Nevada Sports Betting

Welcome to your Nevada Sports Betting Guide!

Nevada is the mecca of sports betting in the US. You won’t find a more entertaining, exciting and action packed state to place a bet on. Famous for Las Vegas, with the moniker of Sin City, also filmed in countless cult movies such as the Hangover and Ocean’s Eleven, if you are a sports betting fan, then you will love Nevada!

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• Sports betting is legal!
• Mobile Sports betting via smartphone apps is available.
• Online sports betting is available.
• Physical bets can be placed at terminals and kiosks at Casinos

In this guide you will find all the information you need to regarding:

• Where and how to place a sports bet
• The available sports books
• The popular bets to place

The home of sports betting Nevada ranks as the number one haven for gambling in the US and the world. Although its once strong hold of having a monopoly on sports betting in the US is now broken, it still remains as the place to bet at, not only because of what they offer for sports betting platforms but also as the undisputed capital of entertainment.

When you are in Nevada you can easily visit any sportsbooks, download and play at any mobile sports betting app and access sports betting sites. The convenience and ease of use makes Nevada the premier state of sports betting. Others states, which have now begun to open up their sports betting industry, are still behind but are catching up.

Sports betting and many other forms of gambling is permitted in Nevada. A mature and fully regulated industry. There are no restrictions with the exception of age, what is being offered and the operational aspect of how to bet.

Nevada Online Sports Betting

People around the world are looking for enjoyment, and you will not find a place better than Nevada. In addition to having a good time, you can test your luck and make some real money. The good news is; you really do not have to be physically present in the casino to enjoy the thrill and the excitement.

Nevada is among the few states of the US that offer online casino games to US players. So, if you have been searching for some of the best options for playing online, you have come to the right place. Here, we will talk about the best games to make some money and have fun. We will also discuss the rules and regulations for NV residents.

So, without any further delay, let us have a look at the top-notch Nevada sites that offer a wide variety of games, generous bonuses for upcoming players and excellent security.

Nevada SportsBooks

Finding a sportsbook is extremely easy in Nevada, as nearly casinos offer this facility. However, the size and the scope depends upon the size of the casino and its customer base. If you are looking for a massive sportsbook, head to some of the famous Las Vegas casinos.

You will even find casinos that have a simple kiosk for sports betting. Then there are those that offer a couple of Televisions and a single betting window. You will find every size, thus it all depends on what you are looking for.


If you want a high-end sports betting place, we suggest you head to Westgate. Las Vegas Hilton 1993 now known as Westgate is among the world’s largest sportsbooks. With several 4K screens for you to watch the game, it offers the highest standards.

To ensure that sports lovers are able to get the best, in 2015 Westgate remodelled it’s sportsbook arena. Placing their sportsbook at the front of the line compared to all other Nevada sportsbooks. You will find some of the best odds on futures, teasers, and parlays.

Westgate Mobile App

To apply for the Westgate Mobile is very simple.

Download and populate the Mobile Application form, and bring it to Westgate

Westgate Nevada Mobile Application Form Download

At the Westgate Sportsbook, you will need to provide:

Next download the Mobile App:

Wynn Las Vegas

If you want to place big bets, then you’ve got to come to Wynn Las Vegas. Another excellent sportsbook to enjoy generous payouts and large wager acceptance is Wynn. The independent sportsbook is famous for its early lines and outstanding facilities. But of course, even though they love taking in the big bets, they also take in the smaller bets as well.

You can also head to the Encore, Wynn’s little sister resort. The Encore has gone through a major renovation to now offer the best quality and sports betting facilities just for you! Yep, they spent the entire 2017 year undergoing not just cosmetic but structural changes to the casino, and it now offers one of the best betting experiences and odds.

Station Casinos

Being the largest Las Vegas locals’ casino, Station Casinos was the first to offer an online betting website. They were also the first to come up with a mobile betting app.

The casino is famous for taking on large wagers from professional bettors and they have a tight connection with the casino players club. Station Casino also deals with small wagers from the recreational gamblers, so if you want some fun, head to Station Casinos.

Below is a list of their famous casino books:

CG Technology

CG Technology, once famous as Cantor Gaming is a subsidiary of Cantor Fitzgerald. You can find it on the far south end of Las Vegas Valley at the M Resort.

There are several Las Vegas resorts in which CG Technology operates sportsbook, below we have listed some:

The success of CG Technology lies with their ability to use state of the art innovative delivery of sportsbook odds. However, with time, other sportsbooks have caught up and also offer that same quality and convenience.

CG Technology, was the first to offer future wagers.

In addition, it is willing to accept high-limit wagers that many of its competitors refuse.

Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment is perhaps the best choice for a tourist. It is one of the biggest casino operations in the world and it has a lot to offer. It tends to attract even the sharpest recreational sports gamblers, as the casino tailors the odds and points spread.

To offer a better experience and improve their standards, Caesar Palace underwent renovation in 2016. Once it came back into business, it offered amazing new screens to watch different sports. It was so popular that it began to require seat reservations in order to watch a game during major events such as an NFL Sunday.

