PointsBet New Jersey – Best Sports Betting Mobile App

New Jersey offers a wide selection of sports betting applications, including 888, DraftKings, and FanDuel, among others. However, PointsBet stands out as our top choice for sports wagering apps, far surpassing the others.

In this article, outline the registration and account creation process, discuss deposit methods, the app layout and betting types on offer, the ease of creating a betting slip, promotions and bonuses and lastly withdrawing your winnings and customer support.

In summary, Bet with PointsBet because:


The registration process would be familiar to many, as it is the same for many sign ups to other sports betting apps, or even to any online service. Simply create your username and password, and your account will be created. The buttons are really simple and easy to use, allowing for a quick registering process. Account creation is also turned around very quickly, and before you know it, you will be able to make your first deposit.

As one would expect, a very simple and clean process.

Deposit Options are limited

Unfortunately, the one and only downside of using the PointsBet app is that they don’t have as many deposit options, no where near to other sports betting apps. As an example, Sugarhouse offers over 11 different methods to place a deposit, while PointsBet currently has 5.

This isn’t a big deal, but it’s certainly an area that they can definitely improve upon. Having said that, they do offer the common credit cards – VISA and MasterCard, bank wires, and prepaid card facilities.

However, by far the easiest way to fund your betting account is to use the PointsBet MasterCard.

Banks and Credit Cards

Through no fault of PointsBet, some banks and credit card providers are hesitant to process deposits to PointsBet (or to any legal sportsbook provider). Yes, you read that correctly. Even though sportsbetting is legal in the New Jersey, and in other US State, there is still an aversion by banks to facilitate sports betting deposits.

There is no legal reason for a financial institution NOT to process deposits to PointsBet. So what you may find is that you will need several attempts before a deposit successfully reaches your PointsBet account.

This reluctance to facilitate a deposit by banks and other financial institutions is due to the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (UIEGA) which requires a bank NOT to facilitate deposits to illegal sportsbooks.

The legalizing of sportsbetting is still relatively recent, so it will take some time before banks will begin to seamlessly process deposits to sportsbooks without the need for several attempts.

But again, this is through no fault at PointsBet’s side, rather a banking system issue.

PointsBet Prepaid MasterCard

If you tried making a deposit through the banks and weren’t successful, you can try using the PointsBet prepaid MasterCard. It’s very simple to order, with the prepaid card delivered by mail to your door step.

But the real beauty of using the PB Prepaid MasterCard is that you don’t need to wait for physical receipt of your card to activate and fund it.

Your card activation is informed via email, from which you can using any funding method, including PayPal.

From your PB prepaid card you can make a deposit to the PointsBet betting account. Lastly, because it’s a prepaid card, you don’t need to worry about going into credit and be charged interest. It’s a great way to easily fund your sports betting and manage your finances.

Mobile App Layout

The home screen of the app is no different to any other sportsbook app – say like FanDuel or DraftKings. It has the familiar grid of spread, total and money line located in the middle and towards the bottom you have your home menu, options for other sports, in-play, quick parlay and your betting slips.

Scrolling up and down is smooth and glitch free. The moving between home screen, to individual bets is professionally made, making reviewing betting odds quite enjoyable.

Betting Types

What sets PointsBet apart from the other New Jersey sportsbooks is the vast number of betting types. In one match that I was looking at (see screen shot), between the Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors, there were over 200 betting types to choose from! And this was pre-game for just one NBA playoff game!

Plus you get to choose from the traditional market bets, fixed odds bet, points bets, spread betting, assists, quarter results, totals, the list goes on and on.

But, wait there is more! There are also bets that PointsBet labels as “Name a Bet”.

Name a Bet – Twitter

Name a Bet is a very cool feature which allows bettors to go on Twitter and tweet what betting action they would like to see. PointsBet would then consider it, and if they like it, they will place that betting option under Name a Bet. In other words, they customize the sports betting for you!

PointsBet is therefore by far has the most dynamic with the most variety of betting types of any New Jersey sportsbook. They literally set their own betting markets and have their own trading desks. What you will discover is betting action and lines that no other sportsbook is able to offer.

By contrast, DraftKings, 888, FanDuel and many other sportsbooks all share the same back end trading desks and therefore they do not offer anything unique among themselves. You will often see that even their odds are exactly the same and released at the same time for the same bets.

PointsBet easily stands out from the crowd here. They offer lots of fun through variety.

Points Betting

Speaking of different types of bets, PointsBet goes beyond further with differing from competitors with points betting. On the app you will find a section dedicated to points betting. As mentioned earlier, points betting is only offered by PointsBet in the US market. Currently, there is no other sportsbook that offers this.

