Nebraska Sports Betting

Sports Betting remains illegal (exception offshore online sports betting)

2019 ended the year with big hopes of sport (and casino game) legalization

Open hearings have been held with the public resulting in great support for legalization

Nebraska, also known as the Cornhusker State, doesn’t have legal sports betting like Nevada. Instead, locals are forced to either try their luck with an online bookmaker or break the law by seeking out local bookies and fellow gambling enthusiasts to wager with.

This article examines the overall state of sports betting in Nebraska, as well as some of the athletic teams based within the region. While our guide is meant to be informative, please keep in mind that it’s no substitute for sound advice from a legal professional.

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Nebraska may not be home to any major professional sports teams, but this Midwestern state has one of the most passionate sports fan bases in the country. With that in mind, our team of experts is going to explain how everyone in this state can find the best Nebraska sports betting sites currently operating. There are some fantastic choices available.

Of course, it may seem daunting trying to choose a great Nebraska online sportsbook to join for the first time. To help with this, we’re going to list some of the most important features that all internet sports betting sites should always offer. Later, we’ll go over the current laws and regulations surrounding online sports betting in Nebraska.

Some of you may want to skip all this and get straight to the betting. If this is the case, check out our favorite sports betting sites in Nebraska below. Each one is well-known to provide amazing odds on a huge number of different sports.

Nebraska state senator Justin Wayne has introduced a bill that would define sports betting, paid fantasy sports and poker as games of skill.

The bill, LB990, would effectively legalise the games under Nebraska law, where most forms of gambling are not currently permitted, but games of skill are allowed.

The text of the bill said that the knowledge required in sports betting and fantasy sports mean they should be categorized as a game of skill rather than chance.

“Sports betting and fantasy sports require knowledge and skill,” it said. “Knowledge of a sport and skill in analyzing and predicting the performance of athletes and the outcomes of sporting events is essential for a participant in sports betting or fantasy sports to be successful.”

This state is only slightly restrictive when it comes to Nebraska gambling.

The state is home to five tribal land-based casinos, but even they hold several limitations due to strict gaming laws.

The tribal establishments give access to slot machines and Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs), but do not permit any casino-style table games within the state.

The Cornhusker State also has five horse and greyhound racing tracks within its borders, but only permits pari-mutuel wagers for the industry inside one of its land-based racing establishments.

The racetracks are open for live racing only a few days a year, but host several simulated racing events for races happening around the country.

The state may legalize online horse and greyhound wagering in the future, but no current bills are in place.

In 2014, the state decided against expanding its land-based gaming options.

However, Nebraska will take some time before online gambling makes its way into the state. For now, residents have a couple of online gambling options that are safe to play in Nebraska due to federal laws.

Online Sports Betting

Nebraska does not welcome traditional sports betting within its borders.

The state does not license, authorize, or manage any sportsbook or sports betting enterprise.

Residents beware that betting with an underground bookie or playing in an offshore sportsbook is unsafe and illegal.

The state law also includes rules and penalties on sports betting. “(a) Engaging in bookmaking to the extent that he or she receives or accepts in any one day one or more bets totaling less than one thousand dollars; (b) Receiving, in connection with any unlawful gambling scheme or enterprise, less than one thousand dollars of money played in the scheme or enterprise in any one day; or (c) Betting something of value in an amount of three hundred dollars or more with one or more persons in one day.”

Punishment for the class II misdemeanor crime is subject to no more than six months in prison and a five hundred dollar fine. However, repeated offenses can lead to far greater punishment. Residents can try their hand at one of the alternatives for sports gambling action.

Nebraska Sport Betting Legalization Outlook

Is Sports Betting illegal in Nebraska?

The only form of sports betting that is not illegal is offshore sports betting via the internet. In the year 2018, Texans wagered $79.8 million at offshore sports betting sites (per H2 Gambling Capital).

Though you physically may be located within the borders of Texas, the actual sports book is licensed and operating offshore thereby not breaking the onshore laws of sports betting.

Therefore as a Nebraska, it is legal and safe to bet at an offshore licensed sports book.

All other forms of sports betting in Nebraska is illegal -This includes operating and running a sports book

How can I find an online Sports Book?

The most popular offshore sports book is Bovada. It is the largest and has a long standing history of operating a sports book for US citizens.

Do NOT place a bet at an unlicensed sports book operating offshore. Unlicensed sportsbooks may not be reliable. Although they may offer great Welcome bonuses, their promise to pay any winnings may be empty. Keep with the which are trusted and the big brand names.

How can I place a Sports Bet onshore?

It is illegal to run a sports book or place a sports bet within the borders of Nebraska. Other than placing a sports bet at an offshore online sports book the only other option is to travel interstate where sports betting has been legalized.

Daily Fantasy Sport in Nebraska

In Nebraska, you must be at least 19 years of age to play.

Is DraftKings legal in Nebraska?


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