The Sydney Kings Betting Odds [2023]

As the sole NBL team in Sydney, the Sydney Kings attract numerous wagers from fans eager to bet on their games, player performances, and adversaries. Their widespread appeal can be traced back to a history rich in victories, featuring legendary players like Shane “the Hammer” Heal, Steve “Magic” Carfino, and, more recently, Andrew Bogut, who secured a championship title with the Golden State Warriors.

The consistency of the Sydney Kings winning, is extremely attractive for betting, allowing punters the ability to predict the outcome more accurately than other teams and sports in the NBL and other Australian leagues.

If you are looking to bet on the Sydney Kings, there are many options available. A common betting favourite in Australia is the winner of the next upcoming Sydney Kings game, or a bet on the odds of winning the NBL championship. For overseas bettors, player scores (particularly for future NBA potentials) is often wagered on.

Of course, there are many other betting options, which can be seen on the many sports betting sites to choose from. With so many betting types and sports betting sites available, we understand that it can become quite confusing.

If you are new to sports betting and betting on the Sydney Kings, you need not worry, we’ve got you covered with the best betting odds, comparing them among licensed Australian betting providers. But we also mention non Australian based sites, to give you the insight to see what odds they offer. We also explain what betting types that you can take advantage of to increase your chances of winning.

Without further ado, let’s get stuck into it, with the types of bets that you can place on the Sydney Kings.

Sydney Kings — Types of Bets

Basketball has so many facets that it gives rise to a wide range of betting options. You can bet on the highest scorer, or the most rebounds as an example. We explain the most popular types of bets.

Head to Head (H2H)

If you want to pick the winner of a game, then this is called a Head to Head bet. It’s the easiest bet to understand and is by far the most popular type of betting on the Sydney Kings.

To bet on the Head to Head, you simply choose which team will win – either Sydney Kings or their opposition.

An example is as follows:

Sydney Kings: $1.50 | Perth Wildcats: $2.20

If the Sydney Kings win, you get back $1.50 for every dollar wagered. However, if you choose the Perth Wildcats and they win, you get back $2.20. The profit is 50% and 120% respectively. In both cases, if you choose incorrectly, you lose all of the amount that you have wagered.

There may be several reasons why the Sydney Kings are paying out less. By and large, the odds are lower because the Kings are favoured to win, meaning they have a better team and therefore the chances of winning are higher than the Wildcats. Other reasons include, that many have placed a wager on the Kings, hence the sports betting site wants to place more bets with the Wildcats.

Head to heads, can be wagered based on the outcome of a full game, but can also be placed on the results of each quarter and/or halves.


A line bet for basketball means that either the Sydney Kings or the opposition is handicapped or given a head start, depending on who is the underdog and who is the favourite. The favourite will always receive the handicap and the underdog the head start.

In doing so, each team will have a payout that is even, based on 50/50 chances of winning. Sports betting sites offer Line bets so that you can achieve a better payout if you believe the Kings or opposition can cover the handicap or headstart.

As an example:

Sydney Kings: (-5.5 points) $1.85 | Perth Wildcats (+4.5) $1.85

The Kings are given a handicap of 5.5 points. This means they are favourites to win, and therefore need to win by more than 6 points to win the bet. On the other hand, the Wildcats can allow the margin of a loss in the game to fall behind by 4 points, and the wager can still be successful. If the Wildcats lose by more than 4 points the wager is unsuccessful.

The Line bet is a great way of evening up the payouts, especially if you have taken into consideration how much the Kings can win by.

Total Points (Under and Overs)

Betting on Total Points is one of my favourites. For this bet, you need to consider the total points scored by both the Kings and their opponents combined. Hence, this bet isn’t about the Kings being better or worse than the other team, but rather, are the two teams combined going to score more or less than a threshold set by the sports betting site.

As an example:

Over 186.5 ($1.90)
Under 186.5 ($1.90)

The threshold is 186.5 points in total. This means if you think the Kings and their opponent will score a combined total that exceeds 186.5 then place a bet on Over. If you think it will be less, then place a bet on Under. In placing this bet, you need to consider not only each team’s scoring ability, but their defensive ability.