Points betting (also known as Points Spread betting in Europe) allows you to win a multiple or lose a multiple of your wager.

For example: there are totals of under of 211.  Now let’s say that 200 points scored. If I had placed a bet for under at $10, I win 11 x multiple of $10  i.e. $110. But if the score goes the other way and lands on 216, I lose 5 x multiple of $10. i.e. $50. As you can see, the margin of the win or loss will expand the wagering.

PointsBet wisely keeps to a maximum of 50 x multiple, as a safeguard to themselves and bettors. Still 50 x multiple which is every wager amount on a winning or losing point, can lead to a huge amount. As a bettors, you can also choose to reduce the maximum multiple to cap your risk.

Points betting is a lot of fun! But what appears to be a small bet, will require a larger deposit in the account, especially if you are betting with 50 x multiples. PointsBet will require you to have sufficient funds to cover any potential losses.

Points betting is unique option that allows you to win a lot or lose a lot. So, even though it is a lot of fun, just be careful with how you manage your bets.

Alternate Lines

In other betting options that is relatively unique to PointsBet, they offer “Alternate Lines”. Derivatives of over and unders and totals. Pick your own line margin, triple bets line, total doublers and wire to wire team runs and margin spreads.

If you can think of a betting type, they will most likely offer it. And again, if they don’t offer it, Tweet it, and they will cater for it in Name a Bet.


Futures is quite straight forward, but again, PointsBet has a list that is longer than the length of your arm. Their list is constantly updated with anything and everything under the sun. The list of sports is endless and the future (ever changing) is constantly being updated with new odds.

Betting Slips

The PointsBet betting slips is easy, nice and simple. It has a selection of buttons which assists with adjusting the wagered amount.

You can adjust with as small an increment of 50 cents which can extend up to $500. Adjusting by increments is quick and simple via clicking on plus and minus buttons.

After selecting your amount, your total stake is shown, together with the estimated return. Then click to place the bet, and if PointsBet accepts, the betting box slip will turn green.

Building a parlay is also a breeze. You can put your money on individual games, click on them to add to the parlay, and the app will then count all the bets on your slip. Again, you see how much you wager, and how much is the return (or estimated return).

Bonuses and Promotions

PointsBet has the most bonuses and promotions. There are literally hundreds of ongoing promos, boost odds and bonuses all the time.

The promos are very much localized and focus on Philly and New York quite a bit.

They have boosters for everything – parlay boost games, marquee boosters where they’ll pick a couple of players of the day and boost those odds from plus 100 to plus 150, there is a constant rotation of promotions that are very rewarding when betting. At first, I thought they would be a novelty (like a marketing gimmick), but in fact they are very useful, extend the bank roll and heaps of fun.

Karma Kommittee

And to top it all off, PointsBet has what they call a Karma Kommittee. So if something out of left field happens, say like Zion Williamson busting his ankle because his shoe broke, they will refund your money. PointsBet refers to these bets as bad beats.

FanDuel and DraftKings hate PointsBet when they do this. Yes, perhaps it is a marketing stunt and it gives PointsBet cheap publicity. But hey, as a sports bettor, what’s not to love about it. You get your money back!

Withdrawal Methods

PointsBet has the same withdrawal methods as the deposits. Withdrawals are quite straightforward, with the usual play through requirements on the bonuses. All the sportsbooks are pretty much the same in this regard.

If you have any doubts that PointsBet will actually payout, be assured that this sportsbook is a listed company on the Australian stock exchange. It has acquired the appropriate licenses to operate in New Jersey by the NJDGE. Plus PointsBet has also expanded into several other US States – Michigan, Colorado, Iowa and Illinois. And lastly, (I’m nearly out of breath), it has struck many high profile sponsorship deal, the biggest with NBC Sports media.

If that doesn’t satisfy you that PointsBet is legit, then you probably shouldn’t be sports betting.

Customer Support

If you have any questions, PointsBet’s customer support is super prompt, responsive and professional. Usually a response is received within 5 to 10 minutes.


PointsBet scores a touch down in our books. It is the best sports betting app out there fore New Jersey (and New Yorkers once they cross the border) bettors.

What we like:

What don’t we like:

So there you have it. PointsBet in a nutshell, is exciting, fun and easy to bet with. It is great for the casual bettor, the big bettor, the super serious professional bettor, the sharp and the squares, and what ever other names you can think of. There is lot’s of action to keep you entertained. Sign up to PointsBet and enjoy!