PointsBet Sportsbook Illinois: Best for Leveraging

Despite being a newcomer to the Illinois sports betting scene, PointsBet is excelling as it attracts a strong influx of new sports bettors who are registering and signing up.

It is soon to be an Illinois sports fan favorite (if not already). There are a number of reasons why PointsBet is becoming the most popular sportsbook, marketing, strategic partnerships and unique offerings are just to name a few.

We review why PointsBet is the market leader in Illinois. We discuss, their partnerships both strategic and marketing, the unique betting type – points betting – that they offer, their online and mobile app features, promotions and background.

PointsBet and Hawthorne Race Course

PointsBet bolted out of the gates (excuse the pun) and partnered the Hawthorne Race Course to offer in-person betting. Hawthorne has a strong presence in the horse racing industry, but guess what, it is also extremely close to Chicago downtown at only 10 miles away. As they say, “Location, location, location” is important. And being close to Chicago allows the ease and convenience of many bettors dropping in to place a bet.

Hawthorn has four outlets, the main racecourse located at Stickney, with three off-the-track betting venues. All four outlets offer and accept sportsbets.

Chicago Bears

In a great marketing win:

PointsBet has partnered the Chicago Bears organization and has struck a deal to offer the best odds on moneyline and points spread bets for all Chicago Bear games this season.

This is an awesome win for Chicago sport fans!

At a broader (and much larger scale), PointsBet has also partnered NBC Sports. With this partnership, PointsBet will be promoted through TV, online and other various viewing platforms for many Illinois sport games – Chicago Blackhawks, Bulls, and White Sox.

In addition, NBC Sports has a strong viewer base that speaks Spanish which will enable PointsBet to broaden its reach via it’s comprehensive functioning Spanish platforms.

PointsBet Betting Types

PointsBet not only offers the typical fixed odd bets such as moneyline, points spread, futures, parlays and totals, but it also offers something very unique to the market i.e. points betting.

Points betting is a betting type with amplifies your winnings the more you get it right, but on the other hand, it also amplifies your losses the more you get it wrong.

So, as an example:

If you choose the Chicago Bulls to beat the Miami Heat, and they win by the slimmest of margins of one point you win a small amount. But, if the Bulls well and truly smash the Heat, and win by an astronomical fifty (50) points, you win BIG TIME!

On the flip side, if you choose the Bulls and they lose by a point, then you lose a small amount, but if they lose massively, then you need to pay up for a big loss.

As you can see, points betting is high risk high return betting, and it’s not for everyone.

I personally, like to mix my bets up a bit. I don’t always points bet, but when I do, I mitigate the risk by placing a few fixed odd bets the other way, just to keep my losses to a minimum.

Having said that, PointsBet also offers a max out feature, whereby your losses will be capped. This helps manage your exposure.

PointsBet Mobile App

I have to admit, I am extremely impressed with the PointsBet Mobile App. It is fast, easy to use and isn’t overcrowded with features that I would rarely use.

The layout is intuitive and it lists all the bets in a manner that is easy to scroll through. Filtering is a breeze, with sort and re-order functions that come in handy. You will need this, because there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of bets that are available all the time.

Downloading the App

PointsBet offers both Android and iOS.

For Android head to the PointsBet website and follow their instructions.

For Apple go to the Apple i-store and download.

It is compatible with iPhone and iPads that operate on iOS 9.0 or later.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Unfortunately, the  deposit and withdrawal methods are rather limited. It allows for Visa, Mastercard, Paypal and e-check but currently nothing more. This may change in the near future, but at the time of writing it’s a bit limited.

PointsBet Online Betting

Whilst I do like the PointsBet mobile app, I’m still drawn more towards its website. I consider myself, not so much as a casual bettor, but enough to make use of the points betting that PointsBet offers. I therefore like to crunch a few numbers and analyze the odds, and using the PointsBet site to do so is simply perfect.

I can easily transpose data to an excel sheet, which holds my simple betting model. I then make a few educated adjustments in my head, and then place a few bets on the site.

What allows me to do this more easily and readily than other sports betting sites, is the simple layout

Promotions – Risk Free Bet

This is where PointsBet really makes it worthwhile for Illinois sports bettors. It has by a country mile the best Risk Free bet of any sportsbook.

You can obtain up to $,1000 in risk free bets.

This is an amazing offer, that currently isn’t beaten by any other sportsbook in Illinois. Please note: this offer is only available for new sign ups and is therefore a one-off to each bettor.

About PointsBet

PointsBet US is the fastest growing sportsbook in the US. It is owned by the parent – PointsBet Holdings (PBH) – which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and is publicly traded. PointsBet has acquired licenses in various US States and is therefore legally compliant as an onshore sportsbook.

PointsBet currently has operations in the following US States:

In August 2020, PointsBet US announced a five (5) year partnership with NBC Sports Media which more than doubled its share price on the stock exchange.

September 2020, PointsBet Illinois engaged with Global Payments Gaming Solutions to further enhance the sportsbook’s deposit and withdrawal efficiency. Through integrating the current processes with ACH guaranteed services, bettors will be able to seamlessly transfer funds real time from their check accounts. The cybersecurity that Global Payments Gaming Solutions provides is one of the best in the world.


Is PointsBet safe and secure?

PointsBet is a licensed sportsbook in Illinois and has partnered several leading sports teams across the US, and with the digital media giant NBC Sports. PointsBet is also listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, and is therefore required to meeting strict compliance requirements. PointsBet is therefore one of the safest sportsbooks to place a bet at.

What is points betting?

Points betting is a high risk high return bet, when compared to fixed odds. The winning or losing margin will determine how much is won or lost. The larger the margin the bigger the win/loss. The smaller the margin, the smaller the win/loss.

Is PointsBet available on mobile app?

PointsBet offers mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms. Their mobile app is one of the quickest and easiest to use.

Is the PointsBet Risk Free bet promotion good?

The Risk Free bet that PointsBet offers is best in the market. It offers up to $1,000 in risk free betting.

Is PointsBet legit?

PointsBet is a publicly list Australian stocked exchange company, that is expanding into the American market. Post legalization of sports betting, PointsBet became the fourth sportsbook to launch in Illinois. It is a legitimate sportsbook that is growing rapidly.

Who is PointsBet owned by?

PointsBet is a publicly list company on the Australian stock exchange referenced as PBH. The owners are public shareholders, who have purchased shares during the Initial Public Offering (IPO) or subsequently on the ASX. The PointsBet share price has seen an increase of over 100% after it announced its partnership with NBC Sport.