Gigadat – Canada’s leading digital payment method

Looking for the best Canadian payment method for online casinos?

Gigadat is rising in popularity becoming the number one payment method for players at online casinos.

Many Canadian players are turning to Gigadat in knowing the many advantages that this leading payment provider brings. Gigadat is a payment provider tailoring it’s services for online gaming and gambling. It is simple, reliable and above all trustworthy. These three pillars attract many players to play at only Gigadat Casinos.

Behind the scenes, Gigadat has the smarts and flexibility to converse through the different complexities of Federal and Provincial rules and regulations in Canada. It is able to seamlessly merge Gigadat transactions from Province to Province or Federal to Province. No other payment method is able to do this as effectively as Gigadat. Gigadat is able to do this because it is built by Canadians for the Canadian financial services system.

Gigadat is at the forefront of new online gaming experiences – e sports, sports betting, virtual and hybrid casino gaming. Gigadat Casinos are certainly part of this innovative change and thus they will be exposed to evolving regulations that each government will ask them to meet. Regulations include Anti Money Laundering compliance and reporting, Know Your Customer details and PCI masking and tokenization.

It is imperative to have online payment solutions that are robust, efficient and can meet regulations. It is also important that they protect Gigadat Casino players.

Playing at Gigadat casinos will give you the assurance and comfort that you are playing with the best payment provider available.

Online Casinos Using Gigadat

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Many Canadian online casinos understand the importance of using Gigadat. Not only does it provide their players a method that is great for them, but it also provides the security and efficiency for the casino operators themselves. In fact, Gigadat is used by a wide number of e-commerce merchants and online service providers. They know they can rely upon Gigadat to be accurate and efficient, saving them time and money.

The fees imposed on online casinos to use Gigadat are approximately 1% to 2%. Typically an online casino will incur these costs and not pass them on to their customers / players. However some may pass them on, and therefore as a player, you just need to be aware of that.

Gigadat Deposits and Withdrawals

Using Gigadat to make a deposit at an online casino is very easy. Every step of the process is digital and intuitive. Via selection payment options at the online casino and confirmation pages via your banking app, the process could not be any easier. In addition, processing a Gigadat withdrawal is just as effective and simple as making a deposit.

Gigadat Solutions

Gigadat has many digital payment services that are all very effective and reliable.

Their two core payment services are Interac Online and Interac e-Transfer. Interac e-Transfer is slightly more popular of the services, but both are just as good as each other.

Interac e-Transfer: The leading product that Gigadat provides. Extremely easy and simple to use both for the customer and for the e-merchant. The bank provider that is the conduit to be used to transfer monies between customer and e-merchant must be registered as an Interac e-Transfer user, and most big banks in Canada are. The benefit of Interac e-Transfer over Interac Online, is it’s adaptability with the mobile device application. Many customers love to use the Interac mobile app, and e-Transfer is intuitively part of the app. Many don’t even realize that they they are using Interac e-Transfer.

Interac Online: The second most popular Gigadat online banking transfer, not far behind that of Interac e-Transfer. As the name suggest, open up an internet browser, pop over to the online casino and proceed with Interac Online bank transfer to make a deposit. The steps are extremely easy to follow. Again, the banking provider that you are with, needs to be registered with Gigadat, and be assured that many of the big banks are.

Key Benefits of Using Gigadat

Widely used in Canada: With its wide use in Canada, using Gigadat is extremely convenient. As a player, the worse thing you could want is to use a payment method that is limited to only a few users. Gigadat Solutions are prevalent in Canada, and therefore interactions with online casinos and other merchants makes using it a breeze.

Reliable: Gigadat solutions is the most reliable payment method in Canada. At a clean transaction processing rate of above 99%, it cannot be much better. Their ability to produce quality and clean transaction processing is attributed to their expertise of using the Canadian banking infrastructure system. They are also experts in the regulations between Canadian Provinces and the Federal law and can easily meet compliance requirements and reporting.

