Iowa Sports Betting

Iowa has legalized sports betting offering all three platforms of in-person, online and mobile apps sports betting.

Unfortunately, for the year 2020 the registration of a sportsbetting account requires in-person validation of ID at a licensed facility. Although, we are in a Covid-19 environment, the regulations have yet to change to allow for a complete digital online registration process. However, it is currently being considered that post January 1, 2021 an in-person validation of ID would no longer be required.

In summary:

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Iowa was one of the first US States to legalize sports betting in the year 2019. They are now up and running and sports bets are being placed thick and fast.

Iowa is very fortunate for the laws to have been passed to permit mobile app usage. Research has shown that four out of five sports bets are placed via a mobile phone (if given the option). That’s not to say, that online sports betting is not as effective, it’s just not as convenient for the casual bettor.

In order to use an Iowa Mobile Sports Betting app, you need to create an account in-person as various licensed sports books locations and you must physically be in the state of Iowa when placing your bet. The mobile phone must have the GPS Geo-location tracker switched on in order for the bet to go through.

Check out the most popular Iowa Mobile Sports Betting Apps per below.

Iowa Mobile Sports Betting Apps

There are several mobile sports betting apps in Iowa.

In order to get a mobile sports betting app up and running on your phone please follow the below steps:

1. Click through to their sportsbook online site.
2. Create an account at their site.
3. Complete the application form online or download and print.
4. Go to one of the locations that they mention on their site for in-person identification.
5. Complete registration on your mobile app
6. Transfer money to your account
7. Begin playing!

PointsBet Sportsbook

The Australian newcomer to the Iowa state has launched a beautiful mobile sports betting app using their many years of experience from offering betting in Australia. They bring a fresh new look and plenty of different betting options that sets them apart from the usual sportsbooks in the US.

PointsBet not only offers fixed odds betting, but also points betting – the only sportsbook in that US to do so. The ability to mix and match with a variety of betting options attracts many Iowa bettors.

In addition, the PointsBet app is consider one of the most fastest and seamless sportsbetting app in the country. It has a very easy to use layout, and there are thousands of betting types and options to choose from.

They have ongoing promos, boosters and bonuses for bettors every day, which makes it exciting and never stale.

As a result, their app has become the number 1 used sportsbetting app.

How to create and use the PointsBet Mobile Sports betting app

1. Click through to their site and create an account.
2. Go to the Catfish Bend Casino in Burlington and submit your ID in-person.
3. Download the PointsBet Mobile Sports betting app at the Catfish Bend Casino
4. Transfer funds to your PointsBet account using either PayNearMe, bank transfer or ACH (Credit Cards are not accepted).

** update – as of September 2020, VISA and Mastercard can now be accepted.

William Hill Sportsbook

You can’t go wrong with William Hill. One of the biggest sportsbooks in the world with many years of experience. A strong foot hold in the Australian and UK market, now looking to expand further with their great offering in the Iowa State.

How to create and use the William Hill Mobile Sports betting app

1. Complete the Mobile Sign Up Form online
2. Download the William Hill mobile sports betting app.
3. Head towards a Full Service Sportsbook processing center and provide ID to create account.
4. Full Service Sportsbook locations include:

Hard Rock Sioux City Sportsbook

Who hasn’t heard of the famous Hard Rock. Previously starting as a cafe, then expanding into the casino industry and now to Sportsbooks. They have stood the test of time and is ever growing in the US. Now available as a sports betting mobile app in Iowa.

How to create and use the Hard Rock Sioux City Mobile Sports Betting App

1. Download and complete the application form:
Hardrock Iowa Sports-Mobile-App-Registration-Form Download

2. Go in-person and provide ID to Hard Rock Sioux City Sportsbook or Rock Star Rewards Club Desk.

3. Your account will be created.

4. Download the Hard Rock Sioux Mobile app onto your phone.

Q Casino Sportsbook

Not as well known as William Hill or Hard Rock, but wow, what they have done to their sportsbook entertainment center is simply amazing. You will have all the fun in the world at the Q Casino Sportsbook gaming center. Their sports betting mobile app is no slouch either. Smooth and efficient, place sports bets as you watch the sport entertainment.

How to create and use the Q Casino Sports Betting Mobile App

1. Download the Q Casino Mobile Sports betting app to your phone

2. Head in person to the Q Casino Casino and seek the Sportsbook Customer service area.

3. Provide your ID and they will create your sportsbook account.

4. Login into the app and complete the registration with your personal details.

Popular Iowa Sports Bets

Without doubt, the most popular sport is the NFL with the NBA a distance second. Approximately 50% of bets are placed on the NFL, 30% on the NBA, and the remainder on other sports.

Local Professional Teams

Unfortunately that are no major league professional teams in Iowa. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t bet on various college games and other professional teams from other states.

Iowa Sports Betting Laws

Bordering States

Missouri | Louisiana | Tennessee | Mississippi | Texas | Oklahoma


Is sports betting legal in Iowa?

Sports betting was legalized in 2019 in Iowa. It offers the ability to place a bet in-person, online or via mobile.

Do I need to go in-person to complete the mobile app registration process?

Unfortunately, although Iowa permits the use of mobile apps for sports betting, the registration process currently requires you to attend an affiliated licensed casino to validate your ID. Only after your ID has been validated, can you proceed to downloading the mobile app an activate your account.

However, it is being contemplated to fast forwarding the allowance of having a completely digital registration process, thus avoiding the need for in-person ID validation.

What is the legal minimum age to bet?

The legal minimum age is 21 to place a bet in Iowa. In order to register a mobile sportbetting valid ID is required to be provided in-person. Post January 1, 2021 a complete digital validation process will be permitted.

Are college sports bets allowed in Iowa?

Yes college sports bets are allowed to be placed in Iowa, however no bets can be placed on local teams.

Is PointsBet legal in Iowa?

Yes, PointsBet has acquired a sportsbetting license to partner Catfish Bend Casino in Burlington. They are the only sportsbook that offers points betting, which is a type of betting that maximizes your winnings.