California Bingo

California bingo

Welcome to your California Bingo guide! California bingo is so popular that it ranks ahead of Texas, New York and several other big States for the most number of players.

There are over thousands of bingo halls scattered throughout California that offer fun, excitement and great prizes. Each week night and weekend you will find hordes of players at the bingo halls including locals, and tourists and visitors passing through the state.

Bingo was previously a dying game. What used to be deemed an old granny’s game is now making a coming back, and in particular is hugely popular among young women in their mid to late twenties.

Bingo is very much a social game, and this is what makes it so attractive for young players. Often considered a soft form of gambling, California bingo is legal and is governed by the California Gambling Commission. There is a framework and governance in place, and therefore in order to run and host a bingo event, as an organization you need to register and apply for a license. All profits from operating a bingo activity must be for charitable purposes.

Anyone aged 18 and above is legally allowed to play bingo independently, whilst those under 18 are required to be accompanied by an adult.

California Online Bingo

The advancement of internet technology has transformed the typical bingo hall game to a fun social media game. Young players love the ability to chat and instant message online. It’s what they’ve grown up with and therefore find online bingo very appealing.

California online bingo sites have developed features which are specific to players and residents in CA. Automated daubing functions, private messaging, player interest indicators, special event promotions and Welcome Bonuses all form part of what makes online bingo in California so special. Bingo hosts, those that operate and manage the chat rooms, are often locals, so they know the idiosyncrasies of local players and manage the games and chat groups extremely well.

California leads all US States with the most online bingo players. In fact approximately 23% of the country’s online players come from California! So what are you waiting for, give online bingo a go!

Key Points:

Top California Online Bingo Sites

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How to Play Online Bingo

Playing bingo online is really easy. If you already know how to play traditional bingo, than this will come to you like a fish swimming in water.

The are variations of bingo that you can find online. Variations include different patterns, different number count, and the occasional wild cards.

Some other differences you will find with the traditional bingo are:

  1. Welcome bonuses are offered online. You can find some great welcome bonuses that add that little bit of credit to your pocket.
  2. Communicating with peers is of course not face to face, but it through chat lines and the occasional audio.

To get started with online bingo, simply sign up as a member to one of our recommended bingo sites. These sites accept Californian players, and have been reviewed to ensure a great playing experience.

California Bingo Halls

Throughout California there are thousands of bingo halls. Rather than reviewing them all, we’ve picked out four of the best and provided a short review.

The Bingo Club

21900 Norwalk Blvd, Hawaiian Gardens, California

This bingo hall is widely popular! Fast paced and not for the newbies (unless you like to get thrown into the deep end). Regulars love the bingo callers and the speed of play. The pace is what sets this bingo hall apart from the others, and also the pot sizes are quite large, reaching over the thousands of dollars. Can become crowded during the busy hours. Cheap and delicious food on premise.

Sacramento Bingo Center

3399 Arden Way, Sacramento, California

If you want to join a bingo hall that support local community initiatives then come to the Sacramento Bingo Center. Special event nights are held each Wednesday with proceeds donated to community projects. Smoking is not permitted at the venue which is great for non smokers. The community spirit is alive and thriving here, very welcoming of new members and beginners.

Florin Road Bingo

2350 Florin Rd, Sacramento, California

A really great place to start playing bingo as a newbie. The regulars are willing to spend the time with you to get up to speed, hence it’s quite a welcoming bingo hall. Smoke free, so you won’t come out smelling like a cigarette. Can get quite crowded, with the seating sometimes confusing when at full capacity.

The venue is overall very clean and well maintained. Staff are very friendly and are excellent with answering any questions you may have. The food is super cheap and great value. A great bingo hall to play at.

Bingo Gambling Laws

It is often mistakenly assumed that the The California Gambling Control Commission is responsible for overseeing, regulating and enforcing the adherence to bingo laws, however, in reality it is up to each city or county municipal.

This is written in the California Constitution – Art. IV Sec. 19 – and California Penal Code Sec. 326.5. As a result, the local laws vary slightly but are mostly consistent with allow charitable organizations and non profit organizations to run bingo halls. Examples include: Senior Citizens, War Veterans, and other community support groups.

There are no laws that specifically state that online bingo is illegal, however it is implied that online gambling is not strictly within being lawful. Nevertheless, online bingo sites accept Californian players and no Player has ever been charged with a felony or penalized for playing.


What is the minimum age to play California Online Bingo?

The minimum age is 18 to play online bingo.

Is California Online Bingo legal?

There are many online bingo sites that accept California players. Though not specifically declared as illegal in local or state laws, it is safe for Californians to play online.