Idaho Sports Betting

The popularity of sports betting in Idaho is on the rise due to various reasons. An increasing number of players are moving towards online sportsbooks to place real money wagers on the sports they are passionate about.

Idaho sports betting turnover for 2019 was $3.7 million, wagered via online sport betting sites. These online sport betting sites are offshore only and are open accept US players.

The driving force can be narrowed into three categories – changes in the law, increase fan base in US professional and college sports, and a health crisis forcing many residents to find safe ways to place a bet.

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The Legality of Sports Betting in Idaho

Straight upfront, we do NOT condone the breaking of any laws, whether it be Federal, State or Local. Having said that, we are not law experts (let alone in sports law), so if you need to seek professional opinion, we strongly encourage you to do so.

Idaho gambling law do NOT explicitly prohibit placing sports bets by players. However, they do declare it illegal for sports books to operate locally, and there are laws which attempt to block financial services companies (e.g. banks) from facility transactions that may relate to sport bets.

US Federal Gambling Laws

The intention of Federal and State laws in the US regarding gambling, were created to prevent or stop organized crime from creating illegal gambling syndicates. Criminal, historically, were able to wash their money and also make some profits on top, through running sports books.

As a result, The Organized Crime Control Act of 1995 was enacted to put a halt to the mafia sports book. This Act stipulated that any sports book that took in more that $2,000 in handle would be deemed illegal. As you can imagine, these were very low thresholds and were designed to strangle the sports book business.

The 1961 Wire Act then came into force to again further stymie the mafia led sports book. The intention, again, was not to hurt the sports bettor but attempt to reduce organized crime. During this time, telecommunications such as telephone wires, were being used to broaden sport books and drive more revenue. The Wire Act loosely describes the illegality of betting using telephony.

In 1992, along came the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). This Act was created as a result of corruption via games being thrown or results intentionally influenced in College games. PASPA was designed to prohibit sports betting books and to stop ANY state from generating tax revenue from sports betting (Nevada being the only exception).

In 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was introduced and killed off Online Poker. UIGEA prevented US banks from transacting with known offshore sports books and online casinos. It did not declare placing a bet illegal by US residents, but rather made it difficult for offshore sports books to process deposits and withdrawals.

In 2018, a huge change to sports betting laws took place with the Supreme Court overturning the 1992 PASPA. This became the catalyst to trigger each State in the US to decide on whether sports betting should be legal, regulated and operational.

US State Gambling Laws

As a result of the overturning of the PASPA many US states have or begun to legalize sports betting.This effectively opened the door for sports betting handle  to exceed $150 billion each year.

Idaho Sports Betting Laws

In the State of Idaho lawmakers have yet to agree on a way to legally manage sportsbooks. Although there has been a few half hearted attempts, unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any political motivation to move forward with legalizing state sports betting laws.doesn’t seem to be any hurry on the

Having said that,it’s important to point out that all the gambling laws that we have outlined in previous paragraphs, were created with the intention to hinder sport book operators rather than to penalize the bettor directly.

Therefore, you will not find any instance of a sports bettor being fined, charged or penalized for placing a sports bet.

On the other hand, there have been plenty of instances of illegal sport books being charged with breaking the law.

Therefore, YES, you can place a bet in Idaho, it’s just that it must be through an offshore online sports book.

Benefits of Offshore Online Sports Betting Sites

When the state has little to offer in terms of sports betting and has no plan to change this fact, players should become more acquainted with what offshore online sports betting sites have to offer. While it would be nice to have land-based or local online options available, offshore sites do have a few benefits that keep players happy all year round.

Accessible for All Players

One of the biggest reasons why so many people choose to join offshore sites is for the simple fact that they are easy to access for players from all over the world. While some sites do have country restrictions, there are still plenty of sites that are more than happy to accept players from the US.

To find out which countries are restricted on a particular site, players can check the help pages, look through the terms and conditions, or contact customer support for more information. This should always be done before going through the registration process so that it saves time and energy in the end.

Variety of Entertainment

More than just offering players basic sports wagers, sites have to keep up with competition and in doing so, they make the sites a fun source of entertainment with tournaments, community competitions, and special events just for site members.

Most of the top sites will have a variety of games that pop up throughout the year to keep the site feeling fresh, fun, and give everyone new challenges. Offered only to newly-registered and existing members, sports betting sites do all they can to keep the members happy. 

Promotions and Bonus Offers

Placing a wager and winning a bet is one way to feel that rush of excitement, but the addition of promotions and bonus offers makes playing that much more thrilling. As a way to thank players for being loyal members and to give them a better chance at winning big, sites will have a variety of offers like a deposit match, no-deposit bonus, free bet promo, and even cashback options.

Before placing a wager on a game, players should make it a habit to check out the promotions page first to see what new offers are available. Some offers will be game-specific or sport-specific and will have some terms and conditions to win. To make the most out of every offer, players should carefully read the terms and conditions and follow all stated rules to win big without fuss.

