Arizona Sports Betting

  • Sports Betting remains illegal (exception offshore online sports betting)
  • The laws for offshore online sportsbooks are ambiguous therefore Arizona Sports Bettors are accepted.

Welcome to Arizona, the state that has it all! There are a wide range of entertainment options that extends beyond seeing the Grand Canyon. Yes, that’s right, there is a wide range of gambling options available to residents and visitors of the state.

You may already be aware that there are land based tribal casinos that accept gambling for various casino table games. There are over 22 tribal casinos scattered throughout the state, from the small to the mega sized.

And that there is also horse, greyhound that offer both off-track and on-track betting.

And lastly the lottery offers the popular Powerball and Mega Millions, Scratchers and Instant Tabs.

But Sports betting in the state remains technically illegal. There are no on-site locations within Arizona that can accept bets. Onshore online sports betting sites remain illegal, however offshore online sports betting sites accept Arizona sports bettors.

Top 3 Arizona Sportsbook Sites

  1. Bovada
  2. MyBookie
  3. BetOnline

Arizona Online Sports Betting

Since the overturning of the The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) in May 2018, which effectively prevented each US State from accepting sports bets, Arizona has been slow off the mark to amend its constitution to legalize sports betting.

Though a bill has yet to be passed in the Senate to permit sports betting, offshore online sportbooks are able and continue to accept Arizona sports bettors.

How is this possible? The state gambling laws remain ambiguous and/or outdated. Though they clearly indicate onshore gambling channels are illegal, offshore remains in a gray area.

As a consequence, online casinos and online sportbooks accept Arizona players and sports bettors.

In the year 2019, off shore sportbooks accepted a total of $23.5 million in sports bets (according to H2 Gambling Capital, the leading Gambling data collection provider).

The year 2020, off shore sports betting is projected to remain stable.

Arizona Mobile Sports Betting

Given that the sports betting laws have yet to be amended to permit sports betting, mobile apps clearly are illegal whether they be on shore or offshore.

A mobile app is typically downloaded onto a user’s mobile device and since the user is an application which is deemed to be physically located within the state, the use of mobile apps is therefore not offered.

Arizona On-Site Sports Betting

Given that the sports betting laws have yet to be amended to permit sports betting, no onshore sportsbook can legally accept any sports bets.

The state constitution must be amended to permit sportsbooks to operate and accept Arizona sports bettors.

Thus in summary:

  • Offshore Sportbooks accept Arizona Sports Bettors via online
  • No sports betting mobile apps are available.
  • No on-site sports betting within Arizona borders are available

Overview of Arizona Sports Bars

Arizona has plenty of sports bars that have quality sport viewing screens, cold ice beer and easy to eat comfort food. We cannot cover them all, but provide a review of the most popular ones for you.

Arizona Sports Bars

Catalina Sports Bar and Grill

2939 N 16th St, Phoenix, Arizona

An awesome local neighborhood hang out. The locals support the Oakland Raiders, so it’s great to go when they are playing a big game. The bartender is professional and serves quality drinks. Can get really busy, especially on Saturday nights due it’s popularity. Yes, there was an incident about a year ago where 5 people were stabbed, but sometimes shit happens and it is not within the control of the owner. Nor is it reflective of the crowd that normally attends this joint. If you are looking for a fun place, that this is a definite sports bar you should try out.

Draft Sports Grill

1130 W Grove Ave #106, Mesa, Arizona

This place is great to watch all your football, basketball and any other sport mad fan games. A definite for the Super Bowl, or for March Madness and the NBA playoffs and finals, then this is the place to be!🏀

Massive TV’s cover the walls for great viewing, and their selection of draft beer (and craft beer) is huge. The food can be average on some occasions, but overall good sports bar grub. The prices can veer towards to more pricey end, but that’s probably due to their popularity and the great atmosphere and service they provide.

Duke’s Sports Bar and Grill

7607 E McDowell Rd, Scottsdale, Arizona

This is a great little sports bar, with nice TV’s surrounding the walls and even ceilings. The positioning of the screens isn’t the best in my opinion, but hey, if you want to watch ten games at once, you can! The three patio’s is what is special about this place. Great outdoors environment to chill and relax and of course what your sport. Two patios are for smokers whilst one is for non smoking. A huge variety of beers to choose from. Order the burgers, you can’t go wrong with them.

Arizona Sports Betting to become Legal

In order for Arizona sports betting to become legal there are significant challenges to overcome. These challenges stem from the fact that Arizona has many native American tribes that operate casinos in the state.

How does the number of native American casinos influence the difficulty of amending the Arizona Sports betting laws?

In the state of Arizona each native American tribe that operates a casino must be in a contractual agreement with the State. This contractual agreement is called a Compact. And, of course, with any contractual agreement it usually is unclear, lacking in detail, or simply incomplete.

The intention of the Compact, however, is to define the scope of gambling permitted by the native American tribes at their casinos, plus to outline what gambling options are permitted by commercial operators (if any are agreed upon or allowed by state constitutional law).

In the state of Arizona, only native American tribes are permitted to offer limited casino gaming and no commercial operator is allowed to compete. This has been agreed upon between native American tribes and State in the Compact.

The Compact does not address sports betting, because I doubt anyone would have thought that PASPA would have been successfully overturned. This lack of foresight, now becomes an issue.

Now that the legalization of sports betting is permitted, the road to legalization requires each state to address their existing gambling laws and to amend them (if they wish to legalize). Therefore the state of Arizona must address how to collaborate with each and every native American tribe.

There are 22 native American tribes to work with, that all must come to a unified agreement with the state. Each native American tribe will have their own concerns, and the State will have their concerns.

Therefore 23 parties must come to an agreement as to how they would like to proceed with the legality of sports betting in Arizona.

This is the challenge that the state of Arizona faces. Other US States do not face such challenges (*) , as they either have a lower number of native American tribes, or the existing compact is sufficiently prescriptive to address sports betting.

(*) The State of California poses the same difficulties as Arizona but on a larger scale. Their potential sports betting revenue exceeds that of many states, and therefore this is driving a lot of self interest among native American tribes, Card room operators, the state and other lobby groups.

Popular Arizona Sport Bets

There are many local teams that residents and visitors in Arizona can place a bet on. The most popular sports bet to place is on the NFL football.

Sports Betting Arizona Cardinals (NFL)

The Arizona Cardinals are NOT the best of NFL teams to put it lightly. They languish towards the bottom of the table for most seasons, but hey, when they are your local team, so you’ve got to support them!

Sports Betting Phoenix Suns (NBA)

The Phoenix Suns are faring a little better. Though historically they too have been at the bottom of the table, particularly during the period after Steve Nash retired, but they are rising back to the top through their star player Devin Booker.

Of course, this does not mean you cannot bet on any other team. Or heaven forbid, bet against an Arizona team.

Sports Gambling Laws and Legislation in Arizona

Since the overturning of the PASPA in May 2018, one new bill has been put forward to the House of Representatives.

SB1158 was put forward in Jan. 23, 2019. This bill would permit native American tribes to operate a sportsbook at their casinos.

Only tribal casinos would be permitted to operate a sportsbook. No commercial operators will be permitted to operate or compete against the tribal casinos.

In addition the bill only permits sports betting to occur on professional sports. Sports betting on college sports will remain illegal.

Arizona Bordering States

  • Nevada – Sports betting is legal and operational
  • New Mexico – Technically illegal but offshore online providers accept sports bettors.
  • Utah – Sport betting is illegal
  • California – Technically illegal but offshore online providers accept sports bettors.
  • Colorado – It is legal. Sports betting on site within Colorado borders will begin May 2020.