Speed: Their speed in processing transaction is unparalleled in Canada. No other payment method has the speed at which they process. Again, their knowledge of the Canadian banking system gives Gigadat Solutions the leading edge in process efficiency.

Transactions fees are the lowest: At only 1 to 2% processing fees, often borne by the e-merchant, Gigadat Solutions remain one of the most competitive digital payment solutions in Canada.

Gigadat Login

To get started how about logging into Gigadat? Often customers are searching to login to Gigadat to implement their Interac transfer. To Sign In, simply click on the below:

Login to Gigadat [Interac Express Connect]

Gambling at Gigadat Casinos

You can be rest assured that gambling at Gigadat casinos are honest and trustworthy. Many process their receipts and payments promptly and without issue. However, it is important to read the terms and conditions, if you intend to play with real money. Terms and conditions will advise what is required to gamble at an online casino and to perform a deposit and withdrawal.

Gigadat Problems

Often players may perceive that there is a Gigadat problem with processing but it is more likely that the Gigadat casino is performing it’s checks and balances before processing a deposit or withdrawal. Therefore check with the online casino first if a deposit or withdrawal hasn’t been processed.

Gigadat Contact Details

Having said that, Gigadat Solutions provides 24/7 support. Unfortunately they do not have a direct Gigadat phone number that customers can dial through to. But their response via their contact portal is very quick.

Gigadat can be contacted here.

Interac e-Transfer Support

Alternatively, if you are looking for specific Interac e-Transfer support, their Toll-Free Contact number is 1-888-238-6433 and email:

About Gigadat

Gigadat is Canada’s number 1 digital payment provider. Partnering thousands of merchants across the country. They are able to grow businesses through the end to end digital service. Not only do merchants appreciate the reliability and low cost of transactions, but also the integration across business industries globally, monitoring and reporting that shows performance, and above all paper free processing.

Gigadat understands the rise in popularity of e-sports and online gaming. These forms of gaming are a natural opportunity for Gigadat to apply their expertise in online banking and real time processing. Both e-sports and online are evolving quickly and many see them blurring the lines between each other. Games of skill and games of luck can blend together, but both have come to use virtual currencies translated from real money. In addition, with crypto currencies exploding into the scene, safe and secure digital payments are becoming more and more valued in e-commerce.

Although Gigadat is clearly a leader in Canada, they seek to expand abroad and use their expertise to grow.

Gigadat Reviewed

Many customers and e-merchants love using Gigadat Solutions which include Interac e-Transfer and Interac Online. The ease of use, simplicity, reliability and real time transfer is unbeatable in Canada. Gigadat Solutions work so well within the Canadian banking system, no other digital provider is as prevalent in the Canadian market. Gigadat understands the market dynamics of Canada, which is a key benefit to you. Expanding beyond the languages of English and Canadian French, they are extending to Chinese – Simplified and Traditional characters, Punjabi and Spanish.

Gigadat is also extending beyond border to the US. Unfortunately, currently for US citizens, unless they bank through a registered Canadian bank provider, they will not be able to use any of the Gigadat Solutions. Gigadat recognizes that there is a huge demand from the US, and is aiming to fill that need in the near future.


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How do I login to Gigadat?

Logging in to Giga is very simple. For Interac Express Connect, please follow the below link:

Login to Interac Express Connect.

What is Gigadat?

Gigadat (a.k.a Gigadat Solutions) is Canada’s leading digital payment provider. They provide solutions such as the popular Interac e-Transfer and Interac Online. They have been in the market for over 35 years and are looking to expand further into the US market. Gigadat Solutions leads the way as the preferred payment method for e-sports, online casinos and other innovative forms of interactive gaming.

Is Gigadat safe?

Gigadat is the safest digital payment method in Canada. They are the most used and trusted. Interac e Transfer and Interac Online out performs any other payment method in Canada with approximately over 40% of the market. In particular it is the preferred method for playing at online Gigadat casinos.

Can Gigadat be used for gambling?

Yes, Gigadat is a popular payment method for online gambling. Many Canadians use Gigadat to make a deposit or withdrawal from their online casino or betting account.