Hawaii Sports Betting

  • Initial rejection, and almost abhorrence when PASPA was overturned which permitted individual states to decide their own gambling laws.
  • But slowly warming to the idea of allowing sports betting.
  • Still very shy, and bills raised aren’t yet to even discuss sports betting legalization, but to only to form a committee to review gambling framework options.

Top 3 Hawaii Sportsbook Online

  1. Bovada
  2. MyBookie
  3. BetOnline

Hawaii Sports Betting Legality

Whilst Hawaii is one of the most conservative states (along with Utah) there is actually some consideration being given to legalizing sports betting in the State. Who would have ever thought that? Sometimes pigs do fly!

Hawaii is and remains bone dry in offering any gambling options. There are no casinos, no bingo halls, no slot machines, no poker, no video gaming machines, and no lottery.

The state is void of any gambling activity, including tossing a coin to determine if you can scratch your nose.

Sport Betting Legalization Outlook for Hawaii

The future of sports betting reform in Hawaii is starting to warm up. What started out as Buckley’s chance of ever have gambling laws reformed, now offers a slim sliver of hope. Just a little bit. I wouldn’t bet your house on it, but there could be a chance.

Legislators are beginning to introduce more bills for consideration in relation to sports betting. (Albeit, all of them have so far been rejected).

Is Sports Betting illegal in Hawaii?

In nearly all US States sports betting from an offshore sports betting book via the internet is legal. But Hawaii is not like the others.

Sports betting even on offshore sports betting sites remains illegal, and if you do so, there is a small chance that you could be fined. A felony charge is highly unlikely, but a fine is more of possibility.

How can I find an online Sports Book?

The most popular offshore sports book is Bovada. It is the largest and has a long standing history of operating a sports book for US citizens.

Do NOT place a bet at an unlicensed sports book operating offshore. Unlicensed sportsbooks may not be reliable. Although they may offer great Welcome Bonuses, their promise to pay any winnings may be empty. Keep with the trusted and big brand names.

How can I place a Sports Bet onshore?

It is illegal to run a sports book or place a sports bet within the borders of Hawaii. Other than placing a sports bet at an offshore online sports book the only other option is to travel interstate where sports betting has been legalized.