New Hampshire Sports Betting

  • It is legal, both for on-site and mobile.
  • DraftKings is the only sportsbook operator.

In your face Massachusetts!

New Hampshire won the race to legalize and implement sports betting, beating big brother Massachusetts by a long mile!

While Massachusetts remains mired in political sports betting debate, New Hampshire has been extremely efficient and direct with legalizing sports betting. Having legalized they then went straight into forming a partnership with DraftKings and integrating a regulatory framework to launch sports betting in New Hampshire.

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In July 2019, New Hampshire became the second New England state to officially legalize sports betting. Gov. Chris Sununu approved amendments to the states gambling laws when he formally signed bill H 480. In doing so, the New Hampshire Lottery Commission was approved as the regulator upon which a separate division would be created to focus specifically on the sports betting industry.

To kick off the process of implementing sports betting in NJ, the state lottery begun a tendering process to determine which sportsbook operators maybe be awarded a license to operate in NH. The law permitted a maximum of five sportsbook to operate in the state.

Allowed multiple operators:

  • 5 mobile operators maximum
  • 10 land-based operators maxcimum

Several bids were placed, however it was the DraftKings bid that came up on top, with a surprising result.

In November 2019, the result of the tendering process was revealed. New Hampshire Lottery and DraftKings had come to an agreement that would give DK the sole right to operate sportsbooks in NH. No other company would be permitted to do so. This essentially allowed DK to monopolize the sports betting market.

In return for permitting a monopoly, 51% of profits must be given to the NH State Lottery. The profits must be used for the State’s educational programs.

This agreement works well for both parties. New Hampshire State Lottery only needs to oversee one sportsbook operator, cutting down on administrative, regulatory and compliance activities whilst in return receiving a fair chunk of tax revenue.

And DraftKings gets a very strong foothold in a burgeoning sports betting market in the US. Ironically DK is based in the big brother state of Massachusetts, who are still debating on the merits of legalizing sports betting.

DraftKings did a tremendous job to launch their online sports betting app in December 2019, well in time for the peak period of NFL sports betting. The app is a quality app that provides up-to-date betting odds, the latest sports betting news, history of sport bets, and a simple easy to use registration process and account creation.

Sports bettors must be physically located within the borders of New Hampshire to place a sports bet. Similar to many other states that offer mobile sports betting, compliance is ensure through GeoLocation functions in the mobile phone. The GeoLocation function which includes GPS and cell tower pinging will ensure that the player is compliant.

Also similar to other states that have legalized sports betting, wagering is not permitted on New Hampshire college games and any college game being played within the state.

Players must be 21 of older.

Projected $10 million in revenue for 2020, a large portion will come from Massachusetts players.

The New Hampshire Online Horse Betting and online fantasy sports was legal prior to sports betting becoming legalized.

New Hampshire Sports Bar

New Hampshire love their sports, and so you will find many sports bars available to view your favorite sports.

Popular New Hampshire Sport Bets

  • NFL – New Hampshire has no NFL teams.
  • NBA – New Hampshire has no NBA basketball teams.
  • MLB – New Hampshire has no Major League Baseball teams.
  • NHL – New Hampshire has no NHL ice hockey teams.

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