Unlicensed Finnish Casinos

The Very Best of Unlicensed Casinos in Finland

Finnish Players find unlicensed casinos as the most popular form of gambling that is safe and secure . Unlike surrounding nordic countries Finnish gambling laws impose a great inconvenience when playing at the state owned monopolised licensed casinos.

As a result, this has driven most players to play at unlicensed casinos.

In this article, we explain what are unlicensed casinos, the safety and security, the benefits, legality and risk.

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An unlicensed casino usually has connotations of casinos breaking the law, and it would be true if the unlicensed casino was based physically within Finnish borders.

However, online casinos can be registered and licensed at offshore jurisdictions. Popular and legitimate jurisdictions include Malta and Curacao. But perhaps the more trusted casinos go even further and become licensed with the UK Gambling Commission such as Betway, Bet365 and William Hill. These casinos are perfectly legitimate and legal.

But in the eyes of Finnish law, though these casinos are licensed offshore, they are still regarded as unlicensed casinos.

Unlicensed casinos are therefore illegal if they are headquartered physically within the borders of Finland, but when outside the borders these casinos are unlicensed but are “allowed” to operate (the term allowed is loosely in this expression, and perhaps “not enforced” is a better reference).

Unlicensed casinos DO accept Finnish players with literally thousands available. Even the most conversative of law abiding unlicensed casinos including the big names that we previously mentioned, accept Finnish players.


Unlicensed Finnish Casinos offer many advantages, that clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

Statistics show more players are signing up to unlicensed casinos than the local monopolised casinos. The advantages are in favor of a quick less onerous account creation process, a broader selection of payment methods to choose from.

Sign Up

The sign up process at many unlicensed casinos is simply a two step process of name and email. Some may require additional information, such as address, however this is not common.

After an account is created, depositing monies is quick and secure with credit/debit cards, e-wallets or cryptocurrency.

This is a very efficient and fast process which attracts many Finnish players to unlicensed casinos.

Licensed casinos on the otherhand require name, address and proof of identification that correlate to the players details.

The verification process that follows the submission can take several business days, and to add further inconvenience, deposit and withdrawal methods are rather limited.

Naturally, players do not want to go through the hassles of a lengthy and high effort sign up process.

Game Restrictions

Unlicensed casinos also do not place game time restrictions, loss stopping rules, and time interventions. Players are free to play at their own pace, without restriction to wagering amounts, and deposit and withdrawal methods can all be used (depending on player preference).

With this in mind, why would any Finnish player want to play at a licensed casino? It would be ludicruous.

Quality of Games

Unlicensed casinos also have the best partnership with iGaming software providers, offering fair and true casino games i.e. a genuine chance of winning. And, following from winning, the honouring of these winnings so that players can cash out, once playing activity has been verified with the casinos terms and conditions (note: online casinos will reject withdrawals if they deem the player has attempted to exploit loopholes in gaming in order to cash out a promotional bonus – essentially stealing money).

Games are varied and cover the whole gamut. Bingo, scratch cards, casino table games, slots, live casino, sportbooks and e-sport.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods at unlicensed Finnish Casinos often include credit cards – VISA, Mastercard and Amex. Debit cards and prepaid card, e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, PayPal and EcoPayz and many others. These methods are reputatable, trusted and offered globally (note: not all deposit methods are also offered as withdrawal methods, for example interac is commonly accepted as a deposit method but not as a withdrawal method).

Of course all these methods accept the Euro currency.

How to Choose an Unlicensed Finnish Casino

Selecting an unlicensed casino is relatively easy, as there are many to choose from. However choosing the right one for you may be slightly more challenging.


Before making a deposit, make sure the online casino offers Finnish. Though you may be able to understand and use English, the better casinos also offer gaming in Finnish (particularly for Live Casino gaming). These casinos prove that they are wanting to go to greater lengths to cater for you.

Safety and Security

This is more difficult for the inexperienced player, since most online casinos are built on reputation. Larger named casinos typically can be trusted, whilst the smaller and newer casinos can be hit and miss. Therefore avoid selecting these casinos, and if possible stick to recommended casinos only.

Gambling Laws in Finland

Gambling in Finland is state controlled and owned. For online casinos it is monopolized by two departments – RAY for the mainland and PAF for the province of Anland.

Finland, as part of the European Union (EU), has driven division with its policy of monopolizing the gambling market. The EU has treaties in place with the intention of removing trading barriers among its members. As a result the gambling laws in Finland are in direct contravention to the overarching EU laws, causing disagreement among EU nations vs Finland. Through influencing players to only play at licensed casinos, Finland is able to generate further tax revenue for the country, which is not equitable when being part of the EU. This division is perhaps the cause of a blind eye being turned to unlicensed casino gambling.

Unlicensed casinos have a minimum age of 18 years. It is not common for an online casino to have their minimum playing age at 21 years of age.

Legality of Unlicensed Casinos

Whether or not unlicensed Finnish Casinos are legal is vague. Finland’s law enforcement agencies tend to turn a blind eye to unlicensed casinos, and there is no censorship or internet blacklisting of online casinos.

Players are permitted to play at unlicensed casinos. There is no law that makes it illegal for the player, however, the intention of Finland government is to try and drive players to local monopolized casinos to generate tax revenue.


Ironically the extremely inconvenient and restrictive gambling rules imposed by the Finnish government on licensed casinos, has led to players seeking unlicensed casinos. Unlicensed casinos give players a relatively easy and more enjoyable sign up process.

Playing at licensed casinos in Finland is overwhelming, inconvenient and burdensome. Caused by the strict and extreme gambling laws that make signing up and account creation inefficient.

In addition, there is division among EU nations when viewing the gambling laws of Finland, which effectively is a trade barrier that is in contravention to EU treaties.