Rhode Island Online Casinos

Rhode Island has had a long history of gambling in that it was one of the first states to accept the lottery and horse racing, but also one of the first to lose gambling rights in the early 1800s. Since the late 1900s, the state has been slowly building the market back up in order to provide entertainment to locals and visitors through land-based establishments. With the increasing demand for online casino gambling, it is only a matter of time before lawmakers begin to push for expansion online.

Currently, Rhode Island has the state lottery, pari-mutuel betting, charitable gambling like bingo and raffles, poker rooms, and a couple of popular brick and mortar casinos.

What Online Casinos are Available in Rhode Island?

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Rhode Island?

As with most states in the country, Rhode Island does not have a specific law that legalized online betting, which is why there is a lot of confusion as to what players are legally allowed to do online. Since there are no online casinos based in the state, many people choose to join offshore online casinos instead.

Players in the state are also free to participate in daily fantasy sports online, along with sports betting through authorized online sites and mobile apps. The hope is to open up the market to allow more sportsbooks online, but there has been some pushback since this law came into effect in 2019.

Rhode Island Offshore Casino Statistics

Rhode Island is the 41st most active state that participates in offshore online gambling at casinos as of 2020 with a gross win amount of $3.56m.  Rhode Island contributes to 0.31% of all offshore casino activity in the United States for 2020.

Click here to see a breakdown of all offshore gambling activity broken down by state. The following is a breakdown of all offshore casino gambling from Rhode Island since 2003.

Gross Win$3.36m$4.08m$5.05m$6.11m$3.68m$3.43m$3.40m$3.36m$3.04m
Gross Win$3.04m$3.00m$2.91m$2.82m$2.69m$2.60m$2.53m$2.52m$3.56m

*Note: Data from 2020 are currently based on estimates.

Source – H2 Gambling Capital

Offshore gambling statistics for sports betting from Rhode Island can be found here.

Land-based or Online Casino.  What’s the difference?

Anyone who has placed a bet would most likely have done it in a traditional brick and mortar casino, but with the expansion of gambling entertainment, there are several different options available to players in Rhode Island. Now that online casinos are growing in popularity, there is even more interest to try out the different offers online, though many players wonder if they are even worth it.

Land-based Casinos

Rhode Island currently has two main casinos, Twin River Casino and Twin River Tiverton Casino and Hotel. They are owned and operated by the same parent company, which limits the range of games and casino structure for variety in entertainment.

Known for being a one-stop location for fun and excitement, casinos are a great place to socialize and play for the potential to win big jackpots. Both casinos offer a range of slot machines, video lottery games, and table games like blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, Pai Gow, and Spanish 21.

Besides large gaming halls filled with hundreds of games, the casinos also have a selection of bars and dining options to suit everyone’s taste. For added entertainment, they also host a series of live shows so that everyone can have a great time whether they choose to gamble or not.

Another benefit that some casinos offer members of the group is special promotions that pop up throughout the year. Although not all casinos offer promotional offers, some will have special member discounts and game offers.

Online Casinos

Designed to look and feel like a traditional land-based casino, online casinos sites are quickly becoming a preferred gambling method for players who do not necessarily live close to a physical establishment. They are a great combination of thrilling Vegas-style gaming with the convenience of having hundreds of games available 24-hours a day from anywhere there is an internet connection.

Common Online Casino Games

The more progressive online casinos will aim to have all of the popular gaming styles along with extra sections for sports betting and live dealer games. While these sites are incredibly attractive to players, people should note that many online casinos have country restrictions that could prevent players from the US from accessing certain games on the site. A quick check in the terms and conditions or help pages should clearly outline all restrictions.

How to Find the Best Rhode Island Online Casinos

In order to get the best experience gambling online, there are a few points to look out for. By taking the time to research great sites, players can have the peace of mind knowing they belong to a solid casino group that will provide hours of entertainment and chances to win big.

User-friendly Design

A nice site design is not just attractive to look at, but they are often the best options for easy navigation and access to games and site information. Casinos that are designed with users in mind are the ones that give everyone the best experience though quick and easy access of all resources, games, and promotions, giving players more time to enjoy the games they love to play.

Look for pages that are easy to read and have clear menu options from the main page. Any site that feels like a pain to search for information will only create frustration and waste time trying to find specific games to play.

Bonus Offers and Promotions

Everyone loves to get free rewards and special offers, and online casinos are full of them. Once a player registers to the site, they are instantly eligible to receive special offers that will give them an edge in their gaming, and potentially earn them bigger winnings from any of the games offered.

Some of the most common promotions that online casinos offers throughout the year:

Most sites will have a specific promotions page with all of the current offers on the site, and periodically, players can get extra offers into their personal accounts for even more benefits.

To make the most of their bonus offer, players should always clearly read the terms and conditions of the promotion. Some will have specific requirements to make the offer valid.

Good Customer Support

Customer support is always a necessity for a good online gambling experience. A strong support team will give players help when they need it, and within a reasonable timeframe. To find out what a casino group offers, check the help pages or the main site page for access to support.

Most customer support teams are reached through live chat, email, support tickets, or phone numbers. Some sites will have 24-hour support, but most others will have specific customer service hours.

How Can I Stay Safe Gambling for Real Money Online?

Staying safe online comes down to being aware of site security and keeping tabs on personal spending. To ensure an online casino is safe and legitimate, there are a couple of things to look out for:

Choose Popular Sites

A popular and highly-rated casino site is always a step in the right direction, especially for players who are unfamiliar with online gambling. These are the sites that stay on top of their site design, game selection, and regularly update everything to keep players protected.

Another benefit of popular sites is they will legitimately be licensed and regulated to ensure fair play and security. Even though online casinos are virtual, they are still required to be licensed through a legitimate jurisdiction.

There are several different locations around the world that can offer legal online gambling licenses, the majority of casinos that accept players from the US will get a gambling license from one of the following jurisdictions:

Keep Your Information Safe

Before a player can place a real money bet on a gambling site, they will have to register their information to create a personalized account. This account will be linked only to them, keeping all of their winnings and special offers safe. Players will generally be asked to provide their legal full name, date of birth, address, valid photo I.D., and their preferred banking option.

To keep this information secure, casinos will have SSL encryption along with a few other security features.


Is Bovada legal in Rhode Island?

As a state that has a few local online gambling, Bovada is an offshore site that offers an array of games and betting options to all players who are of legal gambling age. Although regulated offshore, players from Rhode Island can place bets without the worry of being prosecuted.

What kind of payment options do I get through an Rhode Island online casino?

Online casinos aim to provide a good selection of banking options that are popular internationally so that all players can easily make deposits and withdrawals. Apart from major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, most casinos accept wire transfers, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

What is the legal gambling age in Rhode Island?

Unlike many other states in the country, Rhode Island only requires players to be a minimum age of 18 years for all forms of gambling. This includes charitable games (bingo, raffles), the state lottery, pari-mutuel betting, sports betting, and casino gambling. Most other states require casino gamblers to be a minimum of 21 years of age.

Do online casino sites in Rhode Island have sports betting?

In early 2019, lawmakers managed to pass a bill that legalized sports betting in Rhode Island. Although the full details are still being worked out as to whether bets can be accepted online, there are a few establishments that accept sports betting.

As for specific sites online that accept sports betting, there are a few offshore online casinos that have sports betting (both virtual and live) on the site, though due to country restrictions, some will not accept players from the US.