Arkansas Sports Betting

  • Sports Betting is Legal!
  • Place a bet at the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort or Saracen Casino Annex!
  • Minimum age 21
  • Arkansas Racing Commission has been approved to be the regulator.
  • Arkansas Racing Commission only permits betting at the premise of a licensed sports operator.
  • In the state of Arkansas, we anticipate an amount of $15.3m to be wagered in the year 2020 (as per H2 Gambling Capital,

Sports betting is legal in the state of Arkansas!

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In 2019 Arkansas became the ninth state to legalize sports betting. Soon after legalizing, the first bet was place in July. The speed of implementing was astounding by the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort

Top 3 Arkansas Sportsbook Sites

  1. Bovada
  2. MyBookie
  3. BetOnline

Arkansas Mobile Sports Betting Apps

Unfortunately mobile sports betting apps is an illegal form of delivery in Arkansas, unless the bet is place at the premise of a licensed venue. Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort is developing a sports betting app with the expertise of SBTech and is expected to be released this year.

Arkansas Online Sports Betting

Unfortunately online sports betting is an illegal form of delivery in Arkansas, unless the bet is place at the vicinity of a licensed venue.

Arkansas On-site Sports Betting

All sports bets must be placed on-site at approved and licensed sports betting providers.

Currently approved are:

  • two race tracks
  • two casinos (which includes Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort and Saracen Casino Annex)

Popular Arkansas Sport Bets

Unfortunately there are local professional major league teams in Arkansas, however that doesn’t mean players are enjoying placing bets on various sports across the US and the world.

The most popular sports bets on are American football, in particular the NCAA football.

Major League Teams in Arkansas

  • NFL – Arkansas has no NFL football teams.
  • NBA – Arkansas has no NBA basketball teams.
  • MLB – Arkansas has no Major League Baseball teams.
  • NHL – Arkansas has no NHL ice hockey teams.

Arkansas Sports Betting Kiosks

Since the Racing Commission has yet to rule in favor of off-site mobile sports betting apps, license sports book venues are installing sports betting kiosks. These kiosks are really easy to use.

Follow these easy steps to use a sports betting kiosk:

1. At the digital kiosk drag and tap the screen (hence the name touchscreen). In doing so you will be able to move around and select the sports betting option you would like to pick.

2. Once you have chosen your sports betting option, tap on it to select it.

3. Click on place an amount.

4. Enter the amount you would like to bet.

5. If paying by cash, slide your notes into the cash receipt acceptor that is located towards the bottom of the kiosk.

6. Wait for the sports bet receipt to be printed.

7. Collect the receipt and wait for the results of the game!

8. If you win, take your receipt to the sports betting window and collect your winnings!

Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort


  • OROR has 20 betting kiosks
  • Mobile Betting App to be launched later this year.

Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort was the first move in the sports betting industry in Arkansas. The first to launch it’s sports betting book, partnering SBTech, they have installed 20 kiosks all around the casino that accepts sport bets on a wide variety of games, that includes the NFL, NBA, college games and many others.

Later during this year, Oaklawn intends to launch a mobile sports betting app, however users of this app must be physically located at the Oaklawn premise.

Oaklawn has launched one betting app, called the Oaklawn Anywhere app however, this is only permitted for horse race betting.

Saracen Casino Annex


  • The Casino has yet to be completely built.
  • But the sports center is open and available.
  • Betting kiosks are operational to take bets.

In October 2019, Saracen became the second casino to launch it’s sportsbook. Partnering International Game Technology (IGT) together with PlaySports, they have installed several sports betting kiosks at the Saracen Casino Annex Sports Betting Center.

Please note, that the actual casino has yet to be built and is expected to be completed towards the end of 2020.

Sports bets are limited to a maximum of $500 at the kiosks.

Saracen Casino also has on offer a mobile sports betting app. This app can only be used to place a bet if the player is on-site.

Arkansas Sports Betting Laws

  • On July 1, 2019 the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort launched the first legal and operational sportsbook in Arkansas. Other smaller retail outlets are expected to open shortly their sports betting windows in the coming months. The Arkansas Racing Commission has been given the authority to regulate and govern the sports betting industry.
  • Mobile online sports betting is illegal and therefore not offered by any sportsbook.
  • Previously in November 2018 during the midterm election ballot, state residents voted in a favor of approving expanded casino and sports betting laws. Thereby legalizing sports betting and becoming the eighth state to do so.
  • Unfortunately the Arkansas Racing Commission has not ruled on allowing online or mobile sports betting unless the player is physically at the premise of the licensed sportsbook operator.
  • Sports betting revenue will be taxed at 13% for the first $150 million, with a tax rate of 20% for amounts exceeding.
  • Each sportsbook operator much purchase a license fee.

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