NFL Sunday has become so popular, that Caesar is now having to charge a reserve price for watching the game on their fantastic new screens. As you can imagine, the atmosphere is simply electric.

If you plan on watching NFL Sunday at Caesars, make a reservation in advance, the last thing you want is to turn up, and you can’t get a seat!

Below are the eight Las Vegas casinos in which Caesars Entertainment operates a sportsbook.

You can enjoy access to Caesars Entertainment casinos outside Las Vegas as well. Below is the list of the casinos.

MGM Resorts International

MGM Resorts International is among the most famous national casino operators. They have properties from the east to west coast of the US. They have a large tourist customer base in different areas, thus it is difficult for them to create a one-line that fits all their customers in different casinos.

MGM is one of the most advanced with their digital sports betting platform , thus it offers an outstanding robust and user-friendly app developed by IGT Company. (IGT however, is more well known for its manufacturing of slot machines, than its smartphone applications).

Below, are the 10 casinos and sportsbooks operated by MGM:

William Hill

William Hill is a company that specializes in local casinos throughout the state and was acquired American Wagering Inc. in 2011. Initially, the company was doing business with Nevada’s original online betting company, Leroy’s. Afterward, it became the biggest sportsbook manager in Nevada.

Since the company has been around for years, most of its sportsbooks are of small size with a few betting windows and televisions.

However, the new sportsbooks are of the highest standards. They are bigger than old ones, and they offer a way better experience in terms of betting.

To enhance the user experience, William Hill, offers kiosks at most of their sportsbook locations for depositing funds for mobile apps and quick wagers. If you are a small bettor or a recreational bettor you will love William Hill.

Boyd Gaming

If you looking for services similar to that of Station Casinos, then Boyd Gaming is your best shot. Their casino market is similar to that of Station casinos, but with a greater downtown Las Vegas Presence.

It is also the first sportsbook operators to offer odds on e-sports competition held at one of their own casinos.

Their downtown Las Vegas properties include:

Their local properties include:

South Point

The South Point is a casino famous for its split featuring i.e. they have different spaces for the sportsbooks and one for the traditional casino. It is one of the best places to have a great time in Las Vegas.

You can find this independent sportsbook on Las Vegas Boulevard south of the Strip.

South Point tends to take on big bets and they offer fair odds.

You can find their odds in Summerlin at Rampart Casino.

Like other big sportsbook operators, they have a brilliant sportsbook app for their customers. The software of the app is similar to that of the William Hill app; however, the odds are different.

In South Point’s NV sports App, the South Point staff set the odds. In addition, the casino has made home to the first media network dedicated to delivering sports betting information, the VSIN.

Treasure Island

Treasure Island is perfect for lower limit players and recreational gamblers. The independent sportsbooks are across the Venetian and next to the Mirage.

Despite having an extremely low limit, they still have an app. They use the Miomni platform for their app.

Jerry’s Nugget

If you looking for the best teaser odds and parlay in Las Vegas, head inside the North Las Vegas City. You will find a small, yet amazing casino situated a couple of miles from Fremont Street.

Since the casino is small, and it has a small limit, it currently does not offer a mobile app.

Nevada Sports Betting Legal Status

Since it is completely legal to place sports bets in Nevada, the sports betting industry has been thriving for years.

According to the H2 Gambling Capital (, Nevada is among the leading sports betting states. It is anticipated that in 2020, a total amount of $387.8 million will be wagered!

Closely coming second in sports wagering is New Jersey with an amount of almost $305 million to be wagered in 2020.

Popular Nevada Sports bets

You may not believe it, but apart from the NHL, there are no other local major sports team. The NBA, MLB, NFL and the NCAA (which as a matter of interest is the most bet on sport – think March Madness!) do not have, and at the moment and do not intend to start a local team.

BUT, having said that, they still garner the most sports bet!

Without a doubt, the NCAA and NBA (basketball), are the most popular sports to bet on. This is followed by the NFL and MLB. The NHL has one Nevada ice hockey team which is the Vegas Golden Knights (VGK).

Bet on the Vegas Golden Knights

If you want to bet on a local team, then there is only one choice and it is a great choice, the Vegas Golden Knights!

Only joining the NHL in 2017-2018, this team made shock waves as being the first inaugural team to win nearly all their regular season games. This was an extremely remarkable feat, given that the team comprised of unprotected players drawn from other teams. (essentially they were a group of unwanted players! But look who’s laughing now!)

Their first three successful games (two of which were against the Arizona Coyotes) gave the team a huge moral boost. It became the first NHL team to start its inaugural season 3-0-0.

They later they defeated Colorado Avalanche 7-0, a massive flogging! But then lost to the Edmonton Oilers. Suffering this small set back, they took off on a winning run against the Nashville Predators, Winnipeg Jets, Calgary Flames, Buffalo Sabres, and Avalanche.

The Golden Knights take first place in the Pacific Division by defeating San Jose Sharks. After winning a couple of games they successfully made it to the Stanley Cup.

Despite losing all four games in the Stanley Cup, The Golden Knights were applauded and loved by fans around the world.

