PointsBet Iowa – the fastest growing sportsbook

PointsBet is rapidly becoming the most popular sportsbook in the US, sweeping the nation. It has launched services in numerous states, such as Iowa, where the number of players joining is skyrocketing.

There are several reasons why PointsBet is becoming the number 1 sportsbooks. They provide cutting edge technology on their mobile and online platforms, they are the only sportsbook that offers points betting, they have formed strategic partnerships with leading sport organizations and digital media outlets, and have a wealth of experience in sports betting.

On top of that, PointsBet is a legitimate, legal, onshore sportsbook that players can trust to be safe and secure.

Lastly, the Risk Free promotional offer for Iowa players is the best there is in the market. No other competitor can compare with PointsBet’s promotions.

How does points betting work

Points betting is the opposite of fixed odds betting whereby the winning and losses are multiplied by the margin of the win or loss. That is, the more you win the bigger the payout, the more you lose by, the bigger the loss. Points betting is therefore a riskier bet than fixed odds, but certainly adds that excitement. Players are attracted to this betting option, because it allows a wider variety of betting combinations.

The great things about PointsBet, is that offer both points betting AND fixed odds betting. Players can mix and match, and create betting strategies that can contain the downside, whilst be open to more upside.

Having said that, points betting isn’t for everyone. And that’s what makes PointsBet great. You don’t have to points bet, if you don’t want to. You can stick to the fixed odds that they offer, and still take advantage of the promotions.

PointsBet mobile app and online sportsbook

The draw card of many players it the mobile app and online sportsbook.

Let’s take a look at the mobile app first.

The mobile app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android platforms.

It is compatible with iPhones, iPads, Samsung, Huawei,Google Pixel, Nokia, Oppa and Motorola.

PointsBet app has a brilliant user interface

It makes navigating a breeze, and scroll and clicking on bets is smooth and efficient. There’s no glitches and the speed is hands down the best there is.

Betting Types

The range of bets across games and betting types is numerous. There are always new and creative bets to be placed, coupled with tons of great incentives and promotions.

Online Browser Compatibility

The online site is also not to be sneeze at. An intuitive layout and dynamically developed such that it can fit on any device. Compatible on all browsers – Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera.

Cashing Options are limited

Unfortunately, both the app and online suffer from a lack of deposit and withdrawal options. The common creditcards VISA and Mastercard, bank wires and Paypal are accepted but nothing more. No doubt, more options will be offered soon, due to the partnership that PointsBet has formed with Global Payments Gaming Solutions.

Promotions and Bonuses

By far, the most attractive aspect of playing with PointsBet are their promotions. The parlay booster is a fantastic feature to leverage a higher payout, and the play through requirements are low compared to other sportsbooks. We will talk further about the Risk Free bets for new players, which is the best on the market at the time of writing.

All terms and conditions are clearly advertised, it couldn’t be any more transparent.

Summary of Mobile App and Online Site

In summary, the mobile app and online sportsbetting site is regarded as five stars among players. The regular bonuses and promotions keep the excitement coming. In addition, players love that they can manage their risk with the use of points betting and fixed odds betting.

Strategic Partnerships

PointsBet has form market shaping partnerships in America. In August 2020, their most significant partnership with NBC Sports media was announced. It is a five year deal, which provides PointsBet access to various media channels including prime time NFL, NBA, MLB, MMA, and college games.

PointsBet became the first sportsbook to partner a University (University of Colorado) in America. This did not come without controversy with details revealing a payment of $1.625 million for five years of  advertising on campus and at games. Plus a referral fee of $30 for each new player that signs up. As you can imagine, since gambling laws require a minimum age of 21, a partnership with a University is not seen in good light.

On a more professional note, PointsBet has also established key strategic deals to provide betting kiosks at the Pepsi Center for home games of the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche and Colorado Mammoth.

Unbeatable Risk Free Promotional Bets for New Players

The risk free promotional bets for new players is by far the best of any sportsbook at the time of writing.

PointsBet offers:

$1500 Risk Free Bets – $500 for Fixed Odds bets and $1000 for Points betting.

This is truly an outstanding package for new players who are looking to get started.

Sign Up and Register

Signing up and registering is really simple.

However, we do want to point out that in Iowa Proof of ID is required in-person. There is only one venue that this can be performed and it is at the Catfish Bend Casino. You must provide valid ID at the sports betting window, prior to your sports betting account being activated.

The Catfish Bend Casino is conveniently located in Burlington, Iowa – close to the borders of Illinois and Missouri.

January 1, 2021

There are currently discussions in government proposing to dispense with in-person registering post January 1, 2021. However, it has yet to be decided. We suspect because of the current climate of Covid-19, a complete digital registration process will be approved.

About PointsBet

PointsBet US is a new entrant to the American sports betting market, with its parent entity based in Australia. The Australian parent entity is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (PBH), and is publicly traded. PointsBet has a long history of offering odds for horse racing, and has recently expanded into the sports betting market.


Is sports betting legal in Iowa?

Sports betting is legal in Iowa, with PointsBet offering their cutting edge mobile app and online site for residents.

Can I trust PointsBet?

PointsBet has acquired the appropriate license to operate in Iowa which is a regulated market. It has also formed key strategic partnerships, the most significant with NBC Sports media. PointsBet is also listed on the Australian stock exchange and must meet strict compliance requirements. In doing so, PointsBet is one of the most safest and secure sportsbooks to bet with.

Do I need to register in-person to open a sportsbook account?

Unfortunately, Iowa bettors must register in-person with valid ID prior to the sports betting account being activated. The in-person validation venue for PointsBet is at the Catfish Bend Casino, Burlington Iowa.

Is the Risk Free Bet at PointsBet good?

It is currently has the best promotional offer of any sportsbook in Iowa – $1,500 with $500 for Fixed Odds betting and $1,000 for Points Betting