South Carolina Online Casinos

Known as one of the strictest states when it comes to gambling, South Carolina is a state that has struggled to recover its gambling industry when it was all but abolished in the early 2000s. With only a few gambling options available to players in the state, there are more people wanting to try out online casino gambling instead.

During the 1990s, South Carolina was keeping up with most other states in the gambling entertainment industry, offering players a wide variety of gaming which included thousands of video poker machines available in most establishments. Today, apart from the state lottery, charitable bingo, and authorized legal cruise casinos, there are few other options for anyone wanting to place a bet on any other type of game.

What Online Casinos are Available in South Carolina?

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Is Online Gambling Legal in South Carolina?

As it currently stands, there are no laws to allow online gambling in South Carolina, though the gray area seems to make plenty of players wonder about offshore online casinos. They are licensed and regulated through international jurisdictions and third party regulators outside the US, and that is why more and more players from SC are choosing online gambling options.

With so little available in terms of traditional gambling, the only legal offers the state has online are daily fantasy sports. There is no wonder why there is a growing demand for online gambling, yet there are currently no plans to propose any bills regarding more gambling options in the state.

South Carolina Offshore Casino Statistics

South Carolina is the 23rd most active state that participates in offshore online gambling at casinos as of 2020 with a gross win amount of $14m.  South Carolina contributes to 1.2% of all offshore casino activity in the United States for 2020.

Click here to see a breakdown of all offshore gambling activity broken down by state. The following is a breakdown of all offshore casino gambling from South Carolina since 2003.

Gross Win$10.48m$12.36m$15.44m$18.67m$12.25m$11.80m$11.36m$11.11m$10.36m
Gross Win$10.37m$10.38m$10.34m$10.19m$10.04m$10.01m$9.88m$9.87m$14.00m

*Note: Data from 2020 are currently based on estimates.

Source – H2 Gambling Capital

Offshore gambling statistics for sports betting from South Carolina can be found here.

Which Is Better – A Land-based, Cruise, or Online Casino?

While most states have a selection of traditional land-based casinos, South Carolina only has a couple of cruise casino options. Historically known for having incredible game options and varieties, there are many casinos that cannot hold up to the offers that online casinos have these days.

Depending on the types of games and experiences that players are looking for, each option will have a set of pros and cons:

Land-based and Cruise Casinos

Boasting tons of classic casino entertainment, they both offer a variety of slots and table games, with the most popular games being blackjack, roulette, craps, poker, and baccarat. Designed to give everyone a memorable experience, the casinos will have something for everyone who visits, whether they plan on placing a bet or not.

With a selection of bars and restaurants, there are often several different options to suit everyone’s taste and style. To create the perfect social atmosphere, the main games room will have lively and exciting sounds to help players really get into the thrills of the games, and dining/lounge areas will have a variety of live shows.

Online Casinos

Online casinos have taken the most popular aspects of brick and mortar establishments and made them accessible to anyone who has an internet connection. The sheer convenience of playing casino games online is what makes it such an attractive option for so many people who are just looking to play the games without having to travel to a casino. With 24-hour access 365 days a year, they are the perfect solution for players in states with a strict stance on gambling like South Carolina.

Most online casinos are able to provide hundreds if not thousands of different game titles and varieties to suit every player’s needs. The most common types of games that will be available are slots and jackpots, blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, and poker.

More modern and progressive sites will also have a selection of live dealer games, which could include sports betting. Since many players miss the thrilling sounds and fun atmosphere that casinos have, online casinos have games with live dealers via video feed. Players can hear the exciting casino sounds and could even interact with the dealer just as they would in a land-based casino.

One of the biggest benefits that online casinos have over the brick and mortar (or cruise ships) is the fact that sites can easily update and add more games to their collections, giving players extra options in an instant.

How to Find the Best South Carolina Online Casinos

With so many online casino sites available from a simple search, it can feel overwhelming to find the perfect site that has everything a gambler is looking for in terms of entertainment. Besides finding a site that accepts players from the US, there are a few other things to think about before signing up to a casino group, and each one will only need a few minutes of time.

