Hawaii Sports Betting

Traditionally recognized for its rigorous anti-gambling policies, Hawaii remains among the limited number of states that completely prohibit all types of gambling, encompassing both terrestrial and internet sports wagering. Despite the consistent increase in interest and demand for sports betting across the years, legislators have maintained a cautious approach towards all legislation pertaining to gambling, extending even to charitable gambling throughout the state.

When the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) was passed in 1992, it essentially prevented states from legalizing and regulating sports betting. At this time, lawmakers were able to rebuff demand for sports betting, however, when PASPA was deemed unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 2018, the demand to open up the sports betting market came in full force.

Despite the changes in the country and the growing demand for gambling entertainment in Hawaii, lawmakers remain unchanged in their decision to keep the state in the dark. 

In summary:

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in Hawaii?

Currently, there are no laws in place to allow players from participating in sports betting online from sites that are based in the country, but due to the vague details of the law, offshore online sports betting sites have been catering to players from the US for many years now.

Since the state is dry of all forms of gambling, players from Hawaii have been enjoying the offshore online gambling sites for many years. Not only does the state lose out on millions of dollars in revenue, but it also has a huge market of players who continually demand gambling entertainment to enter the Aloha state.

Considering the Hawaiian Islands host millions of visitors each year, there is a serious need for gambling entertainment to boost tourism and help out the local economy. 

Daily Fantasy Sports versus Sports Betting

As a way to satisfy the demand for sports betting without officially legalizing it, dozens of states have allowed online daily fantasy sports instead. Although there is a big debate about whether daily fantasy sports are more a game of skill or simply chance like sports betting, there is a good chunk of states that find the two sports-related games different in terms of player ability. Unfortunately for players in Hawaii, even daily fantasy sports is considered a game of chance and also illegal online.  

Despite the similarities of both games, Hawaiian players choose to join offshore online sports betting sites for their gambling entertainment. Not only do they offer a wider range of betting options, but there are also plenty of live games that can be enjoyed directly on the site.

How to Find the Best Online Sports Betting Sites

There are hundreds of online sports betting sites available online and although everyone would love to believe they are all legitimate sites for entertainment, some are not as forthcoming as they would seem. Whether a player is new to online gambling or someone looking for a new site experience, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best sportsbooks online.

Look for Country Restrictions

The first thing that should be checked is whether or not the site accepts players from the US. Not all offshore sports betting sites will accept US players, so before players get started on their registration process, they should check the help pages or terms and conditions for more information on country restrictions. If the information is difficult to find on the site, a quick message to customer support will help.

Choose a User-friendly Site Design

The site design is rarely considered to be an important feature, but it makes a big difference in the overall enjoyment of the provided entertainment. No one wants to waste time trying to navigate a site or look for information that should be easy to locate.

A modern site design that is easy to read and navigate within minutes is a great choice to a sports betting site. It will have the most important pages readily available and easy access to member accounts, betting pages, and promotions.  

Enjoy a Good Variety of Sports

Classic sports betting sites would have a good selection of the most popular sports in the country. The beauty of offshore online sports betting is the fact that many sites aim to have something for every player out there. On top of the popular sports in the world, plenty of sites will also have a good selection of more obscure or localized sports from different areas in the world (consider Gaelic football and table tennis).

10 Popular Games on Sports Betting Sites

  1. Basketball
  2. Football
  3. Baseball
  4. Soccer
  5. Hockey
  6. Rugby
  7. Tennis
  8. Boxing
  9. Auto Racing
  10. Mixed Martial Arts

To make sports betting even more accessible and challenging for players around the world, the growing popularity of esports is quickly emerging in sports betting sites. Not only does this offer general players something new to watch and wager on, but it also introduces sports betting to a whole new market that might not have participated in the past.

A huge collection of sports on a site will give players endless betting options and challenges that keep the games fresh and exciting. New players should always stick to what they know best, but every now and then, a fun challenge with an unfamiliar sport could be a great option.

Check Out Customer Support Options

Playing online can be a lot of fun, but there is always a worry about getting help when it is needed. To see what each sports betting site offers to its members, quickly check out the customer support page for information on how to contact support and how long to expect a response.

Most of the top sites will offer instant 24-hour live chat help, while others will have set hours of operation for support. Take a good look at the help pages, along with support options to get a feel for the service members can get. Most support teams will offer online help forms, email contact, telephone numbers, and chat.

Staying Safe Online

As with anything online, there is a worry about the safety and security of passing on personal information and gambling with real money. All of the top sites take security seriously and they will have several levels of security in place to keep the site and all its members safe, but to be extra careful, individual players can also look into a few things to have that extra peace of mind before registering to a site.

Find the Online Gambling License

No matter where a sports betting site is located in the world, it will need to have a valid gambling license to offer real money betting online. The license is usually located at the footer of the main page, within the terms and conditions, or within the help pages. Customer support can also provide this information if it is not easily located on the site.

There are several jurisdictions in the world that offer valid gambling licenses to sports betting sites. For sites that accept players from the US, some of the most common jurisdictions are Curacao, Costa Rica, Panama, Alderney, Antigua and Barbuda, and the Isle of Man.

Choose Trusted Banking Options

Transferring deposits and processing payouts get many players worried about the security of money transfers, but all of the top sports betting sites try to make the process quick and painless by accepting several trusted banking methods to keep players safe.

On top of major credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX, sites will also accept wire transfers, prepaid cards, and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. These options are well-known all over the world and have a trusted brand for extra peace of mind.

Create a Betting Plan

As a way to stay in control of spending and ensure sports betting remains a fun entertainment option, many players choose to set themselves a gambling limit. Even professional players give themselves a gambling budget to stay in check and only spend what they can comfortably allow.

Players can do this on their own or they can also get some help from sports betting sites. Many online sportsbooks will have member support to help create gambling caps for the day or week, along with support and information for anyone who might need a hand staying in control of their spending.

Online sports betting is meant to be a fun and challenging experience for entertainment. It is never meant to feel stressful or create anxiety from lost wages. As gambling entertainment goes, there will be ups and downs, but the overall experience should be positive and fun.

For more information, site members are encouraged to reach out to customer support to see what the site offers in terms of help and guidance with sports betting online.