NBA Sports Betting Odds plummet Bucks and Lakers

NBA sports betting odds are furiously being recalculated after today’s games of the Milwaukee Bucks against the Miami Heat and LA Lakers against the Houston Rockets. The mercurial Bucks are facing being swept, while the Lakers surprisingly lose their first game.

The LA Clippers, with their superstars of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, remain as favorites to win their series having demolished the Denver Nuggets. While it looks evenly poised between the Boston Celtics and the Toronto Raptors.

We predict who will win the NBA Championship for 2020. Tell if you agree or disagree with our analysis and prediction.

Milwaukee Bucks – No Hope | Miami Heat – make it to the Finals

The Milwaukee Bucks are staring down the barrel and have very little hope of coming back from three down. Giannis Antetokounmpo didn’t look right in today’s game. Was he injured or has someone sucked the three ball confidence out of him? His three ball shooting was simply atrocious, demonstrated by the Miami Heat willing (in fact daring) him to shoot the three. The Heat know that they can stand off Giannis, clog the center and protect the wings.

For the Bucks to come back and win this series, Khris Middleton will need to take over, and one other player (beside Giannis) need to step up and play big time. The Bucks also appear to be lacking someone with the basketball IQ to be the team leader, but unfortunately there is none.

The Miami Heat, on the other hand, have a hungry Jimmy Butler, the crafty Andre Iguodala and the street smart Goran Dragic goran and a hot shooter in rookie Duncan Robinson. Oh, and let’s not forget the other rookie Tyler Herro as well. And one more point to make, the Heat are the real deal, coached by the experienced and disciplined Erik Spoelstra.

The Milwaukee Bucks have no chance of winning it all. The Miami Heat, though will be successful against the Bucks, we predict will make it to the finals, but will eventually lose out against the Western Conference.

LA Lakers – fall in the second round | Houston Rockets –  win it all

Today’s game showed the LA Lakers aren’t as strong as we thought. The vaunted small ball line up led by James Harden and Russell Westbrook is surprisingly lethal at offence (which we all know) but also tough on defense against the taller Lakers. Credit must go to PJ Tucker, who has the heart of a lion – going up against Anthony Davis who is several inches taller, and hold ground is incredible. It appears the Rockets’ agility and speed is the kryptonite of the Lakers (or of Lebron James’ led teams).

Is it too early to write off the Lakers? Perhaps, but the Rockets were fatigued coming off a difficult 7 game series against the OKC and the Lakers were fresh, yet the Lakers still lost.

We predict the Lakers to lose against the Rockets, and the Rockets to go on and WIN IT ALL!

LA Clippers – go to next round but lose against Rockets | Denver Nuggets – it’s the end of the road

The LA Clippers will take care of the Denver Nuggets. The Clippers are a more balanced and rounded team than the Nuggets who rely heavily on Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokić.

In this day and age, small ball speed and agility will often beat a relatively slower and bigger team. That’s not to say that the Nuggets have no chance – they do, but they will need to shoot the lights out from 3 point land. The only other way (that is not an option for this team) is to speed up play, and be more aggressive. Throw caution to the wind and attack, attack and attack with speed. But alas, easier said than done, and Denver doesn’t quite have a game to sustain this approach.

The looming question for the LA Clippers, is whether they can beat the Rockets in the Western Conference Finals. Both teams are evenly matched. Yes, Harden and Westbrook will make you cringe as you live and die by them, but we think that this is their time. The Rockets will overcome the LA Clippers.

Boston Celtics – Beat Raptors but lose to Miami

The Celtics vs Raptors look to be a well balanced and even match up. The Raptors appear to be too small in the back court. Kyle Lowry and Fred Van Fleet are great players, but it is tough to win in the playoffs without support for great guards. In this day and age, the wings need to be strong and unfortunately Raptors are lacking just that little bit at the moment. Siakam and OG are quality players, but against the Celtics their strengths are negated.

The Celtics have Kemba Walker who is super smooth and agile. Plus can shoot the lights out. Jason Tatum, Jalyn Brown and Marcus Smart and so versatile, both offensively and defensively.

We predict the Celtics to just pip the Raptors but lose to Miami in the next round.


So there you have it. We predict in summary

  1. Houston Rockets – win it all
  2. Miami Heat – lose in the finals
  3. Boston Celtics – Eastern Conference Finals
  4. LA Clippers – Western Conference Finals
  5. Toronto Raptors – lose in second round
  6. LA Lakers – lose in second round
  7. Denver Nuggets – lose in second round
  8. Milwaukee Bucks – lose in second round

Let us know what you think!

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