Virginia Online Casinos

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Virginia is one of the states that has had a staunch opposition to gambling, with only a few options that have been permitted over the last few years. With no casinos or other major gambling establishments in place, more and more players are looking to virtual gambling and online casinos that accept players from the US.

Currently, the state allows a handful of gambling options from charitable games like bingo and raffles, along with the state lottery that came into effect over the last few years. Although sports betting has been approved in the state, there are only a few authorized places that can legally accept bets, and further expansion plans are slowly being discussed, though there is yet to be a solid timeline for it.

What Online Casinos are Available in Virginia?

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Virginia?

Considering the fact that Virginia is a very conservative state that has aggressively opposed most forms of gambling, there are few options to players apart from daily fantasy sports and offshore online casino gambling. Although the laws are generally opposed to gambling online, there is no specific mention of sites that are licensed and regulated outside the US.

With so few options available in the state and a growing market online, it is no wonder why so many players choose to try their luck in online casinos abroad.

Virginia Offshore Casino Statistics

Virginia is the 10th most active state that participates in offshore online gambling at casinos as of 2020 with a gross win amount of $32.96m.  Virginia contributes to 0.95% of all offshore casino activity in the United States for 2020.

Click here to see a breakdown of all offshore gambling activity broken down by state. The following is a breakdown of all offshore casino gambling from Virginia since 2003.

Gross Win$27.02m$32.80m$41.92m$50.51m$32.07m$30.89m$30.90m$30.50m$27.96m
Gross Win$27.93m$27.36m$26.44m$25.59m$24.57m$24.11m$23.74m$23.41m$32.96m

*Note: Data from 2020 are currently based on estimates.

Source – H2 Gambling Capital

Offshore gambling statistics for sports betting from Virginia can be found here.

Which Is Better – A Land-based or Online Casino?

With a strict opposition to land-based casinos in the state, players are going elsewhere to get the gambling thrills and entertainment they want. Whether that means traveling out of state to more gambling-friendly areas or looking to online casino sites, there is a reason why there is such a high demand for casinos in Virginia.

Land-based Casinos

Traditionally a complex for games and entertainment, brick and mortar casinos are often large establishments that will house a variety of gambling options like slots and table games. To give players even more reason to stay at the casino, they will also have a selection of dining options to suit all tastes, with some even offering live shows for anyone taking a break from the games hall or anyone who chooses not to gamble.

Common Casino Games

These details are what make casinos a popular meeting point to catch up and socialize with friends. They are designed to offer something for everyone, with many casinos also introducing a wide range of shopping as well.

Online Casinos

The beauty of online casinos is the fact that anyone who is of legal age can join the group and play their favorite games any time they want. With access to hundreds or even thousands of game titles in one place, the absolute convenience of casino sites is what brings so many players online.

For states like Virginia that do not have anything even close to a casino, players have no choice but to go online, which is often the preferred choice in the end.

Common Online Casino Games

Another benefit that online casinos offer is the endless updates that can be made to the site. Regular updates ensure the security is up-to-date on the site and the game options can be increased to offer even more challenges and entertainment on the site.

Finally, casinos love to reward members for playing the games they already enjoy, which is why most sites will have promotions pages that are filled with bonus offers and tournament information that community members can take advantage of. Offers can get players prizes, free cash into their accounts, cashback offers, or free spins.

How to Find the Best Virginia Online Casinos

A great online casino will not only provide entertaining games, but it will give all players a great experience that will leave them wanting more. To find the best casino out of the thousands of options out there, players should keep an eye out for certain details that will give them a great time.

User-friendly Design

The overall site design should look great and be easy on the eyes. A site that is easy to navigate is always a great experience since players can easily find what they are looking for without having to look endlessly for the right page or game title.

Players should look for a casino site that has good menu options from the main page, and either a search bar, game filter, or easy to read options on every page they visit.

Good Customer Support

Every site will have a customer support team that is ready to help members with any issues they come across. Some sites will have 24/7 live chat options, while others will have designated customer service hours. A quick check of the help pages and customer support contact should give players an idea of the type of help they will get when they need it most.

Choose sites that have different ways to contact customer support or at least have a good help section with frequently asked questions. Most sites will have live chat, a support phone number, email, or online form that can be filled out with inquiries.

How Can I Stay Safe Gambling for Real Money Online?

Staying safe online is more than just watching out for potential scammers, online gambling uses real money and transactions are the only way to place bets online. The convenience of online gambling also makes it extremely easy to get in a game or two at any hour of the day.

To stay safe online and find a site that protects its members, there are two main things that all players should consider:

Set a Gambling Limit

A personal gambling limit is something that many pro gamblers do. This is a way to keep game spending in check and manage money flow for entertainment. A gambling limit does not prevent players from enjoying all of the games they love to play, but it helps manage spending and losses so that the games stay fun and exciting, rather than stressful.

In general, the amount a person sets aside for gambling should be something they can comfortably lose to games. They should not think all of it will be lost to bets but considering the worst case scenario will help them stay out of a situation where they double down to recoup their losses and end up in a bad situation.

Keep Your Information Safe

Before players can place a bet and gamble with real money, they will have to go through a registration process to confirm their age and identity, then create a personal account with the casino. The most pieces of information that online casinos will request are:

Players should always have confidence in the site they are joining, especially when their personal information is being shared with the casino to register a valid account. Players should always take the time to check out the terms and conditions of the site or read up on the security of the site to see how the casino protects its members.


Is Bovada legal in Virginia?

Players in the state of Virginia have several options for gambling online, with one of the most trusted options being Bovada. A trusted name under the parent company Bodog, the site has a range of games and betting options for anyone over 18 years of age.

Is it legal to gamble online in Virginia?

Besides daily fantasy sports, there are no other legal gambling games that can be played online in Virginia. While the laws state there are no legal online gambling sites available, there is nothing to suggest offshore online casinos are off limits.

There are plenty of players from Virginia who gamble in offshore casinos, and there has never been a case of anyone being charged with an unlawful act by doing so.

What are the most common online casino banking options for players in Virginia?

Online casinos aim to provide common banking options so that all of its members will be able to use something that is already familiar to them. Though many casinos will accept different banking options for deposits and withdrawals, there are also many sites that accept the same banking options to keep transactions simple.

For players in the US, the most common ways they can transfer money is through wire transfers, major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, along with debit cards, and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

What is the legal gambling age in Virginia?

For the few gambling options available to players in Virginia, everyone must be at least 18 years of age to participate in charitable gambling games like bingo and raffles, pari-mutuel betting, the state lottery, daily fantasy sports, and even duck races.

As for offshore online casinos, the general minimum age is 21 years, for any real money bets online. If players choose to play the free versions (no real money bets), then sites might be able to accept players who are 18 years old.

Do online casino sites in Virginia have sports betting?

Sports betting within the state is currently being worked out since its approval in early 2020, but there are yet to be any official online betting options made for players. Anyone wanting to place a bet on sports can do so through offshore online casinos that have it as an option in their games collection. Although not all casinos online will have sports betting, there are a few progressive sites that will have a section to live and virtual sports.

Before joining a casino group, players from the US should check the terms and conditions of the site, as there might also be country restrictions for certain games and gambling offers on the sites.