This team’s success sounds very much like a Hollywood movie. To summarize, in their first year the Vegas Golden Knights made it to the playoffs and all the way to the last round. For a time, the dream of an inaugural team winning in their first season was alive, and as you can imagine, sports bets were being placed thick and fast on their success. This was a Cinderella sports story in the making.

If you were to have to placed $100 for the VGK to win the NHL in their first season, you would have been called mad, but you would have also expected to win over $100,000! Alas they lost in the final round, but still this was no mean feat.

The VGK are owned by the mercurial Bill Foley, who also owns the Black Knight Sports and Entertainment Group. Bill Foley paid an astronomical amount to purchase the license for the VGK, a gamble in itself. But after its first year’s success this gamble has paid off handsomely.

Other Popular Nevada Sports Bets

College Sports Betting

Despite being the hub for sports betting, college sports betting was deemed illegal for a long period of time. However, gradually the public demand for college sports betting persuaded law makers to allow legal sports betting on college sports. But with good reason, there are certain restrictions.

Olympics Sports Betting

Betting on the Olympics was also illegal for a period of time, but that too change in 2015. Now, you can effortlessly place a wager on Olympics in Nevada.

There are endless possibilities for placing a sports bet, but the most popular options including basketball and football.

Almost all Nevada sportsbooks offer these two games. You can even enjoy betting on major events such as the College World Series or even the famous video game competition, The Golden Tee World Championship.

However every year, Nevada Sports bettors come across different exciting sports to bet on. However, the increase in sports variety mainly depends on demand.

If the sportsbook operators see a particular demand for an unregistered betting option, they will submit an application with the Nevada Gaming Control Board to gain approval to provide the betting option. Once permission is obtained, the sportsbook can proceed to offer the sports odds online to their customers.

Below are some of the games that are currently open for betting.
• Canadian football
• Australian Rules football
• Rugby
• Fighting – boxing, mixed martial arts
• Auto racing – NASCAR, Indy, Formula One and more
• Cycling
• Tennis
• Golf
• Esports
• Horse and virtual horse racing

Nevada Sports Betting Laws

Since it is completely legal to place sports bets in Nevada, the sports betting industry has been thriving for years. According to H2 Gambling Capital (, Nevada is among the leading sports betting states.

It is anticipated that by 2020, a total amount of $387.8 million will be wagered. Next in line, we have New Jersey with an estimated amount of almost $305 million to be wagered by 2020.

History of Nevada Sports Betting

1949: Who would have thought that many years ago, way back in time sports betting, was associated with organized crime syndicates. But look at sports betting now! And it’s not only a sports betting that has flourished, but a wide range of other forms of entertainment for locals and tourists.

Back in 1949, Nevada was the first state to legalize sports betting along with live and off-track horse betting. At that time, not only was Nevada the first but it also became the largest US state that regulated any form of betting. It was legal to place bets on all forms including traditional casino games in NV.

1992: Fortunately for Nevada, and unfortunately for all other states of the US, in the year 1992 the the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act came into force and put a stop to all US States from moving forward with any kind of sports betting. Exceptions were made to those States that had already established a regulatory framework and governance. By fortune Nevada was the one and only state with a mature operational legalized gambling framework, and therefore was the only exception to have full sports betting coverage.

In following years many US states attempted to overturn the Federal PASPA ban, but were unsuccessful.

2006: It wasn’t until 2006, that a concerted effort by New Jersey to challenge the ban began. This was not mean feat as it took almost 11 years to successfully appeal. The mammoth 11 years was required as the support in favor of maintaining the ban was exceptionally strong. The support of maintaining the ban came from many major sporting commissions that included: MLB, NHL, NFL, NCAA, and NBA. Their belief was that it was unfair that the sports betting industry should benefit freely from their product i.e. sports, but that it could also potentially tarnish the game, perhaps even influence games through the inducement of winning money!

2017: Finally, in 2017, the appeal went in favor of New Jersey instead of the opposing sporting commissions. The Supreme Court viewed the PASPA ban as a violation of the state’s individual rights to offer sports betting, thus the PASPA ban was overturned. With precedent set, the successful appeal was a catalyst for change in many states, and thus we now see other states, besides Nevada, offering sports betting to its residents.

Today: Even though Nevada has lost it’s monopoly, it remains the strongest and the most sought after place for sports betting. Expansion in other states have begun to also offer a wide range of sports bets, but Nevada continues as a thriving gambling and tourism industry.

Nevada Sports Betting Monopoly is broken

Yes, other states are working hard to build and establish a sports betting industry, but it will take them time to offer something close to the experience in Las Vegas. Nevada’s strong hold on sports betting remains firm with an experience hard to beat!

Celebrities and Gambling

Of course, big money attracts big people and big drama. Celebrities have been in and out of the news because of their gambling ventures. For instance, Tobey Maguire made it to the headlines after winning big at an underground poker ring in 2011. The poker game had some of the biggest Hollywood stars participating, which included Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Leonardo DiCaprio.

The underground poker ring was uncovered when an LA based hedge fund manager lost $35 million to the group of players. With the “hedge fund” suffering losses, the poker ring was sued in order to recoup some of the lost monies. Maguire was one of the key defendants and therefore this law suit drew a lot of attention to the gambling ventures of Nevada.

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