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Missouri is slow off the mark, with far and few advocates of legalizing sports betting. In 2019, several bills were presented and discussed but none succeeded in being approved.

The bill SB 754 presented was the closest to reaching approval. It put forward the following:

Missouri Sport Betting Legalization Outlook

The future of sports betting reform in Missouri is grim. There aren’t enough strong supporters that advocate the legalization of sports betting. There is also very little impetus or urgency to generate further revenue via sports betting. Unlike the larger states in the US, sports betting in Missouri is projected to be $400m in turnover. This is a drop in the ocean when compared to casino and river boat turnover of $16.4 billion. Hence, it’s not a tax revenue generator that will turn the dial.

Plus casinos and riverboats will find that the profitability of running casino, poker and slot machines are more profitable than running a sports book.

Thus, irrespective of whether the majority of people in Missouri want to place a sports bet or not, there just isn’t enough support for sports betting law change.

Is Sports Betting illegal in Missouri?

The only form of sports betting that is not illegal is offshore sports betting via the internet. In the year 2018, Missouri wagered $13.7 million at offshore sports betting sites (per H2 Gambling Capital).

Though you physically may be located within the borders of Missouri, the actual sports book is licensed and operating offshore thereby not breaking the onshore laws of sports betting.

Therefore, in Missouri, it is legal and safe to bet at an offshore licensed sports book.

All other forms of sports betting in Missouri is illegal -This includes operating and running a sports book

How can I find an online Sports Book?

The most popular offshore sports book is Bovada. It is the largest and has a long standing history of operating a sports book for US citizens.

Do NOT place a bet at an unlicensed sports book operating offshore. Unlicensed sportsbooks may not be reliable. Although they may offer great Welcome bonuses, their promise to pay any winnings may be empty. Keep with the which are trusted and the big brand names.

How can I place a Sports Bet onshore?

It is illegal to run a sports book or place a sports bet within the borders of Missouri. Other than placing a sports bet at an offshore online sports book the only other option is to travel interstate where sports betting has been legalized, i.e. Arkansas and Iowa.

Missouri Daily Fantasy Sport

Daily Fantasy Sport in Missouri is legal with all the big players in the market. To become an DFS operator in Missouri you must obtain a license from the Missouri Gaming Commission.

They include:

To this day DraftKings and FanDuel continue to operate and dominate the market. They are the two original pioneers of Daily Fantasy Sports and have been aggressive with expanding their marketing campaigns.

Is DraftKings legal in Missouri?

Daily Fantasy Sports is legal in Missouri.

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