Top 6 Slot Hacks 2023

Looking to score big on slot machines?

Learn slot hacks to jack up the winning experience!

Slots in the US is the most popular casino, sport bar game ever. With a total gaming turning over exceeding $100 billion per year, you can bet your bottom dollar that most of the gaming excitement is being had on the slots. Since its humble origins consisting of the basic simple three reels turning and issuing toy prizes, who would have thought that jackpots and prizes can reach the hundreds of thousands and with a vast array of different themes. Just to highlight how popular slots are, even in the gambling prohibitive state of Utah, slot machines have been popping up!

We have therefore gathered as much information as possible about slot gaming through researching US States gambling publications. Year on year each State is required to disclose their gambling statistics and controls, issues and recommendations. We also have a strong relationship with both land based casinos in Macau and with online casino operators.

Through our discussions with experts in the field we are able to quite conclusively bust the myths and talk about the hacks.

Given the popularity, and the simplicity of playing slots, Players often overlook that there are great hacks to be learnt and applied. These hacks can extend your gambling time and naturally will then give you a better chance of hitting the jackpot.

If you want to learn some easy slot hacks, that please read on!

Hack 1. Know the pay out ratios

Higher denominated slot machines have a higher payout!

Yes, that’s right! One of the biggest slot myths are that the lower denominations will pay more or have the same pay out ration of a higher denominated one. This is incorrect. It is in fact the higher denominated slot machines that will pay out more.

Why is this so? Casino operators know that the lower denominated machines draw more players and therefore they lower the pay out ration. The casino operators also understand that the betting turnover is smaller and therefore it takes more time to cover for any jackpots paid out. Higher denominated machines on the other hand, will pay out more frequently because the betting turnover is higher. The higher the bets, the bigger the chance of winning.

Now bear in mind, the higher the denomination the quicker the bank roll will turnover, so you must balance the bank roll with the payout ratio you would like to achieve.

Hack 2. Avoid Class II and play with Class III

Go with the real Vegas Slots – Class III – the odds are better!

Most US players won’t know this, but there are actually fake slot machines that you have probably been playing out. “Say what?” I hear you say. That’s right, there are slot machines, that aren’t really slot machines, they are in fact bingo machines on steroids.

The term Class II and Class III stem from gambling laws that apply to most casinos that reside on native American land. Commonly, each State (and district for D.C.) have their own gambling laws, however for native American casinos they have entered into a compact on a Federal level. This compact (agreement) divides gaming into three broad categories Class I, Class II and Class III.

The compact prohibits most forms of Class III gambling at native American casinos, which includes slot machines as we know it.

Given that Vegas slot machines are prohibited, many of the native American casinos begun to offer bingo slot machines. Technically the logic falls in line with how bingo operates and works, but within the bingo machine itself the speed of play is accelerated. It therefore gives the appearance that it’s a Vegas Slot Machine, but in reality is a fast version of bingo.

Bingo odds are slightly lower of winning than real Vegas Slot machines. But I caveat this, because it truly depends on which Class II slot machines we are comparing with Class III Vegas Slots. Progressive, interlinked will undoubtedly lower the odds of winning significantly, and make each Class difficult to compare.

Hack 3. Understand how Slot Machines work

By understanding how slots work, you will understand how to win

Each and every slot machine is produced by a manufacturer. Casinos themselves do not manufacture them because it would not be cost effective to do so.

Even the large casinos which may require up to thousands of slot machines, cannot compete against a manufacturer that is building millions of machines per a year. Therefore, the manufacture of slot machines remains separate from the casino operators. (both online and land based).

I want to highlight this fact, because often there is skepticism regarding the honesty and trustworthiness of playing slots. Knowing that the manufacturer is separate from the casino operator is one reason why slot machines are not a scam or rigged.

There are many manufacturers around the world that build slot machines. Buyers can be casinos but also wholesalers who then on sell to pubs and clubs, sport bars and other venues.

The manufacturers build a wide range of slot machines but in each machine there is a computer chip which processes/produces random numbers. This chip or logic is commonly referred to as a Random Number Generator (RNG).

With computer logic the RNG is producing thousands of numbers per second. Of course, mathematically randomness cannot be coded in a true sense. However mathematicians are able to produce numbers that resemble randomness like in the real world very closely.

At this point, some readers start pondering the ability of slot players hacking the machine to win the jackpot. They think because a pattern of numbers is being produced, this pattern can be cracked (decoded) and therefore players can deduce when to play. This is not true, and I will explain further in the How To Win Hack. For those who have begun to pull out their pen and paper to look at slot machine winning and losing patterns put them aside for the moment.

In each second, thousands of random numbers are churned by the RNG. When the lever is pulled or the button is clicked to submit by the player one of the numbers produced in the thousands churned per second is selected.

It is at this point the reels begin to spin, lights flash and the tinkering sound emits. The outcome is in fact predetermined, and a simple win or loss indicator could suffice, but of course this is much less exciting.

Hack 4. Understand how Online Slots work

Online slots behave exactly the same as slot machines, except of course it gaming is online. The logic with the use of RNG’s is exactly the same at slot machines. And, similarly progressive (interlinked) slots can be easy created. The advantage that online slots have over slot machines is that the number of themes and library content can easily be shared among many people. There isn’t a need to build a physical machine for each player, as they are connected by their own device through the internet.

Hack 5. How to Win

Winning is quite simple, it’s about luck!

The answer is the same for Powerball and Mega Millions.

You need to have luck!

There is no other way to win, but by pure luck. Yes, there are some players that will turn to higher denominations to play with a higher pay out ratio, but remember the casino still has the house edge.

Some believe that patterns can be determined by analyzing the output. A trend is often thought to be seen, but this is not true. The myth of hot and cold machines, follows the line of thought of trends. Hot machines showing a wining streak, whilst cold machines on a losing streak.

These streaks mean different things to different players, but at the end of the day, each slot round has the same odds of winning as the previous. Trying to determine patterns when the results are based on thousands of numbers generated per second by RNGs is impossible.

Hack 6. Choose a slot theme that you enjoy

Now that you know that slot machine gaming is dependent on luck, rather than chasing the myth of hot and cold machines, choose a slot machine that you love and enjoy.

This will give you a better gaming experience, and remove you from simply chasing patterns and hot and cold machines (which is futile). So sit back relax, and enjoy playing slots at a machine that you know and love.


We have described a few easy slots that any US player can implement. Try and avoid Class II machines and stick to the Class III. Also, remember that the lower denominations have a lower payout ratio, but you may last longer.

Understand that Slots are games which use RNG to create a random outcome. When playing at either a slot machine or online, the logic behind the scenes are the same. The only difference is that one is physical whilst the other is online (cloud based, you could say).

Lastly, only through luck can you win. Similar to playing Megamillions or Powerball, it can be won, but it needs some luck to hit the jackpot, which is all part of the fun of playing slots! So play at a slot machines that you love and enjoy! Good luck!