The Sydney Kings have always remained competitive in the league. With the recent winnings of the NBL championship in 2021 and 2022, the Kings have a stong platform to continue their winning ways.

If you think the Kings can win it all, then consider placing on a Futures’ bet. Futures are a type of bet that you can place that isn’t for the next up and coming game, but is dependent on many outcomes such as winning the championship. Hence, why not, bet that the Kings can win it all?

There are many other Future bets, that can be placed on the Kings, such as leading season scorer, rebounder, most free throws taken over the season, who will be MVP and many more.

Other Bets (All Markets)

There are many other bets that fall into the tradition H2H, Totals (Under/Overs) and Futures. These bets can be found in All Market bets. The term Prop bets are used in Amercia, but not so much in Australia. Nevertheless, these bets can include winning margin, the Kings winning each quarter, highest scoring quarter and so on.

Multi Bet

If you want to place one bet, but have it based on the outcome of several events such as a H2H and a Totals succeeding, you can bet on a Multi Bet.

A mulit-bet will only be paid out, if all the underlying bets win. If one of them loses, then the entire bet fails. The great aspect of a multi-bet is that you can win big. The payout increases with the more underlying bets combined in the multi bet. This means you don’t need to wager a lot for a big payout. But the odds of winning all become increasingly difficult.

Not only can a Kings multi-bet be against other NBL teams, you can combine it with any sports, event of your liking. Multi-bets are extremely versatile, with many punters winning big money on small outlays.

In-Play Betting

With the speed of technology nowadays, you can now place a bet in real time, during game play. This bet type is often described as In-Play betting.

As an example: you could bet on the next free throw shooter during a Kings game, or you can bet who will be the first scorer of a quarter. Sometimes, In-Play bets may not be offered and/or they may vary between sports betting sites. Hence, it’s important to compare betting sites if you are searching for the best In-Play odds.

How to Choose the best sports betting site for Sydney King Bets

In Australia there are many top betting sites to choose from. The most well known are,, and ladbrokes. But did you know there are more legitimate and “licensed” sports betting sites to choose from? These other sites more often than not, have better odds and sign up bonuses that you can take advantage of.

For the more advanced betters, you can open up several betting accounts to take advantage of the best odds, as and when they appear and move.

And for the bettors who are very savvy, you can bet with the Kings and use the Matched Betting Strategy, which is a zero risk strategy of winning money.

How to Place a Sydney Kings bet with the Best Odds

Signing up and placing a bet on the Sydney Kings is fast and simple. Follow the below steps to get started:

About the Sydney Kings

The Sydney Kings are a professional basketball team based in Sydney, Australia, and which compete in the National Basketball League (NBL). Founded in 1988, the Sydney Kings are one of the oldest and most iconic franchises in Australian basketball. They have a rich history of success in the NBL, consistently being one of the league’s top contenders.

The team is known for its passionate fan base, and they play their home games at the Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney, which is often filled with enthusiastic supporters. Over the years, the Sydney Kings have featured some of the best Australian and international basketball talent, contributing to the growth and popularity of the NBL.

The Sydney Kings are not only recognized for their on-court excellence but also for their commitment to promoting and developing the sport of basketball in Australia. They continue to be a dominant force in the NBL, making them a prominent figure in Australian basketball culture.


What are the best betting odds for the Sydney Kings?

There are many bettings sites in Australia that offer great betting odds on the Sydney Kings. The most popular tend to be the highly advertised sports betting sites such as, and However, there are many more lessor known betting sites that are licensed and legitimate in Australia that not only have better odds but have rewarding sign up bonuses to add to your betting balance. For these other sites, review our recommendations.

What are the odds of the Sydney Kings winning the NBL Championship?

The Sydney Kings have had a long winning history in the NBL. In recent years they won back-to-back NBL championships in 2021 and 2022. The Sydney Kings, accordingly, remain one of the favourites to win the NBL for many years to come. To find the best odds for winning the NBL by the Sydney Kings, steer clear of the big brand advertisers such as sportsbet, neds and tab. Better odds can be found at lesser known betting sites, which also offer great sign-up bonuses.