PointsBet will be able to offer mobile (through the improve Pepsi Center Wi-Fi) and retail betting via betting kiosks for fans.

The agreement will also permit expansion into daily fantasy sports betting and free to play games.

August 28, 2020 – Blockbuster deal with NBC Sports Media

PointsBet signs a 5 year marketing deal with NBC Sports. As the Official NBC Sports Betting Partner, PointsBet has exposure to TV viewers of 184 million and digital viewers of 60 million. The agreement outlines a payment of $US393 million for a five year period.

NBC Sports has broadcasting rights to NFL, NHL, PGA golf, NASCAR and the English Premier League.

September 2020 – Colorado University Partnership

In another five year deal, just after announcing their blockbuster agreement with NBC Sports, PointsBet announced that it is the first sportsbook in Colorado and in the US, to establish a partnership with a NCAA division one team -University of Colorado (CU).

The deal with the CU Buffaloes allows for sponsorship and signage at stadiums – Folsom Field and the CU Event Center – and TV broadcasting.

September 14, 2020 – Official launch of online Illinois Sportsbook

The online presence is officially launched in Illinois, the fourth state for PointsBet to go live in the US. Co-incidentally, it is also the fourth sportsbook in Illinois to go live.

In addition, on September 28, 2020, PointsBet established four retail outlets partnering Hawthorne Race Course, who obtained a Master Sports Wagering License. The main Hawthorne established is currently under renovation but will be the focal point of sports betting for PointsBet. The remaining three locations are OTB in which betting kiosks are established.

PointsBet is positioned only 11 miles south west of downtown Chicago, making it the closest physical sportsbook to the home of over 9 millions residents.

September 2020 – NFL Chicago Bears

PointsBet announces one year deal with the Chicago Bears. The first to partner a NFL team in Illinois’ history, PointsBet will be permitted to access the trademark and logos of the Bears.

September 2020 – NFL Indianapolis Colts

PointsBet announces one year deal with the Indianapolis Colts. The first to partner a NFL team in Indiana’s history, PointsBet will be permitted to access the trademark and logos of the Colts.

October 2020 – Live Streaming

In a win for players in New Jersey, Iowa, Indiana , Illinois, Michigan and Colorado , PointsBet has scored live streaming through their app and websites via partnering the BetGenius, the subsidiary of Genius Sports Group.

PointsBet became the first U.S sportsbook to sign up to BetGenius’ live streaming service, allowing them to expand on its existing betting products – points betting and fixed odds, with on app and website viewing.

Bettors are attracted to live streaming. Not only do bettors get to watch their favorite sports live, but they also obtain exclusive access to content such as pre-game and post game reviews and sports analyst commentaries.

Plus bettors also are able to consume official sports data, along with other insights that is valuable in making a good bet.

24/7 content will be available, however off season / off peak times will be more proliferate to keep users entertained and up to date with the latest player movements in the major leagues.

About PointsBet – PBH

PointsBet is listed on the Australian stock exchange (ASX) under the code of PBH. As a result, PointsBet is heavily regulated and must meet Australian compliance requirements. You can therefore be assured that PointsBet is one of the most safest sport books to place a bet with.

Because PointsBet is listed, this also provides an opportunity to be a part of the business through purchasing shares on the ASX. If you are an Australian resident, it is easy to create an account with a share trader and purchase the shares. If, however, you are an American then it is a little more difficult. I recommend the best way to gain exposure to PBH would be through an ETF with exposure to the Australian gaming and entertainment sector.

PointsBet was launched on the ASX on June 12, 2019 at $2.00 AUD. Since launch the share price has risen to $14AUD (as at August 27, 2020).

There are several reasons for this strong rise. They include:

Profit and EPS Analysis

The key to understanding the rise in share price, we must consider the current market valuation of the company and it’s current and projected profitability.

The company has on issue 153.18m shares at a value of $14AUD each. This equates to a market value of $2.14B AUD.

It’s current project net wins (from sport bets) is projected to be $100m in the coming 12 months. This translates to a P/E ratio of 23 which is an overly optimistic P/E given I haven’t allowed for any expenses in the calculation. As a rough guide, assuming that expenses equate to $50m, then the P/E ratio balloons to 46. This means, is lay person language, it will take 46 years to get your money back, and return of just over 2% per year.

This sounds like a terrible investment, but remember, PointsBet is expected to grow and investors are banking on greater profits. If we assuming that PointsBet can achieve a profit of $500m per year, then the P/E falls to a very attractive 20% return per year.

Of course, the million dollar question is whether PointsBet can reach to $500m per year.

In addition, for Australian investors there is the exposure to foreign currency risk. The USD is weakening against the AUD, and therefore future earning could also be reduced if the AUD continues to strengthen.

In summary, do you think that PointsBet can grows it’s market share and profit by several fold in the long term? If so, then you can also bet on PointsBet shares and be a winner.