What are the Different Types of Bets I Can Make?

Most sports betting sites will have dozens of wager options available to suit every sport out there, and the more a player wagers, the better their chances of winning big (if they know what they are doing). As for any player who is new to sports wagers, there are a few basic bets they should stick to until they are comfortable to try a more challenging bet.

Common Sports Wagers

To help players learn the betting rules and get them familiar with the different sports betting terms, most of the top online sites will have a comprehensive help section that is filled with useful information and tutorials. Before placing a bet, players are encouraged to check out these pages to learn the bets or get a refresher.

Apart from the variety of wagers available on the site, site members should also become familiar with the sports. Some will be popular, and others might be a little more obscure. Depending on where the offshore online sports betting site is located or the main players it caters to, some sites might not have all of the common sports that players expect to see. A quick check of the betting page should instantly show all of the options available.

What to Look for in a Great Online Sports Betting Site

With virtually thousands of options available at any given moment, anyone new to sports betting might feel overwhelmed to find the best site, especially when they are all offshore sites. Considering there are some scam sites out there, it pays to have a good idea of what to look for in a solid sports betting site with a trusted name.

Online Gambling License

Since sports betting online is gambling with real money, offshore sites must have an online gambling license to legally offer bets to players. The majority of offshore sites that accept players from the US will have a license from Malta, Costa Rica, Panama, Isle of Man, Curacao, Antigua and Barbuda, Alderney, Kahnawake, and Gibraltar. Although there are several other jurisdictions, these will be the most common.

To find the license, sites will often have it posted on the main page or in the footer. If one is not visible immediately, players can always contact customer support for more information.

Real Player Reviews

With the wealth of information found online, reviews are a great way to find out lots of information on a site before even visiting it. Sports betting sites from all over the world are constantly being reviewed by players who try them out and with all the competition around, the best sites will do their best to stay on top of the pack.

Players should always check out ratings and reviews of the top sites that accept players from the US. Most people are more than happy to go into detail about their experience on a particular site. From the sports and bet options to the site design and promotions, most reviews will clearly outline what the site offers to players from different levels of experience.

A Good User-friendly Design

A site should have high entertainment value, but one point that many players miss is the user-friendliness of the site. No one wants to waste time trying to figure out how a site works or endlessly search for information. Everything should be easily located on pages, and each section should have clear information so that even new players can quickly jump in with little trouble.

Convenient Game and Wager Options

A good variety of sports and games is what makes a site fun and exciting for more than one wager. The main betting page should have a clear list of sports and upcoming games that players can prepare for and check out any promotions that could make bets even more interesting.

No matter what a player is most interested in, the sports betting site should have it available. While most will have the top ten most popular sports, some might have a stronger focus on one or two sports and if that does not suit the player, then a different site should be considered.

Trusted Payment Options

Sports betting sites offer real money betting and that starts with a deposit into a personal member account on the site. To make a deposit or withdraw winnings players will have to choose a banking option that the site accepts. Most offshore sports betting sites accept the most popular international options like wire transfers, major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), prepaid cards, and cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). Some sites might have a few other options, but players should always stick to the options they are familiar with and trust.

Helpful Customer Support Team

At some point, site members will need some assistance on the site and that is where a good customer support team comes in handy. Whether there are issues with money transfers, inquiries about promotional offers, or something altogether different, the support team should be easy to contact and have someone ready to help within a short period of time.

Some of the top sites will offer 24/7 live chat support, while others will have designated customer service times (make sure to check the time zone for this). The most common ways to contact the support team is through live chat, an online support form, toll-free phone number, or via email. Try to find out as much information about response times and consider busy periods on the site. 

Idaho Offshore Sportsbooks


This sportsbook is one of the better betting options, especially for newcomers. You’ll have access to a wider range of sports and the options for banking tops other sportsbooks by a decent margin.

Not only do they have low minimums, but they also allow free withdrawals and deposits when using bitcoin. If you’re paying by check, you can withdraw for free every 90 days.


If you’re looking for the most affordable odds, 5Dimes is right up your alley. They offer a great variety of sports to bet on, too. The overall design and layout of the website leave a bit to be desired. But the site has been around since 1998, so they’ve got plenty of history behind them.

My Bookie

This sportsbook has incredible customer service and support, 24/7. Their withdrawal fees are a tad high, as are their odds. But they deliver a slick user interface and have plenty of contests available to bettors.

They offer a good amount of sport to bet on, although not quite as many as the previous two sites. Still, you should have no trouble finding something to wager on.


For ease of use, you can’t do much better than Intertops. Their website layout and design are second to none, providing users with a great way to quickly and easily place bets. With that being said, for such a simplistic site, it’s not the best choice for newcomers.