Read Current Reviews

Online casino searches will have casino homepage results along with pages that have legitimate reviews from players. Players should always take a moment to read the reviews and get a sense of a casino group before even checking out the site.

Although some sites that have been around for a long time will have more reviews than others, it makes sense to read as many current posts as possible. Most players who write reviews go into great detail to explain their personal experience so that others can understand what the pros and cons are for each site.

Good Game Selection

Most online casinos try to give its members a good variety of games with options like slots and table games making up the majority of the offers. Depending on the type of games that players prefer, some sites will be better for them over others since they will have a stronger focus on one type over the rest. This is especially true for casinos that favor slots and progressive slot games.

On the other hand, there will also be sites that will have a bigger focus on live and virtual table games or sports betting. A quick check of the games page will give players a good idea of what the casino offers before signing up to the site.

Good Customer Support

Every online casino will have a customer support team to help members with any problems or issues that come up from playing on the site. From technical game issues to payment or promotion inquiries, they are there to help when players need it.

Before jumping into a game on the site, it helps to check out the customer support pages to see how support can be contacted. Some casinos will have 24/7 live chat support, while others will have designated customer service hours.

How Can I Stay Safe Gambling for Real Money Online?

The convenience of gambling online makes lots of players nervous about how safe it actually is to play on a casino site. On top of giving them personal information upon registration, players find it all too easy to lose track of time and bets online.

To stay safe and keep sensitive information secure, there are a couple of things that all players should do before placing that first bet.

Set a Gambling Limit

Even the pros will have a set limit for gambling games. This amount changes from one person to another, but one thing that everyone will have in common is that the set limit will always be an amount that can comfortably be lost to gambling.

No one jumps into a casino game thinking they will lose all of their money, but a limit will keep gaming in check and keep it fun and exciting, as opposed to stressful from stretched financial means.

Stick to Familiar Payment Options

Since players have to make real money transfers online to deposit funds and withdraw winnings into personal accounts, players should always use banking options they already use. Alternatively, research the banking options accepted on the casino site and choose the most popular option with the best reputation.


Is Bovada legal in South Carolina?

South Carolina is one of the many states that do not have adequate online gambling options for players in the state. Regulated offshore with a trusted name in online entertainment, players in SC can safely place bets without breaking any state or federal laws.

What happens when I win real money from an online casino in South Carolina?

Players who become online casino members will be given a private account that will keep track of all bonus offers and banking transactions from deposits and withdrawals. Once a player has gained enough winnings to process a withdrawal, the steps will be fairly simple (often just a payout button to trigger the transaction).

Players should pay attention to the different withdrawal options as each one might have a different minimum withdrawal amount before a transfer can be made. Some banking options might also have a fee associated with every transfer, making it more beneficial to transfer larger amounts each time.

How can players in South Carolina take advantage of online casino bonuses?

When players first join an online casino, they will be given a special welcome bonus that can help get started with various games without investing any real money from the beginning. Other offers can also earn players a good return on their bets or simply give them free spins.

To make the most of every promotion and bonus offer, players should always take the time to thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the offer to ensure they meet the minimum requirements and earn the benefits of the offer.

What is the legal gambling age in South Carolina?

Anyone wanting to participate in the state lottery or charitable gambling like bingo, will have to be a minimum of 18 years of age (bingo does allow minors who are accompanied by a legal-aged guardian), and casino cruises require everyone attending to be at least 21 years of age. Since casino cruises have a variety of gambling games and serve alcohol, even guests who do not plan to gamble will have to be at least 21 years old.

Are there any real money bets allowed online in South Carolina?

Besides legalized online daily fantasy sports, there are no laws that allow players from South Carolina to participate in any online gambling based within the country. Because of this, many players from the state are choosing to join offshore online casinos for a variety of gambling entertainment.