Maine Online Casinos

Maine is renowned for its picturesque coastlines and as a popular destination for tourists, however, it has never been recognized as a center for gambling (whether traditional casinos or online) compared to states like Nevada or Pennsylvania. Maine is gradually becoming recognized for loosening its gambling regulations, permitting charitable gambling that includes Bingo, pari-mutuel wagering, the lottery, betting on horse races, and casino gaming on land.

Over the years, the demand for more online gambling has increased to stay competitive with other more progressive states and although there are a few options available for placing a bet online, there is more that can be done to really open up the market and get more tourists coming in for entertainment.

What Online Casinos are Available in Maine?

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Is Online Gambling Legal in Maine?

In short, yes and no. Players in Maine can place bets online for horse races, some games of skill, and daily fantasy sports. Recently, there were several proposed bills proposed to allow sports betting, though they were quickly dismissed for another try in the future. Online casino gambling has been another hot topic that has seen a rise in popularity in more progressive states, yet still a very gray area in Maine.

While there are no online casinos based within the state, there is nothing in the law that prohibits residents from participating in gambling through offshore online casinos.

Maine Offshore Casino Statistics

Maine is the 40th most active state that participates in offshore online gambling at casinos as of 2020 with a gross win amount of $3.73m.  Maine contributes to 0.32% of all offshore casino activity in the United States for 2020.

Click here to see a breakdown of all offshore gambling activity broken down by state. The following is a breakdown of all offshore casino gambling from Maine since 2003.

Gross Win$3.73m$4.68m$6.01m$7.33m$4.38m$3.85m$3.68m$3.44m$2.92m
Gross Win$2.83m$2.78m$2.78m$2.78m$2.76m$2.72m$2.68m$2.64m$3.73m

*Note: Data from 2020 are currently based on estimates.

Source – H2 Gambling Capital

Offshore gambling statistics for sports betting from Maine can be found here.

Which Is Better – A Land-based or Online Casino?

Players who are familiar with placing a bet will surely have most of their experience through land-based gambling establishments or charitable games. With more online casinos becoming a popular option for gambling entertainment, there are more players who are looking to try it out but wonder which gambling type is better.

Land-based Casinos

Maine has a few land-based casinos placed in strategic locations for easy travel. Apart from 24-hour access, they are filled with lots of casino-style games that offer thrills and entertainment.

Common Casino Games

*Players from the US should keep in mind that many offshore online casinos have country restrictions that will prevent players from certain countries from accessing the site or accessing particular games within the game collections. Other benefits in land-based casinos are restaurants with fine dining and live performances, making them a hub for socializing and entertainment.

Online Casinos

The most attractive feature of gambling online is the absolute convenience it provides players who are not always able to travel to a land-based casino. From the comfort of home or even on the road, players can log in to an online casino site on their laptop, computer, or preferred mobile device.

Within seconds, they will have access to their favorite casino-style games without any trouble at all. Apart from quick and convenient access, there is also the added benefit of having virtually hundreds of different games available, whether players want to get in a quick game or challenge themselves in a longer game of skill.

To give members a good amount of gaming variety, online casinos tend to have vast game collections that suit all gambling styles and gameplay levels.

Common Online Casino Games

While not all sites will have the full range of game styles, many are quickly adding them to their game collections as a way to stay competitive. Players who are interested in live or virtual lottery-style games or sports betting should note that lots of offshore online casinos have country restrictions. This means that players from the US will either be blocked from joining a casino site or just blocked from accessing certain game styles, which is often sports betting and lottery-style games.

A big drawcard for online casino gambling over land-based casinos is the extra bonuses that players get just for playing the games they already enjoy. Every online casino will have a promotion or bonus offer for new players who join the casino group, and the bonuses continue periodically as a way to reward loyal members (and giving them a reason to stick around longer).

Common Bonuses and Promotions

To find out more about the types of promotions a casino offers, players are encouraged to regularly check out the promotions page which is usually located on the menu or at the top of the main page.

How to Find the Best Maine Online Casinos

With so many attractive features to joining online casinos, more and more players are choosing to make the switch from land-based gambling. With thousands of online gambling sites available at any given time, players often wonder how they can find the best site for their playing and betting needs. Before a player registers to a site, there are a few tips to consider before making that first bet:

Research Popular Sites

A good first step is to get a little research done on the top names in the online casino world. Anyone from Maine will have to check which sites accept players from the US, as many sites have country restrictions. The sites with good reviews and offers are going to be the ones with the best games and entertainment, especially for new users. To stay competitive with other sites, the top casinos are always on top of game and site updates, along with a good collection of bonus offers to keep the games interesting and fun.

User-friendly Design

A modern site design with simple menu tabs is easy to navigate, even for new members who have never used the site before. A simple design allows players to access their favorite games within seconds. The best sites will generally separate game styles or provide an easy-to-use filter to find exactly what they want.

Good Game Selection

Most online casinos aim to have large game collections with most styles and variations to suit all player needs. A quick peek into the game collection of a site will instantly let players know if a site is worth joining or not.

How Can I Stay Safe Gambling for Real Money Online?

As with anything online, lots of new online casino players wonder just how safe their information is when registering to the site or making deposits and withdrawals. As a way to stay safe and enjoy gambling online, there are a few things to consider and look out for before joining a group:

Check Out the Online Casino Terms and Conditions

Always read the terms and conditions of the site. The pages will not only break down what is expected of all players on the site, but it should also explain the safety measures the casino site takes in order to keep everyone’s information safe and secure.

Keep Your Information Safe

Check out the security features the site has in place to securing information from hackers. Most sites use SSL encryption and third-party security sites to keep games from being tampered and secure sensitive information from the casino and its members. To find out more about security on a particular site, check the footer of the main page to see if there is information about encryption or security, otherwise check the help pages for more information. Should a site be vague about its security protocols (as many are to avoid vulnerability), players can also contact customer support for more reassurance.


Do online casinos accept players from Maine?

Many offshore online casinos allow players from the US, but players should always check which countries are restricted from the casino group. Unlike other states that prohibit US players from joining online gambling sites, players from Maine are free to gamble on offshore sites that offer casino-style games.

Is Bovada legal in Maine?

A trusted name under their popular parent company Bodog, players will live to play on Bovada. With a huge collection of games and bonus offers, players can safely and legally place bets online.

How can I get my winnings from an online casino in Maine?

Every online casino offers a variety of withdrawal methods for players in the US and each one will have a different minimum threshold for withdrawals. Although there are normally maximum withdrawal amounts, there are some groups that have very high or unlimited withdrawal amounts.

Once a player has chosen their preferred withdrawal method from the options offered, the site will have easy instructions and prompts to follow to trigger a payout. Should a player encounter a problem with their banking, customer support can help them through the process.

What is the legal gambling age in Maine?

Players who are looking to participate in charitable games like bingo, lottery, or pari-mutuel betting will have to be a minimum of 18 years of age, while casinos (both land-based and online) will require players to be a minimum of 21 years of age. Although many offshore casinos will have regulations from a different jurisdiction, they also require players to be at least 21 years old.

What can I do if I am addicted to gambling online in Maine?

All legitimate online casino sites take gambling addiction seriously and they all provide the help and support that players need. Most sites will list information for support or offer special addiction help directly through the casino site. Some sites have also been known to help players by monitoring their spending or capping bets (upon player approval) each day.