Intertops doesn’t provide much help to those who aren’t in-the-know. If you’re a beginner, you may find yourself quickly frustrated. There is a fair amount of sports to bet on, but the banking options are the greatest.


Their customer service might not be the greatest, but BetOnline’s odds and sports variety are some of the best around. The sheer amount of things you can bet on makes this one a great option for bettors of all skill levels.

Their banking fees are a bit steep, though. So keep that in mind when searching for an offshore sportsbook to use in Idaho.


If you’re looking to wager big, BookMaker is the place for you. They allow a huge amount of bets to be placed, with an impressive amount of sports offered, too. Their odds might not be the best around, however.

Bordering States

Utah | Washington | Wyoming | Montana | Nevada | Oregon


What Are Offshore Sportsbooks?

These are simply sportsbooks that operate online and out of the United States. If you plan on using this method of sports betting in Idaho – or anywhere, for that matter – you want to make sure you are doing business with a reputable website.

You will see different online sportsbooks scattered throughout the internet. But it’s important that you use the correct ones when placing your bets. There are plenty of regulated sportsbooks online for use in the United States.

The great thing about offshore sportsbooks, however, is that they cater to the American market. So you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a reputable bookie. We’ve provided some information on the ones we recommend you use down below.

How do offshore sportbooks work?

With offshore sports betting, you send your money through various methods to the offshore website. This can be done using money orders, credit cards, wires, etc. That money is then placed in your offshore sports betting account.

You may then place bets using that money. You can bet on all kinds of sports and events, including teams, players, and raft of other betting options.

The best offshore sportsbooks have all these services in one place. This eliminates the need – and the risk – of using other platforms to handle your money and bets.

It’s important that you choose a site that has some history behind it. You’re better off avoiding offshore sportsbooks that are newer, as there’s no way to tell if they are legitimate. There are plenty of offshore sites that have been around for years. These are the ones you want to do business with.


Is Idaho Daily Fantasy SportsBooking Betting allowed?

If you live in Idaho, betting on daily fantasy sports is also illegal with an onshore provider. This is because the daily payouts are still considered gambling under Idaho’s laws. Funny thing is, this wasn’t always the case.

Idaho allowed fantasy booking for many years. All that changed in 2016 when their Attorney General made the decision that fantasy booking conflicted with Idaho’s laws, thereby announcing it as illegal.

Idaho is actually one of the very few states to bar fantasy booking. This means major companies like DraftKings is illegal to access, even though at one time it was very popular in Idaho.

You can however access offshore Daily Fantasy Sports providers (as mentioned previously).

Is there Idaho No Deposit Sports Betting?

Again, this falls under gambling in the eyes of Idaho’s lawmakers. Even though gamblers stand to make money on bets without having to deposit anything, it’s still seen as a form of gambling.

If things ever change, you can expect Idaho to begin offering the same kind of promotions that other states are providing their gamblers.

What Sports Can I Bet On?

As long as you’re using an offshore sports book you can bet on nearly anything. This includes pro, college, and amateur teams. Furthermore, you can bet on any athlete and the games they’re playing in. You’re not just limited to games and events in the United States, either.

You may place bets on anything taking place around the globe. This opens up a wide range of betting options for you when you use offshore sportsbooks.

Can I get in trouble for betting in Idaho?

Since you’re not technically violating any of Idaho’s state laws, there is nothing for you to get into trouble over. Remember, the whole purpose of offshore sports betting is that you’re doing it offshore – as in, not in the United States, and therefore not in Idaho.

Even though you may be placing bets in the comfort of your home, you’re not using services based in the United States. So you can’t get into trouble or be arrested for it.

The only way you could potentially find yourself behind bars is if you were to start taking bets from others, effectively becoming a bookie. That would cause you some trouble with the law. Betting, however, is a whole different story and won’t land you in jail.

How old do you have to be to bet in Idaho?

Well, since it currently isn’t legal to bet in Idaho, this isn’t yet established. But if you’re betting offshore using one of the sites listed above or similar, the minimum age requirement is 18. You won’t be able to place a bet with offshore sportsbooks if you’re under the age of 18.

Are there any restrictions on what teams can be bet on?

Nope, and that’s one of the great things about offshore sportsbooks. They have no restrictions, allowing you to bet on anyone or any team. This includes all U.S.-based teams and those outside of the United States.

Does Idaho have any local sportsbooks of their own?

As it stands currently, no. And with the way things are looking, this isn’t likely to change any time soon. That said, it has been said in the past that if the laws do change regarding sports betting in Idaho, it will be because of public outcry.

If you want to see this law changed, consider contacting your local lawmakers. The more residents of Idaho who speak out, the better chance there is of sports betting becoming legalized.

Does anyone currently regulate sports betting in the state of Idaho?

No one currently does, and this will likely continue until changes are made regarding the legality of sports betting in Idaho.