Utah Sports Betting

Utah is not forward-thinking when it comes to gambling due to its strict local regulations. Despite this, such regulations do not hinder players in Utah from engaging in sports betting through offshore online sportsbooks.

Utah is a state neighbored by gambling-centered Nevada, and has therefore experienced a lot of demand and pressure to allow more gambling entertainment, which includes online sports betting. Despite pressure from players wanting to open up the gambling market in the state, lawmakers are relatively firm with onshore sports betting and other forms of gambling entertainment.

Consequently, with this lack of gambling diversity with sportbooks (let alone other forms of gambling), Utah loses millions of dollars of revenue to the neighboring states of Nevada and Colorado.

But did you know, that you could stay within the borders of Utah, yet still place a sports bet? And did you know it is legal?

Legal Offshore Utah Sportsbooks

During the early 1990s, there was a new law that went into effect called the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). Across the US, states were locked in an unfortunate situation that prevented them from legalizing sports betting (both land-based and online). 

When Congress struck down the PASPA Act in 2018 by regarding it as unconstitutional, US states were finally given the green light to legalize and regulate sports betting.

And while most states chose to move forward with gambling reformation, Utah was one of the few that stayed firm with onshore anti-sport gambling laws.

Because of this, more and more players are choosing to join offshore online sportsbooks to place a bet. There is no need to travel interstate.

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How to Choose an Online Sportsbook

Anyone who has tried to search for a particular type of site online will know there are thousands of different results that will instantly pop up in the results. To help weed out the good sites from the bad, there are a few factors that players should consider before going forward with an online sportsbook registration process.

These steps will save plenty of time, hassle, and give players the best online sports betting experience available.

Check If the Site Accepts Players from the US

This may seem like an obvious point, but there are some offshore sports betting sites that have country restrictions that include the US. There are tons of online sportsbooks that cater to players from the US, but for the sites that do not, there is a simple way to find out. Most sites will have help pages that will clearly list restricted countries or at least post the site terms and conditions for this information.

Players can also send a quick inquiry to customer support to confirm that players from the US are able to register and bet on the site.

Look for Trusted Payment Methods

Considering that players will have to transfer money electronically for deposits and then transfer their winnings out, it pays to have a trusted payment method that will make the process quick, easy, and safe.

Most online offshore sports betting sites offer a wide range of banking options that everyone will be familiar with. For example, US players will often have the option to make wire transfers, use a major credit card like Visa or MasterCard, or use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

Choose a Site with Plenty of Variety

The best chance to win bets is to have a good working knowledge of the sports on the site. Before joining a group, players should check to see exactly which sports are available on the site. The sites with the highest entertainment value are the ones that offer a wide variety of sports, which include the major international sports that most players will know and love.

If a site only has one or two options that are attractive and many others that are not as interesting, players should consider looking for another site that will have more options for better entertainment and gambling excitement.

Find Out What the Member Perks Are

As a way to thank loyal site members and give new players an edge in their bets, online sports betting sites often have a page dedicated to bonus offers and special promotions. This section will have a list of offers that are currently on, with complete details on how players can take advantage of the deals.

Some offers will give players extra money with each deposit, while others might have a special cashback offer to minimize a player’s risk. Every now and then, sites might also offer fun community tournaments or challenges to earn cash or prizes.

To get full details about current and upcoming promotions, players should check out the promotions page, which is generally located at the top of the main page or in the main menu, or quickly contact customer support for more detailed information.

Another note that players should consider is to carefully read through the terms and conditions of each promotion/offer. It will detail all requirements to ensure the bonus is used correctly and will be valid during play. The help pages will also help players with any details about the sports or bets that they are not familiar with.

Sports Betting versus Daily Fantasy Sports

As a way to appease sports betting fans without going forward with legalizing sports betting, lawmakers have allowed Daily Fantasy Sports in Utah. Although there has always been a debate over the similarities between the two (and how most people argue they should be considered the same in terms of entertainment and gambling value), daily fantasy sports is considered to be a game of skill in the state of Utah, whereas sports betting requires little skill, thus classified as a game of chance.

Similarities Between Sports Betting and Daily Fantasy Sports

Differences Between Sports Betting and Daily Fantasy Sports

Despite the immense similarities, Utah stands firm with its decision to deny sports betting. In the meantime, there are options for daily fantasy sports online and there is yet to be any kind of talks to propose a new law that will open up and regulate the sports betting market.


What type of sports can I bet on?

Most online offshore sports betting sites will have a huge collection of sports that members can bet on. In general, site members can expect the top ten international sports like football, baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, volleyball, cricket, mixed martial arts. To give players even more options, most online offshore sports betting sites will also include a variety of more obscure sports from around the world, along with the ever-growing market of esports.

What kind of bets are there in sports betting?

Before making a wager on sports online, players should always take the time to familiarize themselves with the most common bets available. They are Moneyline, Point Spread, Parlay, and Over-under. With a good understanding of these four bets, players can get comfortable with bets and move on to more challenging options.

To get a breakdown of the betting system or anything else that may seem confusing on the site, online sportsbooks will have a series of help pages that include information and even tutorials to help new players out. Even the more seasoned players can benefit by taking a quick refresher for the best chance to win.

Is there a cap on winnings with online sports betting?

In general, players are free to win as much as they can, which is often based on the amount of money they are initially willing to bet on each wager. They also have a better chance of winning higher amounts if they take advantage of special promotions that betting sites offer loyal members.

While there may not be a cap on the amount a player can win, there will often be a maximum amount that can be transferred in a payout transaction. Depending on the site and the banking method chosen, players should make a note of these details beforehand. This information is usually found on the banking page or in the help pages of the site.

Do I have to include online sports betting winnings in my taxes?

Players should always keep track of their online gambling winnings and make sure to follow the laws of the state and country. Most states will require people to include their sports betting winnings in yearly taxes, regardless of the location of the site.

To ensure all gambling winnings are properly reported within IRS requirements, players are encouraged to contact their local tax office or consult with an accountant for more information.